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  1. Yeah his mind is moving faster than it should sometimes. He’s so focused on not taking a sack that sometimes he’s not even surveying the field like he should
  2. Offseason shoulder surgery and a hip injury
  3. Yeah sometimes his internal clock is going faster than it should and he has more time than he realizes on some plays. If he stayed in the pocket and surveyed the field on that INT throw to Canella, he’d see that Malik was open out of the backfield on that play
  4. Yeah this looks faster than a 4.8, but there’s a difference between 40 speed and football speed
  5. Keep that consistency. Only person that can stop him is himself
  6. I see Kam starting but Williams ending up with the most carries, unless Kam breaks a few early
  7. Not having to “stress” about a game is kinda cool. You can wake up and relax and watch all the other teams beat up on each other. Hopefully there’s a few ranked teams that lose that helps us creep back up in the rankings today
  8. If Johnson wouldn’t have gotten hurt I think he would’ve found his way on the field at least as a returner
  9. Yeah it’s pretty useless if you’re looking for that kind of information for free on a football forum. You’ve come to the wrong place