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  1. Good update, however, Ellis first at bat was an rbi double. Over the outfielders head, one bounce to the fence.
  2. Bri actually had 5 RBI's. An RBI Double, then a 3-run HR, then a deep sac fly for an RBI and then got hit by a pitch in last at bat. Stud!
  3. That is great to hear. They may be doing both, working the camp and enrolling.
  4. Good email. However, I'll add that Dean's first coach he hired at AU is now the Head Coach at Louisiana. He was at Auburn for a few months and then that coaching position came open, and he was hired there. Then Dean hired Ketelhut late in the game as he need to fill that position.
  5. All the players that are in the departing Sr. group, like the pitcher, was recruited, signed and coached by Dean in their freshmen year.
  6. Agree as Taylon is a great player with the versatility all coaches love in their players. You can also tell she is happy where she is. Of course, when you are surrounded by studs at every position and the bench, it makes it more fun.
  7. Koepke committed to AU when Myers was the coach, however, she remained committed to AU and signed anyway after Dean arrived.
  8. Actually, Gasso didn't need a shortstop as Snow has never played shortstop at OK. Snow has played outfield and first-base. Currently playing first-base. The shortstops at OK are much better shortstops than Taylon.
  9. Seems to have gone silent on the rumor mill earlier in this thread about Dean or a certain pitcher staying at AU. Hopefully, the coach & player meetings have gone well for AU this week and some of that will go away.
  10. Her summer travel team won the highest level championship this past summer, playing 18U. She is the teams catcher.
  11. I know we keep focusing on how young our team is and how our first year players just need to continue developing and growing. I agree with that thought process. However, even with the Senior level players that start for uat, I think they start about 7 seniors, the leader in home runs and rbi's for them is the freshmen starting at second base. I know we've recruited more power in our young players, but at some point they too need to begin hitting with power as the uat freshmen playing second base and batting 4th in their lineup.
  12. Yes, that is her making this sliding catch. Impressive player.
  13. Yes, Lisenby was the catcher on the Bolts Premier that just won the championship in OKC.
  14. Slot, similar to what I explained earlier and I agree with you. She hasn't made all commitments in a short period of time such as steeleagle was trying to convey. She had become close to another Bolt commit on the same 18U team and decided to move her choice and again UT has a full and loaded '21 class. Regardless, AU is getting a top-15 commit for '21 class that can sign in November.
  15. Seems that Auburn just picked up a big commit from a top 15 recruit in the '21 class. She was committed at one time to Miss. St. then changed to Texas after the Miss. St. coaching change. Now, per her twitter account, she is stating to be an Auburn Softball Commit. Nelia Peralta - https://twitter.com/neliaperalta31 Big pickup.
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