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  1. Who was starting over this guy to where he didn’t start until his junior year?
  2. Don’t hold your breath on that 😔
  3. What was his completion percentage? It’s getting to a point where I want guys who were already pretty accurate coming out of HS. You can try to mask it with shorter, easier throws but you can’t teach accuracy
  4. Out of those QB’s listed in the OP, which one is y’all personal favorite?
  5. I never knew we flipped them. I just thought there was major UGA interest. Never realized they were committed
  6. I can’t think of us flipping anybody but we’ve took top recruits in their state that they’ve really wanted
  7. I thought Pogue’s specialty was south Alabama?
  8. Big Kat covered his route better than KJ did
  9. Anybody associated with Jeff Fisher I wouldn’t want. Don’t understand how he lasted so long in the league as a head coach. He had a lot of talented teams but continued to heavily underachieve. And I still don’t understand to this day why he got rid of Vince Young as his starter when he had a 30-15 record as his starting QB
  10. Don’t want the Fisher family nowhere near Auburn.
  11. So basically the same story as Driscoll
  12. When healthy he was a playmaker. Still remember when he had that clutch interception against ole miss