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  1. KN has a CB for the Alabaster Al QB Sawyer Pate.
  2. Out coached, out prepared, out played. Congratulations Gophers.
  3. Great pick-up for next year. Go University of Auburn!!! The Loveliest Plain on the Village!
  4. Eric Reed was here on an official visit. It’s reported that Luke is out at Ole Miss. How are we looking with Reed ?
  5. He was truly a “Class Act”
  6. In my 60 years on this planet, Alabama has never lost a football game. They were all stolen by cheating _______________ . (Fill in the blank)
  7. I love watching him play. He needs more playing time.
  8. Strangest game ever. Proud of our guys. War Eagle
  9. The hay’s in the barn. Let’s go Tigers. War Eagle!
  10. Time to forget all the outside noise. Time to Beat Bama! WAR EAGLE!