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  1. Evidently, AU nor the media at any level does a good job of seeking or sharing information on the young ladies that either are signing with or transferring to the AU Softball program. Just never seem to get the entire picture. Frustrating for us as fans.
  2. Hope our new coaches are good recruiters as evidently we only added three new players according to the most recent update of the website. I know we have others, however, it hasn't been updated in more than a week and still the only three showing were added then. Guess not having a Operations person now has slowed all aspects of coordination. Just being humorous with all the changes. Just don't understand the delay of information as a fan. Wishing all a great rest of the week.
  3. Hoping for the best, however, we aren't gaining our transfers from similar level schools. Not saying these girls will not be super additions to AU. The best thing, is its important to want to be here. Just concerned with the talent level from a fans perspective rather than a coaches perspective. We see all the high profile transfers going elsewhere. Good Luck to team and as fans, we can do our part in buying tickets and supporting their efforts. I think with the new coaching additions, in the future, more talent is headed our way.
  4. Interesting that school has now started at Auburn and they can't even get the softball webpage updated with the new staff members and players on the roster.
  5. Interesting that school has now started at Auburn and they can't even get the softball webpage updated with the new staff members and players on the roster.
  6. Mr. Bill Conroy just cleared up so many things that each of the AU supporters need to wrap their head around and support this staff and team. It hurts AU more than anything the staff and team is doing.
  7. Again, Willis also changed from Auburn to Washington during the mess at Auburn and prior to Dean even being mentioned. Get it right if you are calling out a coach due to early players changed where they want to go to school.
  8. Slightly incorrect on Haley Pittman. She change from Auburn to Florida after Myers resigned, but before Dean was even mentioned.
  9. As to Phoebe Florian, I've attached here a couple of files with some updated stats which seem to be pretty impressive through 12 games of her senior season. Batting .455 and has hit 7 home runs to date. Phoebe Florian _ Ardrey Kell HS, Charlotte, NC _ MaxPreps.html Phoebe Florian's (Charlotte, NC) Softball Stats _ MaxPreps.html
  10. I noticed Auburn signed another 2019 player yesterday. Phoebe Florian from North Carolina. Plays at Ardrey Kell HS and also play with the East Cobb Bullets during the summer. Looks to have a lot of speed and plays shortstop mostly. Handles the bat very well.
  11. Not true as to just attending a camp. You must be invited to this camp and the results of your participation at this camp puts you into a group they choose the USA Elite Select All Americans in each age group. KK was selected and qualified for said honor.