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  1. You're 100% correct, his answer was professional. Behind close doors is another matter and something we will never know.
  2. I read the article. I will not comment if the talent was equal or not, but I will comment on if ND is as good as they were ranked to be. Review their schedule. Who did they play. Michigan and FSU are the two I would consider competition or games questionable if ND would win or not. This is the problem with independent schools. They are not held to any type of schedule requirements such as conference games. The teams they play represent the scrubs of the conferences. When was the last time Vanderbilt, Navy, VT, Ball state and Wake forest considered a real threat or contender. Independents need to be left out of the equation when deciding who should play for the national title. ND went undefeated on the loser bracket. There is no pity felt for this coach. He did not accomplish anything significant in the game. "I definitely feel like the game was much closer than the score reflected. It was really a matter, in my opinion, of four or five plays," said linebacker Drue Tranquill. Really! what game was he playing, Madden on the PS4.
  3. I think you are right. Gus played conservative to run out the clock, he was not concerned about running up the score like many suggest. this is how Gus plays. Get the lead then lay back and try to hold the ball. Does nothing to develop players playing like this.
  4. I didn't get to watch the game because of work, but I am always glad to hear win AU wins. My hat is off to the players, great ending and effort. I am still not hopeful about next season, we will be losing players but keeping the same coach.
  5. If this guy has performed successfully as an OC, setting records and developing players; then why is Malzahn going to call the plays?
  6. Let him go. What else is there for him to do at the college level. I know his time was not the best in Miami, but what new coach is successful (with exception of a handful) are an instant success. Many rrookie coaches inherited great teams to start with.
  7. You would think he would want to go out with a better performance, but if he stayed would it be a guarantee that he would do better? Unsure how he will be looked at by the pro's. Good Luck!
  8. Check that stats, he is 1-4 in bowl games.he lost the lead in the one chance he had at a national champ against Florida state. Did you watch that game and his overall winning record at auburn is barely over 50%.
  9. Malzahn should be gone, but I do not think that he will fall so low to a losing season. To be a success in the SEC we need a coach that can win at least 10 games a season. I have said it before and I will say it again, this is a 7-5 or 8-4 coach at best. He needs to be focusing on one aspect of coaching with someone else at the controls. He may be a great head coach in the future but it is not now. He is still relatively new to college football; starting in 2006 with Arkansas as an OC. You can still see hints of High school ball in the offense.
  10. I agree that the team did not quit, but I feel that the coaching staff made poor decisions in the second half and quit on the players. Malzahn is not the sole owner of the blame. It takes a staff to coach and prepare players. Players also make mistakes during play that contribute to a loss. There were moments when the defense looked spectacular and the offense was getting a rhythm. Then you have to look back at the substitution that bama was doing in the first half as compared to the second half. I think that played a factor in the game. I also think it was a reason the first half looked to be a closer game. In the second half of the game, the starting oline for bama was in the game longer, less subsitutions in second half. It was almost as if bama was reserving them for the second half. this was a point I missed while watching the game, but was pointed out to me by my no good bama loving brother. Saban played a smart game; Malzahn played desperate.
  11. you disagree, but the numbers are Tuberville is 85-40 overall record at auburn, 4-3 winning record vs Saben and 5-3 in bowl games. Malzahn is currently 50-25 overall record, 1-3 against Saben and 1-4 in bowl games. I do admit Tuberville did lose steam toward the end and was at Auburn 2 years longer than Malzhn at this point. Also how many undefeated seasons has Malzahn had? Tuberville is the only coach to beat Alabama 6 yrs in row.
  12. Let me apologize for my last post. It was written hastily and did not follow a good flow. I have been an Auburn fan my whole life. I had dreams of playing college ball, but my path went a different direction. However, I still love to watch Auburn Football; but I can not stand to watch this coach continue to be praised for a mediocre job. The plays are telegraphed. The wildcat offense is no longer a mystery! The defense is not as creative as it used to be. You can say that "the defensive coach is at fault there", but as the head coach you have to know when to step in and take control. We had the team to beat Tennessee, but did not make the necessary adjustments until it was to late. That has been the problem this entire season. LSU won by stupid penalties and Miss State simply out played us. I still do not agree with that last touchdown call for Miss State. He was clearly down before crossing the plane. My point is that Malzahn does not appear to be an elite coach. I have never bought into the mad scientist hype that surrounds him. I would like to see a definite change in the HC position. Has anyone considered bringing back Tuberville?
  13. I said this three years ago to friends, Gus is a 7-3 at best coach. He has used up past recruits and starting fresh. He is great at showing different looks of the same defense set up and can not adjust the offense. It showed in the embarrassing loss to Florida State, when auburn dominated the first half, but failed to adjust to the changes Florida State made in the second. the championship won by Auburn were by other coach Gene Chizik, (who was fired after a dismal season when the defensive coach sold the playbook online, who is going to win after that). Get him out, Auburn paid Chizik's contract out so why not do it again.