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  1. I saw Tresvik play at Auburn last year in an early season tourney. She was impressive from the mound and the box. After Penta, Tresvik was the next best pitcher in the tourney. Can throw upwards of 70+ and one of her HR's in the tourney was against Auburn. I'm glad she is now at Auburn.
  2. Anyone have any scoop on what will be going on as to Jane B. Moore complex during the Fall season that would keep AU from holding games onsite? I've heard all the Fall games will be on the road due to work to be going at at The Jane.
  3. This is what winning and money will do for your softball program. This link is renderings of OU's new softball facility approved at their board meeting today. WOW: https://soonersports.com/galleries/softball/loves-field/from-jenkins-ave-/1423/39229
  4. Interesting portal news is that Haley Pittman, a one time AU commit is now leaving Florida. I personally, would like to see her return to AU.
  5. Yes, however, she committed to Michigan and I think the other finalist at that time was UCLA & uat.
  6. Wonderful if the Sunday games will be on TV. The game for today was supposed to be on SEC Network and Sunday on SEC+. Haven't seen if they've announced that or not.
  7. We just beat a top 10 Texas team, no matter who they lost to earlier. FSU is expected to get back to the WCWS. Just give Auburn credit for doing what they are supposed to do. In the past few years, we would not have got a hit, even if you were pitching. If AU beats UCLA in the morning, you would just state they had already lost to Northwestern.
  8. Saw something from FloSoftball that seemed to be in the #15 to #20 type player.
  9. Add an outstanding pitching & hitting prospect in Malayna Tamborra. Think she is top 10-15 level overall recruit. She gave her commitment yesterday.
  10. Skylar Elkins has now signed. Really high quality in this class. One exceptional pitcher and continued additions of offensive potential. Especially power.
  11. We need Elkins to sign. Not sure of delay reason.
  12. Stroud & Clemmons have a lot of power. Martin can do so as well, but more of just a good hitter/athlete.
  13. Outstanding. According to Extra Inning's ratings, Stroud is ranked #12, Martin ranked #15 and Clemmons ranked #28.
  14. True. My middle name is "typo". Ha! I get them mixed up at times, however, Is the recruits on campus now the '22 class? As there first season will be in '22.
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