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  1. Or run away from the ball. I'm amazed at the players on every team all over the country that stand a foot away from a bouncing ball they have no intention of catching. My HS coach wouldn't have you anywhere near the punt return team if you did that ONCE.
  2. 'we all want'...... We? Heck half this board wouldn't take Kirby Smart because of his haircut or offense or where he attends church! Or doesn't. Saying AU fans are a little crazy is like saying the Grand Canyon is a ditch. I can't blame any coach for going to a school that will have give him some time and be a little less judgemental of his every move. That said, whoever we get , may he turn out to be a great hire , no matter who it is. WDE.
  3. I didn't say anything about any coach, and I would take both coaches you mentioned in a heartbeat. What I was asking is how did you know they were tops on AU's list? Because if you have an inside source, I want to pay close attention to your posts the next few days. If you don't, then the top names were who you wanted, but maybe not AU. That's all I'm asking.
  4. I have no idea how both posts can be true at the same time. Just dense , I guess.
  5. Just curious. Where did you get the info that those two were top options for our AD of PTB? Seems like you should pretty much know who else they were gonna offer unless your source dried up, but IDK.
  6. I think AU could hire Nick Saban and the regional media would discover he was Satan. That doesn't bother me. It will always happen here.
  7. I know. We're good. We all want the same thing. I just refuse to get worked up about things I have no control over. But I shouldn't think others think as I do, either. So accept my apology, and War Eagle! May we both be pleasantly surprised!
  8. No I didn't. And I wouldn't want Schianno as my coach. But we, as a fan base, raised hell about Steele or whoever our coach was to be and we got Harsin. Who I supported, until I couldn't anymore. Our fan base got their way, and we got Harsin. Perhaps we were wrong? I definitely think so. I'll wait and see on this search. That's all I'm saying.
  9. I think Andy is getting better. He's growing on me. But I admit, he's not in the Fyffe-Bramlett category at this point.
  10. Well, forgive me then. I read the post again and I still thought that but I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. But my thoughts on Carnell stand. I think he can be a great HC. And I hope it is at AU. When the time is right.
  11. Caddy is very emotional and upbeat. That hurt AU badly today. I want Carnell to be our head coach. He is not ready yet and it would not be fair to put this on him now. He is an Auburn man, and I love him for it. Somebody has to rebuild a program while Caddy learns the building blocks part. He's got the Xs and Os. He knows the motivation and dealing with players part. When he learns the running a program part, he will be awesome for AU. But please, give him time. He learned a helluva lot today. Saban is a serious teacher, and delivered a very serious lesson. And Carnell is a great student. I look forward to the day that Caddy takes us to new heights, but that will be in the future.
  12. Not if their agent had anything to do with it. And he most certainly does.
  13. As I posted a couple an hour ago, Freeze is on almost EVERY list, and in the top two or three, of the national sports talk shows, meaning outside of Alabama. So whether we like it or not, he is considered a legitimate candidate by so called knowledgeable folks. He wasn't my first choice, but who would be a 100% , no doubt he wins, hire? I can name some, but they ain't coming to AU. I'll wait and see and support my Tigers. Nobody that matters in the search gives a crap what I think anyway. 😆
  14. I enjoy your takes and agree on most of them. But I don't understand the optics talk, and I mean no disrespect to you or others that think the same. I like to listen to sports talk out of our immediate media footprint, and nationally on XM radio and the podcasts on the web. Freeze has been mentioned as a top 2 or 3 candidate in the majority of them. It won't be a surprise to many of those folks. Whether he'll be any good or not - if hired - is another matter.
  15. Well. That for include me about half the time . Or more.....
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