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  1. A BOOM from a Tank is just to easy. Great pick up.
  2. 247 mentions "Joiner's Move" Does anyone know what it is?
  3. That’s a good “Boom”. Tackle is looking much better. 👏
  4. BOOM! BOOM! Let’s sling the ole pigskin around next year.
  5. He just tweeted that he will announce on July 1 at The Opening.
  6. So, we would take Tisdol or Groce at LB and Webb at Buck?
  7. He committed to THE Auburn University. Better than The University of Auburn.
  8. Now we’re looking better. Still need a couple more linebackers.
  9. We open up in Omaha with Mississippi State.
  10. 3 SEC West teams will make it to Omaha.
  11. A Final Four and the World Series in the same year. WAR EAGLE!!!
  12. According to their pitching gets weak very quickly