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  1. Oh come on, who doesn’t want to watch 5 people kick a small billionaire around a stage.
  2. I was right predicting 4 losses
  3. I imagine that the deal would be 2yrs. I heard somewhere (can’t remember where) that most coordinators prefer 2yrs. Provides some security but doesn’t tie them down. I figure Gus still controls the O but you gotta think if there’s one person he’d listen to it’d be CM
  4. Glad to have CM onboard! Really like this hire.
  5. He does have that “Jesus, what have I gotten myself into” look, but hey ole miss fans can’t be worse that hammers.
  6. And Michigan at 8 after the beating OSU gave them, so...
  7. He has consistently acted like a petulant child when things don’t go his way for years. He’s not gonna change now. It’s not part of “The Process”.
  8. I could live with that matchup. Personally, I can’t stand Harbaugh/Michigan. I find I’m more invested in the bowl games when I don’t like our opponent. Last year, taking Purdue apart was fun and all, but it was still Purdue, you know. Almost felt bad hanging 62 on them when they had such a good year (for them). Almost!
  9. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, all that matters is the amount of fight in the dog. but... Being built like a brick ****house and being fast as a spooked deer really helps!
  10. It’s almost like it’s a pattern with him