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  1. LSU is handing out money to players and giving strong ass offers yet nothing happens to them, but let Auburn do something...
  2. yeah. I straight up don't feel like this team is very talented. Help is on the way though. just need to secure 2 more important pieces for next year and it could be special.
  3. Oregon getting blown out by Washington. Just college basketball.
  4. has he posted something new since then?
  5. Have we heard anything new about him?
  6. It's more of the players we recruit. Guys don't really just become good freethrow shooters overnight. A lot of times they're gonna get worse as shooters before they get better.
  7. It's definitely going to hurt us late. Doughty is usually pretty solid and even he was off tonight. Flanagan and Cambridge aren't even close. Their form and release is just off. It looks bad as soon as it leaves their hands. They don't teach the kids the fundamentals like they used to I swear.
  8. Definitely could have used Jared tonight. Sharife is going to be outstanding in this offense, and if we pick up Green too watch out. Best backcourt in CBB
  9. Had an injury yesterday, hope it's not serious.
  10. You aren't wrong. The birds are already chirping...
  11. Marcello has Chris Moore to Auburn. We'll see tomorrow.
  12. Nah. Wiley is a pretty stiff big who isn't that athletic. The huge stocky bigs are becoming a thing of the past in the NBA and even in college basketball. How AMac plays is more similar to how the NBA is shifting to. Big who can block shots, run the floor, and stretch the floor with the 3 ball. That's why Kessler was looking at us so hard. No one in the NBA is posting up their big unless they're uber talented like a Joel Embiid, or a Karl Anthony Towns, etc. A lot of Wiley's troubles are injuries, not being able to seal his man properly, and having really bad hands. Even with that Wiley is still a good player but his inconsistency is a bit frustrating, some of it is our guard's fault as well.
  13. Yeah. People tend to forget that. He played really poorly up to then.
  14. I'm really worried about J'von, I don't think he's a starting PG but he's all we got. He's been awful.
  15. J'von is not giving us what we need at PG.