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  1. Agree with you. Gus was jj hand picked successor and the search committee was just for show.
  2. A search committee may have been formed but either gus was either already selected or the search committee did a shotty job of a coaching search. The 2012 iron bowl was 11/24, the date of the article is 11/25 and gus was named HC in 12/04 which leaves about a week to identify and conduct interviews there is no way a legitimate coaching search was performed.
  3. I was living in alabama at that time and most everyone that was Auburn was very supportive of Barfield. 1979 was his 4th and he was showing improvement he went from 3-8, to 5-6 to 6-4-1 and then to 8-3. So I never saw in the press or anywhere Auburn was trying to replace Barfield in 77 or 78. In addition, Dye designed at ECU in December of 1979, so by that time Dye would have known Barfield was not going to be fired and certainly would not have resigned knowing Auburn was not going to fire the coach. His move to Wyoming made all the sense in the world. Dye was attempting to gain a coaching position in the SEC by being a coach that turnaround teams. ECU was a doormat before Dye arrived. In 6 years he never won fewer than 7 games but to continue to build his rep as a coach that turns around programs he needed to build his resume further so he took the Wyoming job which had only one winning season prior to Dye.
  4. You are incorrect about the events. Dye left east carolina in 1979 to take the Wyoming job. He in no way anticipated going to Auburn in 1979 from east carolina. In 1979 barfield just ended the season with an 8-3 year at Auburn no way barfield was going anywhere in 1979. Dye coached the 1980 season at Wyoming and had a 6-5 year. After the 1980 season Auburn fired Barfield and began the coaching search. After Dye interviewed for the job, the AD at Wyoming told him to either sign a new contract or resign. Dye contacted the head of the auburn search committee and ask him where he stood in the coaching search. Was told he was one of the top canadiates but a decision has not been made. That is when Dye told the committee he had resigned at Wyoming.
  5. You just gave the best reason to conduct a coaching search instead of having just one person waiting in the wing to take over. Auburn should have a search committee which would include the AD to interview several prospects. That would decrease the uncertainty of hiring a coach vs just having one waiting to take over. I remember the last true coaching search Auburn conducted, it was not planned but forced on us when Dooley turned us down for HC. We ended up getting a good coach named Dye. In fact, if it could lead to a true coaching search, I hope the first guy that we offer would turn us down.
  6. Pat Dye always said that control what you can control. Meaning it should not matter who the coach is over in jawja so if auburn people are fretting on who is head coach over there means that they believe gus cant contend with kirby if that is the case auburn should be searching for a new coach. The guy is also wrong by saying if you fire gus; Auburn should have someone in the wings ready to take over. Auburn should conduct a thorough coaching search. Having said that paging Dennis Allen, Auburn on the phone.
  7. Grimes, talk is cheap. Let their play on the field do the talking. Every year by this coaching staff; this is the best offensive line since I have been here.
  8. Doesnt mean that lombardi wanted him as a coach. The HC Chudzinski was fired in December 2013 after 1 year. Lombardi was fired 2 months later in February of 2014. I dont think Haselem would have let lombardi select the canadiates for HC knowing he was going to fire him two months later.
  9. Exactly, Dillingham does not have a tract record for how well he will work with gus, or advice he will give gus. Therefore I am saying if you go with someone who has say 4 or 5 years as OC experience at a school in a power 5 conference will have that tract record. Does that mean that if you go with the experience guy that it will be a successful. No it doesnt since all hires pose risk but the risk is reduced by hiring the experienced guy. When we hired Lindsey, we conducted an interview. I dont remember who all we interviewed but I know at least 3 of them that possessed far greater experience than lindsey but in true Gus faction he sticks us Chip. Big picture: Auburn should not be a training ground for inexperience OCs and DCs.
  10. So if you were an HC, dillingham with 1 year experience as OC would have been you absolute first choice of an OC or at least the first choice that didnt carry NCAA baggage.
  11. I would like to add I think his OCs hires are bad. He gets coaches with very little to no OC experience at a school in a power 5 conference because he does not want anybody to show him up as far as play calling or implementing a sound scheme. He had a chance to hire a solid OC by interviewing 5 or 6 very qualified ocs but I believed he undermined that so he could hire lindsey.
  12. Dont think in was lombardi that wanted gus because the timeline doesn't fit. HC Chundski was fired after the 2013 season after only one year (December 2013) and Lombardi was fired 2 months later (February 2014). Common sense would tell you the owner Haselem would not let Lombardi (someone with only two months remaining with the club) select any canadiates to hire