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  1. Him being a RB in college would probably be a mistake imo. I don’t think he’d be too successful at the next level at RB. But he’s not a bad RB
  2. Damn how many pancakes did he have? Did he lead the nation in pancakes? 😯
  3. I thought it was a good late signing when we offered him out of HS. Hope he becomes really good for us. I think he was the one getting lit up by Seth Williams on A Day 🤔 or maybe I’m thinking of someone else
  4. There’s a lot of star watchers on here but with that offer list he’s definitely not a 3 star or underrated. Usually you earn that extra star from camps.
  5. Yep and Slayton has a catching problem too. I’m not saying they’re wrong about the routes but your main job is to catch the ball and they have a problem doing it. The Giants twitter page sometimes posts highlights from there practices and sometimes they show Slayton and in the comments it’s become a thing where they say “oh he actually caught it this time?” So maybe he’s had a few drops in practices too
  6. Derrick got blessed generically. His parents aren’t that tall and he still grew to be 6’4 😟