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  1. Tell him to recruit some oline men. Seems like nobody else on staff wants to do it
  2. Coaching staff might as well use this as a recruiting advantage even though this staff had nothing to do with getting/coaching him
  3. Yeah the few who actually have a decent following online that can get commercial offers etc
  4. Yeah but you’re not out there running a million stadiums and all the other stuff they’re doing in the intense heat. That’s a big waste of time putting all that work in just to not play
  5. It’s not only about death but nobody knows the long term effects of Covid. Even with the vaccine. Vaccine ≠ cure
  6. Obesity is an epidemic but You can’t pass obesity to somebody
  7. Oh no it’s still evil. I just want the right story told
  8. That story has been told wrong for years and a lot of people think they were injected with syphilis. They already had it and were denied treatment. That’s where the malpractice came into play
  9. They already had syphilis. They weren’t given anything
  10. Does your wife think those men were injected with something they shouldnt have been in the Tuskegee experiment?
  11. Bama already 80+ percent vaccinated. They handling business on and off the field while we’re one of the least vaccinated teams in the SEC smh
  12. If that last tweet is true then Harsin is definitely gone have to loosen up a little bit. You can’t be all work and no play. Nobody does that
  13. He can try that if he wants to. He’ll have to learn the hard way
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