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  1. Sizzle

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    This. Nobody knows exactly what's going on but everything doesn't revolve around football
  2. Sizzle

    Rivals & 247 BUSTED!

    That's why I always say stop obsessing over stars. These guys don't really know what's going on
  3. Sizzle

    2020 NR Juco OT Jonathan Buskey Commits To AU!

    That's just some random intern tweeting from his account. Gus doesn't know how to use Twitter
  4. Sizzle

    2020 NR Juco OT Jonathan Buskey Commits To AU!

    He must've grew up a big Auburn fan. He committed and said he hasn't even really talked to any coaches.
  5. Sizzle

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    Good night sweet prince
  6. It really doesn't fit the narrative. Before that qoute from the player was posted, posters were starting to give Dilly more credit than JB
  7. Is Dilly really trying to start a Arizona to Auburn pipeline?
  8. That's cool and all but I don't care until they've signed that NLI. And I'm not just saying that because of the Pickens situation
  9. Yeah he did a really good job. Woodson got them in the door and Garner closed the deals. Now time for them to do work on the field
  10. Sizzle

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Yeah that's it.
  11. Sizzle

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Just because you're a 3 star doesn't mean you're not highly touted
  12. Sizzle

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    He said he called Malzahn and told him he wouldn't sign
  13. Sizzle

    Latest Chatter On Every Target 1/29/19

    The only proof we need is him to show up on Saturday's and produce. Everything else doesn't matter. Health first
  14. Sizzle

    A Heads up for Late NSD.

    No explanation needed. Your health is way more important than 17 year olds juggling hats on TV
  15. Sizzle

    Latest Chatter On Every Target 1/29/19

    Even if he was healthy he shouldn't have to participate in much spring ball. There's nothing for him to prove