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  1. I asked about Ashford in another thread and they said we’re not showing any interest in him Our RB1 was going to commit to Tulane when we found him
  2. I feel like we’re going to try to get a second. Just won’t be at ENSD
  3. No point in him being a safety. LB’s in today’s game are the new safeties
  4. Might be time to go back to Ashford and see if he’s interested since he decomitted from ole miss
  5. He wants that 10th win. I hope we do Minnesota the same way we did Purdue and Derrick doesn’t even have to play the 2nd half
  6. Go ahead and sit. He’s done more than enough. Let’s see what Coynis Miller does with more snaps
  7. Is Auburn showing legit interest in Appiah too? I just read we’re legit going after Tisdol now are they doing the same to Appiah?