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  1. The OL isn’t good but Kiesau ain’t doing nobody no favors. He has ZERO creativity in his play calling. Everybody was bashing Bobo last year and rightfully so but even he was better than this.
  2. Terrible game. Always happy for a win but the players don’t deserve this trash coaching staff
  3. I thought firing Bobo was going to fix everything?
  4. Again this ain’t a coincidence. These coaches should be fired for not learning yet, there’s also no creativity in the play calling.
  5. We can’t pass, it’s not hard for a defense to adjust to a team not passing
  6. It feel like Missouri done called 5 timeouts
  7. Tank didn’t get a touch on that drive and we went 3 and out. That’s not a coincidence
  8. That was the best quarter of football Auburn played this year. That’s what an actual football team is supposed to look like
  9. Derick Hall putting some good film out there for the NFL so far. This the kind of game he needed
  10. If that happens then I hope they keep winning. But idk if we have anything to worry about. This team can’t pass, refuses to run the ball, commits a lot of penalties, can’t stop the run or pass, can’t rush the passer, or force turnovers
  11. No QB is gone see much success, you’re right but I think he’s good enough to make the offense look competent
  12. I truly believe if Geriner gets a chance he’s not giving that position back up. I’ve been saying it since the summer, even though he hasn’t played, I believe he’s the only QB on this roster who actually has “it”
  13. That probably explains Damari’s tweet from yesterday
  14. It’s a loss cause. It takes years to build these relationships to get these guys to commit.
  15. These answers are so different than that penn state prediction thread. Not even halfway through the season and Harsin and his Boise boys destroyed all hope in Auburn football smh
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