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  1. Who that matters? The toothpaste is out of the tube. It's not going back in no matter what anybody on a message board thinks, demands, or wants. Now we better figure out a way to regulate it or a handful of schools will simply pay more for the best players. Even Jimbo Fischer thinks this has to change. How college football handles this will be huge. We live in interesting times.
  2. We know how you feel. This is not that argument. The questions are, at least as I understand it, is who is the governing body that will oversee all this money and how will it keep a few teams from becoming the New York Yankees and everyone else the Pittsburgh Pirates? These are legitimate questions directly related to the popularity of the sport. I know the counter argument is that we have non parity now, but who thinks uat will be this good when Saban retires? Most of us just want to keep college football as relevant as it is today. Change is hard and sometimes necessary. But not always good or well implemented. And if people think any sport is too big to fail, we all thought that about NASCAR a decade or so ago. The power structure there cut profits in half, and the attendance at the tracks are abysmal compared to before all the changes big money and the arrogance that comes with it brought to the PTB. --I'm not a huge fan of auto racing, I just know someone in the business.
  3. Yessir, Red. 100%. Especially in the backyard of your school. You're gonna miss some, either way. I just read an article where a walk on from Ohatchee HS in Calhoun county got a scholly at Clemson. Now I haven't researched it, but you would assume that he wasn't drowning in power 5 offers if he walked on at Clemson.
  4. I still don't quite understand how this win is ranked with the miracle at Jordan Hare. The uga win was very lucky and AU should have lost the game after playing really well the first half. The kick six was caused by Saban realizing that his defense was toast against our offense and that his only chance was to beg a second back and try a field goal in regulation. IMHO. My ex brother in law is 100% bammer, and he said before the ball was kicked that bamas only chance was the FG because their D was done. This was in real time during the game. He and I believe that AU would have scored at will in overtime and basically had the game in hand if uat doesn't make the field goal. We'll never know now, but we were dominant on O at the end of regulation.
  5. Didn't see your post until after I posted. You articulated our thoughts much better than I.
  6. What? If you didn't believe this was a do or die year after the fiasco that he went through last year , you are (maybe literally) the only person I know that didn't. I have XM radio. People in freaking Iowa think he has to win this year after all that! They also don't have a problem understanding why AU can't recruit for the same reason. What happened was the football equivalent of Seppuku. No offense meant at all, and I was all in on BH even after the bowl game , but I thought he had to go after it became clear everyone that matters money wise wanted him gone. And let the whole world know it .
  7. I'm not sure about much of anything these days. But I'd bet the house on that!!! 😄
  8. I believe AU has such a bad rep with coaches that he would get another job quicker than we would get a better coach. He's screwed here anyway. Not sure he would have been the guy anyway , but AU made sure of it
  9. So why didn't they? I disagreed vehemently with the investigation and the manner in which it was handled. Once it got out and the administration allowed the perception that the coach was a dead man walking , I couldn't believe AU DIDN'T fire him. Or that he stayed . If I was the main man at AU he would've been let go at that point. If I was Harsin, I would have told everyone to write me a check for 5 million and kiss off. What we accomplished is program purgatory, truly a perfect example of JABA. If BH manages to build a winner after all that, and I would be shocked if he did, he would be a miracle worker.
  10. You are 100% correct , but for this. I heard a guy on jox talking about the difference in uat and uga. He said that even now uga did not have total buy in for Kirby and the football program. And only one school in the SEC actually does have that. It hurt the bammer money men so bad to lose, they gave up their special rank and privilege and took orders. They are ALL on the same page. The dog backers don't have that unity, and that's a fact, to paraphrase his remarks. If it's true at uga, compare that program to AU, where we are doing what we always do. Total buy in won't happen at AU unless a miracle happens and we get a young Dye or Saban clone in the next couple of decades. No high profile coach is gonna come here while everyone from the administration to the boosters to the athletic department to the fans are continuing to try and row the boat in different directions. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear I'm not. WDE
  11. That's my point. If our PTB only wanted the best for AU, then THEY individually, wouldn't necessarily have to be a part of the decision making or in the HCs ear all the time. Look, I'm not even saying that I would be able to back off and be treated like Saban treated boosters when he first got to uat. But to place all the blame on an AD and his hire when a good portion of the fan base and the money men hated the hire from day one is just wrong. Then, suddenly, the choices were fire Harsin or back him. AU did neither. That was asinine. I knew that if we weren't screwed before, we darn sure were after all the wonderful publicity. What a mess. But I'll be there for the kick off and hope for the best.
  12. Why wasn't Kirby hired at AU if some of you guys are correct? Look, I know I'm old school and never got pampered and never pampered my kid, so I love a hard nosed coach. Even Saban, may the Lord bless my soul. But if the PTB are such wonderful guys and want only what's best for AU, they had several chances to give the keys to several coaches, all that IMO would have been great hires. But they wouldn't. They like holding the keys and they talk to coaches and sports writers and recruiting folks. They were never on board and saw a chance to rectify the situation. And then backed out. None of that helps AU and if you think we should have fired Harsin, well we screwed that up too! Because we didn't and everyone thinks he'll be fired next year. That's a helluva way to improve recruiting right there. A complete Charlie Foxtrot. I am at this point sick of Harsin, sick of the so called smart people that run and control AU football, and especially amazed that people think a coach can recruit anybody when no one in their right mind thinks he'll be supported by the school he coaches for or even be here next year. My rant is now over. But I will always support the school and the players no matter what I think of the mess the smart folks have made. WDE
  13. Amen. There were more of the true gentlemen around in that era. They are greatly missed.
  14. There is also no comparison to the buy in of the PTB of uat and the gators when those two coaches were hired. I'm not defending Harsin or his recruiting, but to be fair, AU is notorious for fractured fan support. My AU grad father and my favorite Uncle both loved AU and detested Pat Dye. All he did was win games and beat uat and move the Iron bowl to home and home, BUT, he was a uga grad. I hope Harsin does great but the PTB have not bought in and that shows with lack of NIL support. Same old crap, different coach and century. I'll cheer for the team and realize that my fandom doesn't mean crap to the people who COULD make a difference. WDE.
  15. That was the first AU victory over uat I could ever remember being upset about. AU was so much better, but still had that uat "aura" bothering them, I guess. Should have beat them by 24 or so. Loved that defense. Edit....should have written 'slightly upset'. 😄
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