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  1. It won’t be Bick. You need OL coaches on the sidelines. It’ll probably be Bryant or Kodi, but Bryant if I had to guess
  2. Why would he? If he didn’t earn it then he shouldn’t be the starter right now. The way this depth chart looks, it looks like the coaches went with who performed the best, not the biggest names/recruits
  3. I was wondering why I wasn’t hearing Heights name at all in camp. When he’s healthy and puts on some weight. He’s gone be the sack guy we’ve been missing. He’s got double digit sack type of talent
  4. They also moved Jeremiah Wright to defense 🤔
  5. I’m not mad at it. Go with the healthier guy first. It’s not like Alec just moved over there, he’s been playing offense the last couple years. Trox has had a million ACL injuries
  6. We got 2 tackle spots to fill so he’s a take if I had to guess but yeah it’s looking like he’s all penn state
  7. I don’t know if Bo can be ultra efficient like Russ. I feel like Bo will improve but Russ has always been really efficient, run first or not
  8. A tight end goes in wildcat and throws a pass to a tight end while another tight end blocks while the other tight end celebrates on the sideline
  9. I wanted to see him on defense but seeing that speed/quickness with the ball in his hands, now I don’t know
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