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  1. Highly doubt JS would stay at Auburn after all this negative chatter about his development. It's the same old song and dance we hear about every AU quarterback.
  2. He is working on a Master's degree which would probably be over after the summer.
  3. Also, to claim that the offense will be better next year?... You have two games left with this offensive unit. A few important seniors in that unit. Can't imagine they take too kindly to that comment.
  4. Malzahn: “We expected to do better. That’s fair to say. We are extremely youthful, and I think that’s fair to say.” Malzahn will continue to use this as a crutch, while the best teams in college football, Clemson and Alabama, will continue to thrive in part because of their youth. The idea that youth has kept us from achieving expectations is ridiculous. This should not continue to be the narrative, or things are not going to improve anytime soon.
  5. A lack of trust in his coordinator to finish a game the way that GM wants. (Conservative vs. Aggressive)
  6. Another excellent question. I really wish that I knew more of the facts behind this, but I don't. One thing I know for a fact: LSU halftime 2017. Gus was adamant about just taking care of the ball, really playing conservative offensively. I prefer to believe that this decision was the ultimate downfall of that game. Everyone was clearly out of sync in that second half on offense. After that, I can't say that I have any facts about who called plays down the stretch. But considering that our offense looked completely rejuvenated after the LSU loss, my guess would be that Lindsey was calling those games. The improvement we showed on offense during 2017 seems nearly unprecedented. The most burning question IMO: Did Lindsey really call the first half against LSU 2017 (which looked great), only to have GM take over play-calling in the second half? I think the answer to this would tell us a whole lot about the dynamic b/t GM and Lindsey...
  7. We've probably run the underneath cross to Davis between 5 and 8 times all year. Unbelievable that coach wouldn't utilize this exact play more often after the success with this same play in 2017.
  8. That is a great question. I am not sure of the details surrounding the reason for late game change in play-calling on offense. But I do know that there was a change in who was calling plays. I don't know for a fact who made the decision, or if someone overruled somebody else, so I want to be clear.. This would be MY best interpretation, certainly not fact: Gus got desperate and was unconfident in his own game plan. He decided he would rely on Chip when there was really nothing to lose right at the end of the game. I don't think that Gus would ever be overruled by a coordinator unless it was his own choice.
  9. Agreed, it sickens me to see any negativity at all towards him, and that's how I perceive this news about Freeze and Auburn. His play-calling was instrumental in winning Saturday's game!
  10. But let's not forget that we may have a very special OC currently, who is not getting his opportunity. My sole purpose of being on here is to stand up for Lindsey. The statements being made about his failure are completely wrong.
  11. I'm sorry, but there is no benefit to disclosing this. Only negativity for the party
  12. As I already stated, I am not here to start up %#%^. I have followed this blog for a few years. Never felt much of a need to chime in, but I hate to see the wrong people being blamed.
  13. I would not have created an account and posted this if I were not 100% serious. I'm not here to throw around rumors. That's why Lindsey hasn't talked to the media in 4 weeks. (It would be a lot easier for us to read between the lines if he was still talking with media.)
  14. I believe this is only an effort of Gus Malzahn helping a friend to get his name out there, same as Finebaum. They want him to get back into coaching...somewhere. Auburn has attracted lots of negativity from media in the past two years( the basketball bribing and misconduct from softball coaches). I don't see AD Greene inviting anymore of the negativity. Also full disclosure, Chip Lindsey only called the last two possessions of that football game Saturday...seems fine to me. I think we all know what's going on with this offensive playcalling....