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  1. I guess a couple of folks didn't read the last line. Hell, I hope we never lose!
  2. When and if we lose, the fallout is gonna be nuclear. But it's all worth it.
  3. A fantastic look for national tv. If Bruce can turn around that program, anything is possible.
  4. There you go again, Hank! Now half the board will spend all week slamming BH for keeping his shirt on at the game, and how it's killing recruiting by him staying fully dressed. 🤦
  5. Thanks. I haven't heard that yet, but I've been out of pocket for a few.
  6. Is it official yet? Are we waiting for signing day to dump him? Is it just a rumor or fact? And is it just me or have some of our old timers been awol for a few days? So many questions.....
  7. That's all I've been saying for a month or more. I don't understand waking every morning to log onto AUFamily to wail and gnash ones teeth and be miserable about the latest whatever that happened. He'll make it work, or they'll fire him, and I won't have anything to do with it either way. War Eagle anyway.
  8. Just checking in for a few while I stay with a relative after his surgery. Is Coach Mason officially gone? Where?
  9. Gosh he was good. Made AU relevant in the 70's. He was special, in a lot of ways, and was a true Auburn man.
  10. It was tongue in cheek and had more to do with uat being notorious for doing things like this for years. As Rob Pate said, ' it takes time for most schools to come up with the NIL program. Alabama's had one up and running for decades.' I should have been more clear, I guess.
  11. So explain again how uat jas a qb that makes almost a million dollars from NIL? . . Oh,wait. uat. Nevermind.
  12. Totally agree. 100%. For a large part of 6 decades I have watched teams like Wisconsin take their 2&3 star OL and obliterate our 4 star DL in bowl games. "Projects" is what they call them now. In the past you redshirt them and about 1/2 develope into solid OL. Because of the difficulty in projecting the future on the OL, you never really know who the "projects" are. Just do what Tex says and sign 4-5 a year every year.
  13. I get that and don't really disagree with anything you said. I'm just amazed at how many ways so many people find to say they same thing over and over. Some of us just check in to see if anything has been posted that has something to do with the thread title. Most of the time it doesn't, and the same folks are busy posting the same thing. It's like freaking ground hog day and I'm Bill Murray.
  14. I was not quoting you, and for framing it that way, I was wrong. I apologize for that. I simply assumed that anyone that was so negative about AU and the program and had no positive opinions about the team and coaching staff didn't care for the coach. Most folks that "like" something or someone don't spend a lot of time crapping on them. AU will fire him if he is worthless. Can we just wait till he proves whether he's good or not? I'm not sure about him either. But it's almost like an obsession with some of you guys. I am just burnt out on the negatives. Probably just my age.
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