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  1. nixtosanders94

    The State of the program

    Great points. And to answer your final question the answer is no it wouldn’t. Coaches talk and they know when someone is in over their head at a program. I feel like they know Gus is struggling and the criticism he is recieving is justified. I think some on here confuse fans wanting change when things go bad with meddling by boosters. Meddling boosters has been going on at Auburn forever and at most major programs. That is the part that might scare a HC candidate but again find a major program where this does’nt go on. bama may be the exception right now with adolf saban but i guarantee there are still boosters who matter over there with influence. The fans being fickle shouldn’t and probably does’nt enter the equation. Most fan bases are fickle. Happy when you win, pissed when you lose. Auburn is no different. Two things I have seen on here that I believe are not true...the “a good HC won’t come here because our fans are always angry” argument and the “it will take AU a while to recover from this” argument. Look at our worst years and see what usually happens the next year or two? Auburn has the talent and the recruiting, we just need the right guy at the helm.
  2. nixtosanders94

    The State of the program

    Yeah if this thing goes off the rails in the first half of the season, and it very well could, then I think they pull the trigger then. As an aside, can we put to bed the narrative that Auburn changes coaches too much and too quickly. Dye was there 12 years and wasn’t fired because we were tired of him, Bowden had 5 years and part of a 6th and wasn’t fired because we were tired of him, Tubs had 10 years and was just as tired of Auburn as some in Auburn were of him and Chiz wrote his own ending with the internal issues going on in the program and an inexcusable 0-8 in SEC play. So here we are now after 6 years of Gus and he’s averaging 4 losses a year on top of losing games he has no business losing and looking horrid on the side of the ball he is supposed to be a guru at. What does one expect from a fanbase and alumni that cherish this football program?
  3. nixtosanders94


    I have never seen a coach splinter a fanbase like Gus has. Its incredible. And we are at a point where its so bad that the South Carolina RB coach won’t come to Auburn to be our or not let that sink in... In unrelated info I just realized my dog’s name is Belle and we have a cat named Tiger...we have a TigerBelle!! Lol
  4. nixtosanders94

    August 2019

    So, here is what I don’t get about our fans or this board. I completely understand that some want to see the positive side of things. And thats great. I don’t begrudge them of that. In fact its probably necessary for balance. But why come on here and just bitch at those of us who are frustrated? This is a message board. I’m part of a few in different sports and mostly people go there to vent. If all we did was just show up and say things are peachy then what’s the point? Now, I agree that certainly there are times when it goes overboard but so does the sunshine pumping. Things are bad right now. No maybe not Auburn historically bad like Barfield but they are bad. And its not all Gus’s fault. But the on the field issues are certainly his fault. Take away a tipped miracle pass and a once in a lifetime returned FG attempt and what is Gus?? If everyone is honest with themselves you know the answer already. But keep pumping sunshine if that makes you feel better, I certainly think you have that right on a message board. Just like those of us who know whats coming next year have that same right to complain. WDE.
  5. nixtosanders94


    Boy oh boy, da Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt around this place.
  6. nixtosanders94

    Has anything been settled?

    Gus is coming back. Just go ahead and accept it. Look forward to seeing Bo Nix. Enjoy basketball. Hope 2020 gets here quick.
  7. nixtosanders94

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    what kind of idiot would do that....oh yeah.
  8. nixtosanders94

    Take it for what it is worth

    I just spit coffee all over my tablet reading this😂😂😂...nicely done.
  9. nixtosanders94

    Poll: Where do you stand with Gus?

    Agreed. And I have the utmost respect for teachers. Two of my sisters are teachers in fact. Hard job. I still credit my kindergarten teacher with the good start I had in school. Well, her and Sesame Street. Thank you for the forgiveness. You’re all class. War Eagle ma’am.
  10. nixtosanders94

    Poll: Where do you stand with Gus?

    Wouldn’t take it personally man. I was venting real bad lol. I already apologized to 3rdgeneration and I feel bad. Just a lot of frustration with our program right now.
  11. nixtosanders94

    Poll: Where do you stand with Gus?

    That’s awesome....sooo, you’re pretty old?? know every single time I hear a story about bear from someone who met him or knew him the word “drunk” is involved...
  12. nixtosanders94

    The State of the program

    I don’t actually own a gas station but me and jeff go way back...well to last night...we had some back and forth and I believe he was trying to make a point about the length of my posts. He’s good people though.
  13. nixtosanders94

    Poll: Where do you stand with Gus?

    Much respect to your dad and thanks to him and your family for his service. Anyone who went through that hell is badass in my book. Thank God for that generation. Coach Dye was my childhood hero man. Loved him. My son’s middle name is Patrick for a reason.
  14. nixtosanders94

    The State of the program

  15. nixtosanders94

    The State of the program

    Good God I love this school though yall. Love it. Auburn gets in your soul and won’t let go. Its funny because I don’t know one single person from childhood who was an Auburn fan and changed to bama but I know several who were bama and fell in love with Auburn. Now I’m sure there are some out there but it seems more often to be UA to AU. We’re all frustrated but by God its part of being a Tiger. Without the suffering then the magical seasons wouldn’t mean as much. I’ve told bammers before I wouldn’t trade Punt Bama Punt or the First Time Ever or the Kick Six or Nix to Sanders in 93 for 10 of their NC’s. And I mean that whole heartedly and without reservation. Its bad right now but that usually signals something great is coming. I do believe in Auburn and love it. Even if I don’t believe in those running the show right now. By damn men Auburn is still great. And the best news is....we ain’t bammers...