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  1. James Howell

    One missing piece on defense

    Hope we find a pass rusher also but even we dont good coaches will disguise defenses to confuse the quarterback and also force him into misreads. Run different line stunts to to free up pass rushers.
  2. James Howell

    Feeling better about next year

    Please tell me what passing records todd set. He set a single season record for touchdowns wow whe n you throw a screen and running back scores. So dont talk to me about noodle arm and records. If white was progressing how could a guy that had not played football in over a year come in and beat him out. As for stidham who would play. That is correct your great coach does not prepare backups to take over. You guys make all the excuses for gus like no other coach has to go out and compete with injured players. Poor gus. Why dont you guys stop the gus doesnt win because crap.
  3. James Howell

    Feeling better about next year

    First of all cam and nick fit his zone read. However, during nick tenure he never really progressed as a downfield passer he was as likely to underthrow/overthrow receivers or hit them. Noodle arm todd was just plain sorry I wont hold that one against malzahn. I am not sure anyone could have done anything with noodle arm. You mention white as a party animal. Instead of making excuses for gus coaching you indite his ability as a coach. I dont know if white as you say is a party animal but if you are correct he played for almost 2 years and at some point gus should recognize that white is not progressing and bench him but instead he continued to reward white bad behavior with starting. That is sorry coaching. In the case of stidham are you saying gus risked the well being of the team as well risking the physical health of one of his players to win games. That not only makes gus a sorry coach but a sorry individual. I always thought gus was a sorry coach but I thought he was a good guy
  4. James Howell

    Feeling better about next year

    I know where you are coming from DT but I feel that we were a lot better than record indicated. However, you indicated that his quarterbacks didnt fit his system. Well this pretty much makes my point about gus coaching ability as a coach. He recruited that personnel and tried to make them fit his scheme. A good coach will develop a scheme to fit his personnel instead gus tried to fit the personnel to his scheme.
  5. James Howell

    Feeling better about next year

    Auburn wont amount to much as long as malzahn is there. You guys sentiment is pretty much the same as after the 2007 peach bowl when Tony Franklin took over but what happened in 2008. Gus was calling plays in 2015 and part of 2016. Now you can believe that gus has become a sean Payton in play calling after 1 game but I am not believing any of it.
  6. James Howell

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    If he was coming to auburn just for the coach I say good riddance to him. If gus was fired or even taken another job chain would have been gone also.
  7. James Howell

    Was Chip a bad OC or did he and Gus not gel?

    High school coach.
  8. James Howell

    Next Years O-Line

    Frankly, I did not pay attention this year how the offensive line was set up to block. I am wondering if lindsey being a passing coach set up the line to be more pass blocking than run blocking. I am interested in the bowl game to see how the line will be set up to block.
  9. James Howell

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    Bad idea. That stain left by meyer won't go away. Opponents will use urban past history as a recruiting tool against us and then last of all auburn will be considered the last refuge of problem coaches and in the future that is all that we could get.
  10. James Howell

    Last Call for the Gus Bus?

    Gus gus out of gas and a blown engine.
  11. James Howell

    The State of the program

    If he goes on a winning streak we will give him another big contract with a big buyout
  12. James Howell

    Take it for what it is worth

    Well what did you expect when an sec school hires high school coaches. I expect that auburn will be run like a high school program.
  13. James Howell

    Reap what you sow

    Dont have a problem with 1 year contracts. If freeze is as good of a coach as so many think ( I personally think he is a loser) he wouldn't mind coming in one year 2019 to change things around. If at the end of 2019, if freeze has turned it around then he can come back at the end of 2019 and ask for a multi year contract. So any coach that wants the money upfront there is something wrong. A coach that truly wants to turn things around will take a one year deal and renegotiate.
  14. James Howell

    6-6 next year

    6-6 if we are lucky
  15. James Howell

    Who replaces Chip?

    Some high school guy. That is the way the program is run.