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  1. TigerSpider

    Poll: Where do you stand with Gus?

    It doesn't matter what Gus does, he's a lame duck. He could reel off 30 straight wins and people would still complain.
  2. I'm calling BS on all of this.
  3. TigerSpider

    Here it is

    Totally agree.
  4. TigerSpider

    Here it is

    I guess I may have spoken out of turn. I see your point. I don't know when enough is enough. Do you base it on Alabama? Do you base it on both Alabama and Georgia and the SEC West in general?
  5. TigerSpider

    Here it is

    You and I have similar beliefs. I am not sold on running him out of town...yet. I am very close however. This year was a comedy of errors and poor decisions. The SEC in general has been extremely top heavy with bammar and THuga. A lot of teams in the league lost games that they shouldn't have and won some they weren't supposed to. I expect a lot more next year or peace out Gus. I think next year the SEC in general has a lot of turnover.
  6. TigerSpider

    Not that it matters, but...

    There were a few plays at the end of the LSU-aTm game also that were shady as well.
  7. TigerSpider

    The ultimate defender

    An athlete could hide that crap OL too. It at the very least, gives you more of a chance than Stidham, who singlehandedly gave that game away yesterday.
  8. TigerSpider

    The ultimate defender

    He’s got to let Chip call Chip’s offense and leave him alone. He’s not selling HUNH anymore. Just manage the game. Get out of the way and let your assistants coach.
  9. TigerSpider

    The ultimate defender

    Hugh Freeze