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  1. I’ve watched college football for a long time. I’ve learned not to assume anything and just because uga has looked bad the last two weeks means nothing about how they will play against us. It seems like they annually save their best game for us more often than not. Anyway, I think Gus gets one of the three and is safe but like I said it would be very un Auburn like to fire an 8-4 coach. I mean, I’ve made it clear where I stand on Gus but I’m just saying I can’t see us firing him with the buyout and our history.
  2. He’s safe dude. Even if he does lose to all 3. I think too many of the PTB are like the folks on here who are just happy going to a bowl and making excuses.
  3. Well, I’m checking out on this game. Lets go to Baton Rouge and shock the world next week.
  4. Mostly its stellar against inferior competition, awful against good teams.
  5. I’m kinda glad it ended in a meaningless situation though,
  6. You can’t argue with these folks man. Our offense has been having fits and starts for 5 years under the “guru” and they still love him.
  7. sad but true...I bet mikey has one of those screen printed blankies with Gus’s face on it that he curls up with...a literal safety blanket...
  8. Im completely for a HC search and MOST of the Gus bashing is completely warranted.