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  1. I don’t have the words right now...😭 War Eagle. Rest in Peace Coach.
  2. Love this game but feel like we missed a great shot at really putting it to em on the scoreboard. I’ve seen some dominant Auburn Iron Bowl wins where despite the margin not really showing it Auburn was in control but we’ve never really mud stomped them in my lifetime. Biggest margin I think I’ve seen was actually just in 2017.
  3. I missed most of it live. Was at a buddies house with several folks, all Auburn folks and had to walk outside as he lined up to kick. Couldn’t watch. Had visions of Van Tiffen in my head. Heard yelling, sounded like my buddy yelling “Go Les! Run!” I thought we had some guy named Les who picked up a blocked kick and took off. Got back in time to see CHRIS crossing the goal line and still thought we blocked it until my son told me what happened. Couldn’t believe it.
  4. Prayers for Coach. He was/is Auburn to me.
  5. I agree with the not coming to hold a clipboard part. I just worry Gus will meddle and not let CM just do his thing. But who knows, maybe it all works out. We’ll see next fall I guess.
  6. Actually, I really haven’t been paying attention. Between Ol Four Loss Malzahn and the “ god we love losing 4-5 games a year “ crowd I am very disillusioned with our football program. Gus has been down this road before. I’ll believe it when I see it as far as being hands off on the offense.
  7. You’re right. I was being a bit facetious but I can recognize his positive attributes.
  8. Awwww that’s cute. Chad thinks he will actually have a say so on that...How sweet.
  9. If we hired Gus for his innovative offense...and now that offense sucks (which it does)...and he’s handing that responsibility over to Chad...then what do we need Gus for? Steele manages the defense, our assistants do the recruiting heavy lifting...and we’re now paying Gus 49 mil to NOT coach the offense? Before the Gus brigade arrives...I’m well aware my knowledge of how important Gus is to our successful recruiting is limited. But I figure its offset by his complete lack of competence in utilizing said recruits...
  10. You know what cheaters always say? “Everybody’s doing it so its ok.”
  11. Mikey is physically incapable of lightning up.
  12. I’ve seen the schedule..with Gus it seems to be irrelevant.
  13. Look, if you can win the West with four losses then yeah we got a shot.
  14. This. Based on the fact that Ol Four Loss is still our coach I have to think Biscuits is right in this case...and it’s depressing.