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  1. Can you hear the Updykes in the background spewing their vomit in that video ? And they want to talk about classy? Act like ya been there? You know they are burning that flip phone up telling jimmy bob what they said at the race today.
  2. HELL YEA. Knock em on their azz.
  3. agree about people leaving it happens everyday in every type of work environment, but getting fired, if you aint cutting the mustard you azz gets fired simple as that.
  4. I am Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and we do not agree with of this message.
  5. No Bird he doesn't think it, He wants it. He cant peck his keyboard any harder without breaking his fingers when it comes to Harsin.
  6. And on a positive note you, no wait, you will find something wrong with that too.
  7. Is there anything that i may add that could generate a few thumbs down or maybe a face palm? lets try I hate Nike maybe we should try the Champion Brand or the Umbro brand sold at Wal-Mart. Or maybe get with the Dollar General Store people and start a new line of Clover Valley Athletic apparel. Real men don't face palm.
  8. for years we drug the travel trailer to as many home games as we could make, hence my screen name, that got expensive so we started leaving it at the Eagles Nest or something just outside of Auburn. Moved from the Hay Field up to the area by the pond and red barn so we didn't have to hustle for a spot, and that is nice and convenient but man it gets expensive. Especially walking back from the stadium with your tail between your legs when you just handed over a sure win. But doing that several times a year is heavy on the wallet. We laid off one season, wrote down every expense for our tailgating experience, took that money and stuck it back. ONE season worth of expense was mind boggling. We took that cash and built one very nice game day experience area at the house. Inside is cool early on and warm in the later months. Huge flat screen that I can pause, rewind and go back live without ever moving anything but my thumb. But for some reason I still stand the entire game.
  9. I see said the blind man who picked up a hammer and began to saw.
  10. Is that the same as " we cant agree on sh*&?"
  11. I reckon this board taught him a thing or two didn't it? Yes absolutely loaded with sarcasm eyerolling nut punches.
  12. November 11, 1989 La Tech @ Auburn. On that day i was converted and baptized in Orange and Blue. My mother kept pictures of me with my Bear hat on sitting in Legion Field during the seventies watching bama play whoever. Thank God my parents did not make me be a bama fan. I had a choice some kids don't. Seriously.
  13. I like him, absolutely love the FU attitude. Goes against the grain, not a yes boy or an apologist. Don't give a rats azz about social media post and does don't let the media run his program or his locker room. I sure as hell would follow him into battle. Might even get killed but it sure as hell would be a fun way to go.
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