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  1. You said he won’t be a happy camper but there’s no reason for him to be mad. He just lost out to the guy who’s currently playing better I never said anybody would be higher than anybody. I just don’t think Harsin/Bobo would have only one specific type of QB style in mind to play for them. I’m sure they’d use pocket passers or dual threats
  2. If Bobo can make Bo work then why wouldn’t they try to make DD work? Good coaches can work with any talented person, scrambler or not
  3. He had a shot to win the position. Bo’s been balling lately. We see who the best QB currently is
  4. He burned his RS when he came in at the last second against UGA. That was his 5th game
  5. I think Coffey, Hamm, Jackson, Manning are all seniors iirc
  6. Now he’s gone have to get in that portal and get us some quality OL. We have like 2 freshmen contributors this year (King and Hunter) all the other guys are looking like redshirts
  7. And for Auburn’s player of the week, Zierer won for the OL in his first ever start
  8. Shed and Robertson had good games against UGA?
  9. Bo managed those games well, he definitely didn’t carry us those games
  10. The defense was spaced out, the LB hit the wrong hole so it was one on one with the safety and Bo won. It was a good call and good execution
  11. Making a one on one tackle in space with no help is tough he also thought the D Lineman had Bo but could t bring him down with an arm tackle
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