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  1. Gus becoming less of a robot and more of a human. Nice
  2. He might lead the team in touches when its all said and done. He had quite a few on A-Day alone
  3. If they really rotate all those RB's like they should then nobody's seeing 20 touches. Unless theres a game where the QB's only throws 5 times the whole game
  4. There's more to being a good RB than being fast and running north/south. Kam Martin is fast and runs north/south (I know Shivers is faster) everything cant be north/south sometimes you have to break tackles or just make people miss like Whitlow does. Whitlow has the most ability imo
  5. Great play. It wouldn't have happened if it was live though. He would've got hit before the throw
  6. He's not head and shoulders above the other backs. But he's a good RB
  7. He's obviously not a dumb kid, he'll have more and more offers that'll come. Why would he leave just because he got another star?
  8. I wasn't. I just said you can be good at both. It doesn't have to be one or the other
  9. Or just be great at both. Clemson was
  10. Don't forget about Joiner too.
  11. Looked good in a practice game. Let's see when the real season starts
  12. well going by the bolded part it looks like one of the QB's does 2 things well lol. But I know what you meant lol. It's up to Dilly and Gus to do their jobs and figure it out
  13. may the best man win. No biases from me
  14. There really wasn't any separation. All 4 QB's played well, especially the top 3. If you think anybody separated from today then you just have a bias. Good competition