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  1. Of course the coach matters, but to act like it doesn't hurt us putting a blindfold on. We'd be able to run the state in recruiting if we had Nike since Nike controls the state of Alabama so much.
  2. It hurts us so much in basketball recruiting. UA deal is a joke.
  3. This guy has been on the money
  4. Kid will still go G-league. It's not off the table.
  5. Here's some intel. I'm trying not to get too worked up about all this, but Jake's source (first cousin of Greg Brown) is saying all 3 are even (Texas, Auburn, G-League) and dad is keeping Auburn in it.
  6. I bet this won't be the end of this. I know that UK player turned down that offer, but if this pandemic keeps going you could see a lot of these high 5 stars moving on. Doesn't matter what they say until the season starts.
  8. Anyone find this a little fishy? He's making it too obvious.
  9. We just picked up a CB from Corey Evans for Kuminga...
  10. Yeah, honestly it kinda gave me hope lmao
  11. Last week is like a lifetime in basketball recruiting haha
  12. Exactly what I was thinking. From him nor DC
  13. My only hope is that Jalen is trying to troll Memphis at this point lol
  14. Now Jalen is officially committing on Thursday now
  15. Fair enough. It's a balance I'm sure Bruce and his staff are considering at this point.