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  1. UGA went all in on the #1 RB recruit Zach Evans Instead of Tank and are realizing they made a major mistake. Doubt Tank gives them much attention.
  2. Crazy how Bobby Lowder hasn't changed much in 16 years since Jetgate ha.
  3. Apologies I saw Dan Quinn's name and went into PTSD as a Falcons fan.
  4. This would make him the THIRD highest paid coach in the PAC-12 ha.
  5. A few people on this board said they really wanted Taggart in 15. Everyone on here would lose their mind if Gus lined a WR backwards 0fzTh7.mp4
  6. IMO Ben Hill is much louder than Kyle field. I sat in section Egypt for the 02 OT game & when it was rocking I swear the upper deck was moving. It's more closed in, closer to the field & extremely steep.
  7. Kentucky just offered Cal a lifetime contract....
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