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  1. Somebody’s gotta play special teams
  2. Yep this battle isn’t over quite yet unless Bo comes out killing it from the beginning
  3. It’s not like he makes the decision to redshirt himself or not
  4. But I thought a lot of fans on this board said Gus should stop stockpiling one position when you don’t necessarily need it and try to spread to other positions 😐
  5. Nice to see an HBCU made the final list
  6. Time to get started and win a lot of games. Didn’t matter which guy won I felt comfortable with both tbh
  7. They’re both going to play but Why would Smoke start over Thomas. Thomas and Dinson run the defense.
  8. Nope. No point in doing that. He’ll just compete for the starting job next year
  9. Jay Prosch, Stephen Roberts, Chris Todd
  10. Sizzle

    Byron Cowart

    Why did you skip Derick Hall and Colby Wooden?
  11. I’m not surprised. Kodi said the guys could make the spectacular catches but then they couldn’t consistently make the simple catches
  12. That defense didn’t hold the lead when it mattered most. That long TD throw where Davis and our safety collide and the WR takes off on a long score just can’t happen. Also how many 4th downs did they convert against us? Talk about that offense all you want but at least they gave the defense a lead