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  1. I’m more concerned about hang time and accuracy than actual distance when it comes to punting. Doesn’t matter how far you’re punting if you’re out kicking your coverage
  2. I never said anything about Woodson being a bad coach. We both took L’s, there’s nothing else to be said. It’s not that serious
  3. We’ve all said wacky stuff just like you thought Woodson coached Davis when he didn’t. Just hold the L, we all win some and lose some
  4. Damn crystal ball before even visiting? Nice, do what you do Garner close it down
  5. Frazier looks like an assistant coach rather than high schooler
  6. Tech doesn’t have much to sell either. Maybe they’re telling him he’ll play early
  7. Isn’t he a WR? That’s the last thing we need
  8. I’m impressed with him too. I think he’ll be better than what some think
  9. Yeah maybe proximity was important to him because Tech wasn’t good last year and they’re passing game wasn’t too impressive either
  10. If Tech still leads after visiting us then looks like we ain’t getting him
  11. He literally said all he wanted to do was wait and sign with his teammates and somebody still had to go and ruin it for him smh still WDE though
  12. All coaches let things slide when it’s somebody who’s really talented. Coaches just want to win games so they let a lot slide. Even Gus does it but he’s probably a little more stern than most