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  1. Does it really matter if the old staff looked at him or not? He could’ve been committed to us with the old staff but it’s a good chance he would’ve decommited with a whole new staff
  2. Not surprised. It makes the most sense tbh
  3. If I had to guess we probably way too late on him. He’d probably pick A&M going off of their good play this past year
  4. Im just not sure how most people here could give grades on most of these new hires when damn near nobody knew half of these guys a week ago The grading would make more sense after one year and recruiting class
  5. Damn there’s a lot of people on here who really don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the game they supposedly love
  6. I thought with the pandemic year guys didn’t have to sit a year?
  7. If he don’t like recruiting why would he all of a sudden change?
  8. Bring him in and let him Davis and Bo compete. No job should be safe
  9. Kind of reminds me of Myles Gaskin at Washington size wise
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