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  1. That just goes to show that when coaches concentrate solely on a staff that only recruits without being good on the field coaches this is what you get. Too many auburn fans say can he recruit. I say can he coach and recruit.
  2. Read an article by finebaum dont know if is correct or not. He said that because smart beat him in recruiting in 2018 saben started hiring coaches that could recruit but were not very good on field coaches and that is why dabo beat him this year. If he made that mistake last year I dont think he will make the same mistake this year. So I would not count on bama being down and out.
  3. Saw article. But dont know what the hell it was about.
  4. Not just best finish but the best football game. The kick six was icing on the cake but that game as far as entertainment value was great even without kick six play.
  5. I am one that does not know about why fundraising is difficult at Auburn but didn't Auburn raise $600 million a few years back. If we did then I cant imagine we would have trouble raising $ 60 million now unless the money guys are holding out to see if they have to come up with $ 33 million to get a new coach.
  6. Partly being sarcastic but they do have pull with the SEC and I cant imagine them wanting auburn to move the game out of that slot so behind the scenes lobbying the SEC.
  7. Do you think bama will let the move happen.
  8. Disagree that we approach the football program the same way bama does. When it comes to hiring a head coach they go to the nfl and we hire a high school coach. Bama may make mistakes hiring a coach such as shula but correct that mistake hiring saben. Auburn continues to make the same mistake over and over. Chizek to malzahn. Bama probably would not have given a huge buyout to a coach that demonstrated the voltality of seasons as malzahn has had. It's the attitude bama has a winning atttitude.
  10. Boy how many times have I heard that during the gus era.
  11. A little sunshine pumping. We get to hire Dennis Allen after the 2019 season.
  12. It not a 5 star curse it is a coaching curse we have.
  13. Not sure what to do but in the end if renovations entail adding a significant #of seats I would want to see that done in conjunction with city of auburn, state of alabama to widen roads and streets, hopefully remote parking etc to try to cut down on congestion and reduce traffic jams especially after the game.
  14. Been saying that for a while when someone mentions a retread hc for a possible HC at auburn. Saben, damnbo, lombardia, Carroll etc did not just go to being hc witout being assistants. If a school is considering a new hc then it would definitely have to be willing to work harder, dig deeper, and do a lot more research to hire an assistant vs a current hc.