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  1. James Howell

    Finding success in the details

    The whole scheme is wrong. Sec dcs are have caught and now scheme successfully. It used to be the zone read had one read. The defensive was unblocked and option of him. He went for rb quarterback kept the ball if end went for quarterback hand off to running back. However dcs today flip linebackers, run a safety down, blitz or attack the mesh point. They are making the quarterback make more than one read and thus the effectiveness of the zone read is gone.
  2. James Howell

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    High school he ran the zone read in high school. At arkansas he was OC in name only the line coach al woods ran the offense. The quarterback was still under center 80% of the time. In Tulsa it was spread but using a pocket passer. However, DCs in sec have caught up with the zone read.
  3. James Howell

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    No because to be a CEO coach you have to have good assistant coaches and gus has demonstrated that he doesn't have the judgement or intelligence to select good assistants.
  4. James Howell

    Chances of a new Offensive Game Plan

    None gus is a high school coach. His offense in high school worked well year to year without change. Since his high school days did not require changes his never developed the skills or knowledge to change. In other words he does not know how to change.
  5. James Howell

    Biggest disappointments of the season

    Biggest disappointment has been the defense. Against LSU a back quarterback averaged between 15 to 20 yards per completion. AGainst MSU 350 yards rushing and against Tenn the number of third downs converted.
  6. James Howell

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I believe that Eric Washington DC carolina Panthers or don martindale DC of Baltimore ravens. Of the known products hc there are not any listed that can beat saben so if we are going to get a coach that can beat saben we need to find good coaches from assistant ranks.
  7. James Howell

    Staff Changes

    Hire an oc dont let his do the hiring. Instruct him that he can hire/fire any coaches he needs to. Tell the oc ne can implement any offense and call plays without interference from gus. Tell the new OC ne might be auditioning for head coach in a year or two. Instruct gus that he is head coach in name only until he can be fired and he has no say so in the running of the team.
  8. James Howell

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    There should be an internal clock in the dbs head that to start looking for the ball around 3 seconds. After that the qb will probably be sacked or receiver has outrun the quarterbacks arm.