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  1. A few people on this board said they really wanted Taggart in 15. Everyone on here would lose their mind if Gus lined a WR backwards 0fzTh7.mp4
  2. IMO Ben Hill is much louder than Kyle field. I sat in section Egypt for the 02 OT game & when it was rocking I swear the upper deck was moving. It's more closed in, closer to the field & extremely steep.
  3. Kentucky just offered Cal a lifetime contract....
  4. I can confirm this. I have 2 cousins (they're twins) that started 3 years and won 3 state titles under RP at Hoover. They hate the guy but also love him. Late into the season they were still crawling into the house at 10PM and looked like they had gone to war after practice. He purposely tries to break players all season long. RP expects perfection on the first try. He does not care who he rubs the wrong way. He doesn't put up with back talk or foolishness. He will just kick you off the team no matter if you're a starter, a 5 star or your dad is a big donor. If everyone wants our guys to be me
  5. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2018/12/former-clemson-qb-kelly-bryant-after-auburn-official-visit-no-ones-been-narrowed-down-yet.html He posted a video on his Instagram from inside the stadium also.
  6. I am one that strongly believes in dual threat QB's. It forces defenses to play perfect assignment football ,which is very hard when tempo is added in. When Malik came in against UGA last year in mop up duty it had the defense completely off balance. Receivers running wide open for yards off the play fake. Last week the few plays Willis came in against Ole Miss, LB's were not running down hill attacking Whitlow because the threat of Malik keeping it. That hesitation turns 1-2 yard runs into 3-5. Malik ran the RPO in HS & if you give him the smallest crease he is gone.
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