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  1. I don't care if we come back and beat the "bull crap" out of them i am done with this CLOWN and who ever said " hey lets give him a huge buyout"
  2. Go kick Bowl Cut's azz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. My Lord I am going to have to watch it in segments. I literally cant see my screen for the tears. I was in that stadium when he caught that pass in 2010. I believe that I enjoyed that catch better than winning the natty. RIP my War Eagle family member.
  4. Absolutely Mam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i was going to grab a six pack at the store in a few but after reading this i'm headed straight for an 18 pack. can i get one for anyone else?
  6. Man you are just to easy. Have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The post was started on Nov 3. that was eight days ago far far cry from a month old. Am i a fan? yes a game going scholarship donating for over 20 years fan. Now correct me if i am wrong because we know you will, being the huge booster that you are, Your very harsh line in your first post was something like and i quote" excuses are like butt holes" yet you post something like, " I live in Charlotte and blah blah blah b;ah and i am a father blah blah blah and i have car notes blah blah blah i am paying for a house blah blah and so on and so on. Oh yea i have been hear longer than two weeks. Have a great day Fella.
  8. coming from a man who openly admits he does not attend games but he is going to tell people who do how to act. Amazing
  9. Your telling me what i should do with my personal property and i disagree with you and you call that knee jerking? Fella? I have spent THOUSANDS supporting this team and the University. So yea i can have an opinion. BTW it's Mr. Fella.
  10. Who in the blue hell are you to tell someone what they can do with their tickets? Please tell me. I pay for them with the money I work for. So again please tell me who you are to be able to tell another person that they should sell tickets that they paid for? I can burn my tickets if i want. Their mine.
  11. because its MY money. I eared it and I will spend like I want. If i want to leave guess what? I'm leaving
  12. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? hope you guys do not make a living by gambling.
  13. You nailed it !!!!!!!!!!! Drop the mike