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  1. Jeff Grimes has 27 years of FBS coaching, 7 of those in the SEC, on his resume. Sanders has 2.5 years at a far lower division level.
  2. Sanders implied to Dan Patrick (or Rich Eisen) that he wasn't hired due to racial prejudice. However when Arkansas was looking to replace Morris, Sanders had no college coaching experience, only a handful of years at the high school level. Pittman had been coaching in colleges since before Sanders ever suited up for Florida State. That's going to beat out a guy with zero collegiate experience every time.
  3. If you'll recall, it was only because of the non-disclosure agreements Terry Bowden signed that kept him from dragging through the mud in every public venue he could manage. Even then, he still threw out shade and innuendo as much as he thought he was safe doing. Bowden has a law degree and a little more self-discipline than Sanders does. Sanders wouldn't hesitate to spark the flame-thrower and roast Auburn as hard and as long as he could. It's what narcissists do. Because any shortcoming is never their fault. Indications are littered throughout Sanders' history. That includes his driving desire to humiliate his alma mater for daring to pass him up as a coach.
  4. Unless they use the now-wide open transfer capabilities to depart Auburn once their cult of personality figure is gone.
  5. His glaring narcissistic personality disorder is a non-starter for me. It is the root of his other red flags, like his baby mama drama, history of violence, and managerial malfunction. It is also a clarion that were his era at Auburn to end in termination, his bitterness and uncontrollable desire to destroy those who "wronged"/fired him would likely make Terry Bowden's sour grapes taste like honey in comparison. Owing to Sanders' media favor and connections, he could incinerate Auburn's program to a degree no other aggrieved coach has ever been capable of doing. I think he is well capable of using any excuse to defame Auburn in retaliation, regardless of how valid or true. It is what narcissists do.
  6. There's a growing contingent of AU folks clamoring for Deion Sanders. How would that make you feel?
  7. The stadium stripes don't work so well because the people in the stands don't adhere to it stringently. If you see any of the photos of the stadium interior during the game, there are enough folks wearing blue in the orange sections and vice versa that the contrast is dulled. Not to mention, there's a wide variety in the shades of each color that fans sport to the games.
  8. Hackman wore a lot of ties, coats and even some sweater vests while portraying that character but I don't remember the first three-piece suit. He was portraying a man of modest means who nonetheless felt compelled to dress the part of a man reporting for work.
  9. As a young athlete, I didn't want a coach who acted like the kids. I wanted a coach who acted like an adult. I'm obviously in the vast minority.
  10. I guess I'm too old-fashioned or something, but I remember when a 61-year-old man, a leader of young men, was expected to maintain a base-level of decorum. Stripping off your shirt and screaming at the camera is just low-rent. That's some Mike Gundy/Ed Orgeron-level stuff right there, straight out of pro wrestling -- or the trailer park, take your pick.
  11. Don't know if I would call Tuberville a "great" coach. More like a natural salesman and mediocre coach born with five rabbits' feet up his rear. He was better at recruiting than in-game coaching but his issue was his inconsistent work ethic.
  12. Look at Auburn's previous hires. Of Malzahn, Chizik, Tuberville, Bowden, Dye, Barfield and Jordan, going back 70 years, none of them had a track record when hired as impressive as Cristobal's is now. It could be safely said he would be the most qualified head football coach Auburn University has ever hired.
  13. You know what else I saw? Did you notice this was the first time all year that Malzahn ditched the Pat Dye-throwback blue cap in favor of his standard, "lucky" visor? That means he was using every rabbit's foot at his disposal because he felt his job was on the line. We see this every couple of years, when he gets his back to the wall and somehow manages to do just barely enough to retain his overpaid position.
  14. NCAA is satisfied with Auburn mens basketball self-imposed penalties.
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