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  1. Boobee gets positive yardage but Worm has breakaway speed.
  2. Bo needs to relax on his throws
  3. Worm. Thank you. We need several of those each game.
  4. How about Shivers around end or a pass to Hastings.
  5. My attempt at humor. Gus always runs it up the middle
  6. Gus is mad because he wanted a handoff up the middle
  7. Can you imagine Alabama’s passing game against us.
  8. Now we will make defensive adjustments and win 48-3.
  9. There is no doubt the staff can recruit on a consistent basis. Our defense is very good. Our running game is better than average. He needs to bring in a passing game guru and develop a play calling strategy that doesn’t seem hit and miss
  10. I had read where there was a rule change where teams could invite to a neutral site They could provide a ticket but not anything else. Before that article I also thought they couldn’t invite.
  11. Has anyone listed the recruits at the Oregon game?
  12. There are many more people who love and appreciate your son than those who criticize.
  13. Great post. To often we forget that these are very young men out there playing a GAME. They work hard every day and represent the university each day. I may criticize the adults who get paid big bucks to do a job. I will never criticize the players for trying as hard as they can.