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  1. Our last 2 transfer pickups have been quiet as hell announcement wise. I don’t see that somebody committed until hours later.
  2. I think he’s trying different things for the upcoming class. We’ll see if it pays off. Nothing really matters if we have another mediocre season though IMO
  3. Exactly. Everybody keeps repeating it but it’s true. As long as OL not addressed, this team will never be in real contention for the SECCG and the playoffs
  4. This team is so damn thin on talent. We have to pray we stay healthy this year. The DL and TE rooms seem good, maybe RB’s too if Hunter comes back healthy but other than that we so damn thin on talent
  5. Good we needed some safety depth. We were super thin back there
  6. that’s the easy answer. Tbh I don’t care, may the best man win. I wonder how his shoulder is healing?
  7. Can’t agree with this. You’re starting to underrate Hunter a little bit now. If Hunter is healthy I highly doubt a true freshman takes his spot especially since Hunter is power and speed which we need. Alston is more finesse
  8. You can’t remember how he performed in SEC play because he was nonexistent. He started off hot but that was mostly against inferior opponents. The better the competition, the more he didn’t show up. That Arkansas game specifically was bad but he was a true freshman, stuff happens Yeah his vision could definitely be better but so could our OL so it’s not surprising he tries to bounce things as much as he does. You’re right. Forgot about them
  9. Hunter is definitely talented but Tank is easily the most talented back. Once Auburn got into SEC play Hunter hit that freshman wall and was almost non existent other than the LSU game
  10. We have SOME talent but overall it’s not a talented roster IMO. The DL and RB should be good but everything other than that the talent is thin
  11. At this point we don’t attract ANY OL let alone top tier OL. We struggle to get 3 stars now
  12. The easy way to tell how your season is going to go is to look at who your starting linemen are on both sides of the ball. If both are top tier you’re probably going to have a good year if one is in the bottom half then your season probably won’t end too well unless you have a Heisman caliber QB I think it’s both but more the latter
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