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  1. There was a kid at UGA who wanted to rap while playing football at the same time and the NCAA made him choose because they said he couldn’t do both 🤨 The NCAA has no idea what they’re doing
  2. Nothing to worry about they’ll let everybody in. It’s not gone sell out
  3. Pandemic messed everything up plus he’s from Mississippi. Mississippi guys usually don’t get recruited too hard
  4. Yep @Dayne Shormessage boards definitely somewhere you don’t want to be. And that’s for every fan base
  5. Stats were a little underwhelming but now I see he only played 6 games at his juco
  6. Maybe, but him being a Texas 6A QB helped a lot. They always gets a lot of hype.
  7. He would’ve been a 5 star if he performed better in the summer camps. He had 5 star regular seasons but 3 star camp performances
  8. It’s hard to answer this right now in his first year without playing any games yet. I don’t think Harsin even fully knows yet.
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