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  1. My Dad graduated from Auburn Vet school in 1947. I think that I was 3 when they took me. Of course I don’t remember being there but do remember how proud he always was when he talked about taking his son to his first Auburn game.
  2. I love this team but we left our hustle in the locker room at halftime.
  3. Arkansas has out hustled us the entire second half. 1:41 to go. Army up by 3.
  4. I hope Christian does come back for another year!
  5. I am all for it. He, in my opinion, is exactly the type of guy we should take a chance on. Smart guy, knows the game, knows what it means to be an Auburn Tiger, loves our school and I think all of that will help convince recruits that this school can offer them great opportunities.
  6. Don’t know 72 but I know that our Lord knows him. Sending prayers.
  7. Saw my first Auburn game 65 years ago. I’ve seen the highs and the lows. I have a great feeling about the hire of CBH. I wish the best for the players who have decided to move on and great success for CBH and his staff. Happy and safe 2021 to you all.
  8. Lawsam


    So very proud of Malik!!! If he needed a little more coaching then we should have given it to him. He would have made us a better team. So proud of him tonight!
  9. Hope all the players exercised care while away and are COVID free. Let’s win the bowl game and get some great recruits!!!
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