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  1. Tomorrow the sky will be blue and the sun orange. Richards, Moore, Pickens, Brothers, Brown, Bell, Henry and Cox will all don the blue and orange. War Eagle.
  2. 85-74. Navy Blue and Burnt Orange on top.
  3. It’s game time. Let’s go Tigers! Keep the home court domination over the tide.
  4. Read there were three 4 stars and a 5 star at the UK game. Haven’t seen who they were.
  5. But what if that person does know what it means? My biggest problem with a one year quarterback is the time it takes for him to get comfortable in a new system, using new terminology, getting the timing down with receivers, coaches getting to know what are the strengths of the new qb and calling the right plays which fit those strengths.
  6. Develop a quarterback. I’m not a huge fan of one and dones. Unless it’s a “sure thing”
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  8. We are such a different team at home.
  9. Tremendously confident at home.
  10. We are so much better when we play at a fast, almost chaotic, pace.
  11. I hope that helps Browns confidence