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  1. I'm saying it's not provable. There's a difference.
  2. I'd like to respectfully disagree with you here. Nick purposefully chose a school that guaranteed he would never be involved with cheating. He could simply imply, insinuate, suggest, choose your adjective, and it would happen. I am 65. The running joke in my home town when I was 15 was that the NCAA got so pissed at UAT cheating they put Southern Mississippi on probation for 2 years. Lawyers, Judges, and politicians. Trust me. They have been great at this forever.
  3. Sorry. I was thinking of the poll before the bowl games. I will always be as pissed about 2004 AU football getting screwed as I am about AU basketball and the double dribble that nobody in a striped shirt saw. I beg your pardon, sir.
  4. No sir. Today there is the "eye test". Everyone at the SEC championship game against UT knew that ESPN was totally pushing OU vs USC for viewers on TV. I was in Atlanta. I am not looking up the score, but every SEC fan knew that OU couldn't stay on the field with the TOP 2, AU and USC. OSU put 50 or high 40s on an OU team in the championship game that wouldn't have scored 20 on AU or USC , but OU won. And when it was shown on the big screen in Atlanta, the air went out of the arena, on the field and in the stands There was no freaking way in hell OU beats that AU team. And I don't think USC could, either. USC cheated, and was stripped of the title. If we claim that one, I got no problem with it. And you wouldn't either if you had watched football in that era. I don't know if I made that as clear as it was back in 2004, but it was chrystal clear then.
  5. Cubelic was hot on that very subject all last year. He said there would have been fist fights in his day if any QB had called out players for screwing up, after they missed easy passes and took unnecessary sacks in the same game. Bo did this a lot. I personally wish Bo had stayed and continued to get better. However, I remember some NFL commentator defining a great QB as someone who makes everyone on O better. That was number one on his list.
  6. Prayers for Brenda and you. I hate cancer. God keep you both, brother.
  7. All of what you stated is true, and so is jmassie11 s post about the officiating. I heard some guru on sirius state that the NCAA was determined to take the physicality out of the game, and it worked for half the season. Then they stopped, as if thinking there were too many fouls called and totally did a 180 on officiating. This conversation had nothing specifically to do with AU so I'm not blasting nor blaming the refs for our situation, but the talking heads agreed with whoever the guru was and one coach said the round of 32 and sweet 16 was actually a throwback to 3-4 years ago, because of the physicality.
  8. Don't doubt it. I didn't bother to check the stats, but all year I thought that if we had Jared and Bryce with our bigs........OH MY!!!! ps Auburn was the best team and the probable winner in the tournament in 2019, when zebras forgot what double dribble was. And a guy coming from standing out of bounds to get a rebound and a put back at the half. Yes. I am still bitter.
  9. So Saban changed in his later years. 🤔
  10. OK, I'll play devil's advocate. If you have proved that you can beat everyone ( including the Virginia double dribble no call game that I will never believe we lost ) with superior guard play, perhaps you did your best coaching job with sub par guards that couldn't compete with superior guard play. Maybe you didn't have a plan B cause against superior guards who could shoot, play D, and distribute the ball, you didn't have the talent that it takes to move further in the tourney. Everyone from Coach K to Cal says you have to have superior guard play to go deep in the tournament. Don't get me wrong, I don't know any coach that wouldn't redo something after a tight game that you lose. Especially basketball. Things happen fast. I enjoyed the video, even if I didn't agree with some of it. Just don't believe Bruce forgot how to coach in a year, and a Georgia writer that used to do Tennessee basketball swears Bruce is a great Xs and Os guy. I admit I didn't see it last game, though.
  11. If only it had been done "in house" instead of the AU message boards and Paul Fbomb. But we shall see.
  12. Yessir. I heard a veteran coach talking about the SEC on Mark Packer's show and he said the same thing. I can't recall his name, but he coached in the Big 10 mostly, and made another interesting point. He thinks this is the best the SEC has been from top to bottom, so it's the first time that the teams have ever had to run the gauntlet that the Big 10 and the ACC always did in the past. Throw in the fact that the SEC now schedules good teams in the out of conference games and you've got teams that are physically and mentally drained. He said the fatigue would fade in time as teams realized that they can't take a night off physically or mentally, and adjusted to the grind. Just his opinion, but it was something that would explain how some teams looked unbeatable at times during the season, and in actuality might have been for some weeks in a row before falling off at the end.
  13. Sometimes. And sometimes you have no idea how you come across. I said that I agree with you sometime. What I posted is not about that.
  14. Because you can't post without making it personal? Bird doesn't need my help. But your approach is highly antagonistic. Don't wanna argue, and we agree at times. Just saying.
  15. I'm too old to remember and too lazy to look up the proper terminology, but the RB can get lost on a short yardage fake and wind up wide open for a middle screen after the fake. Especially with an aggressive middle LB. I got chewed out some in the 70's cause of it. But I believe Ole Miss ran it some last year.
  16. How about a zone? With Kessler in the game. Just a thought. I had for the last two hours. But whatever.
  17. I've never been negative about Bruce or our team. But ffs we are taller and we actually have an advantage driving to the basket. So we throw up contested threes. But nevermind, we can't hit three footers either. Geesh.
  18. Old. Just old. You guys have fun
  19. OK. Do you know Charles? Do you know anyone that knows him? Someone close to him? Do you have 40-50 million dollars? What is your age? Just a couple of questions.
  20. He did get it under control. He is not broke. He was saying what would happen if he continued. But whatever.
  21. He can lose what we pay for a house or condo every day. And still have wealth that I could never dream of. I know of things he's done around Birmingham recently. Doesn't appear he's hurting. But you probably know better.
  22. You are quite right about Mengelt. He was a scoring machine. I have no idea what he does behind the scenes. But Charles has a dedication that cannot be denied, and shouldn't be. He says what he thinks. I agree with most, not all. I thought that's what we were all about. You have a right to say what you think.
  23. Basketball fans understand. Football fans think you'll win them all. You just have to win the ones that count here. And I will never acknowledge that we lost to Virginia in the final 4. Ever. No team has ever been screwed harder in March Madness. I am still a bit bitter.
  24. We should. That's what's happening elsewhere.
  25. It's the NIL that's the important part and Charles nailed it. Some reporter from SI (Oliver?) has been all over sports radio talking about boosters at certain schools having detailed programs, web sites, pledge sites, etc., for their schools. They have been working from day one. UT, uat, Texas, Texas A&M, Georgia, etc. Anybody know of anything similar at AU? 🤔
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