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  1. Did they actually charge bammer a time out for this? I didn’t catch it in the game...
  2. So, delving into the risky area of trying to understand bammers’ logic— It seems the common excuse that’s emerging is about the clock adjustment and resulting field goal from the first half of the Iron Bowl. Some are calling the time review illegal while others are saying that we shouldn’t have been allowed to get our field goal unit set for play. Question: Is there any difference between the time review/adjustment scenario from last weekend vs. the similar scenario prior to the Kick Six? (Other than we made the kick!) We know the bammers are painfully aware of the Kick Six, and the time review seems pretty similar in both situations...I can’t see how they can’t see their own hypocrisy....Is there any rule book minutia they’re trying to base their logic on?
  3. Not to sidetrack things, but it looked like the UA defender that lost his helmet was in there on the next play...Thought guys had to sit out A play after losing their helmet..Did I see that right?
  4. Hypothetical questions on the contract for the next coach, whenever that may be: What are the chances that it would be less than what we’re currently paying Gus?...Has that ever happened at a school before?... Has AU painted itself into a corner permanently with this current contract?
  5. The 1993 game is my favorite. It was my freshman year at Auburn and I saw it from the student section in the stands...Was the loudest game I remember at Jordan Hare. I think Sports Illustrated used a photo from this game on the cover of their special on Auburn's '93 season...Think it was either Ace Atkins or Brett Eddins sacking the Florida QB. 1994 is a close second. I watched it with some friends who lived at the College Park apartment complex off of Wire Road (can't remember if it was "1" or "2")...For some reason, we had the doors and windows open...When AU won the game, we could definitely hear people screaming all over the apartment complex..I'd swear we could hear people all over town screaming, but that may be selective memory...
  6. Okay thanks...sounds pretty straightforward.
  7. What’s the rule on when a coach can call a timeout vs. when the ball is snapped?...In the UGA/Notre Dame game, ND had a touchdown taken away because UGA called a timeout. ND got the play off but apparently UGA had told the side judge that they wanted a timeout. The camera angle didn’t show whether or not UGA notified the ref before ND snapped the ball.... If teams can call a timeout at the last second before the ball is snapped, it seems like the ref who is notified should start blowing his whistle right away to stop play...Thanks for any info; sorry if this has been covered already.