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  1. My favorite moment was when we were walking it up slowly into the front court and the analyst said something like “Everytime Auburn walks it up the court is a win for Kansas”...and then Chuma promptly buries a three and silence from the analyst lol...
  2. Auburn athletics has caused me to now reach a point where I will go into every season with ZERO expectations...good or bad. I will just watch and be pleasantly surprised or not surprised at all. I thought this bball team was the most sure thing Auburn has had in a long time. I would have bet my salary we would be in the tournament and right now if I had made that bet I would be very nervous...
  3. I’ve never understood why they make teams start going for two after the second OT...why not make them do it the first OT? Much more likely that both won’t convert it even if they both score TD’s. Seems like that simple change would shorten a lot of these OT’s.
  4. Meaningless to talk about but have no bearing on anything. Auburn does not seem like a Top 10 team to me right now and probably not even a Top 25 team when its all said and done. I still think we go 6-6 but it would be just like Auburn to have one of those magical seasons where we win the conference after everyone picks us to be bad.
  5. So, because Auburn has been a certain something all of this time then we are to just accept mediocrity and never aspire to anything greater? Ok. Let’s just keep making excuses for the failures caused by our administration and coaches over the years then. If this is how you think then i’m not sure why you even watch the games? If you go into every season knowing 8-4 is pretty much the best we should do then whats the point? Say what you will about Clemson not having to deal with bama and uga every year but they damn sure have to deal with them on the recruiting trail and they’ve had to go thru bama 4 straight years and beat them two of those times on the biggest stage in college football including a beatdown the likes of which we haven’t been able to lay on them in 50 years.
  6. Im hard on Gus, don’t think he’s our coach much longer. However, you are correct with this schedule and breaking in a new QB then 9-3 would be good and win the bowl game for a 10 win season and its excellent. Win in Baton Rouge or take down one of bama and uga and thats icing.
  7. Not impressed...Either Purdue has a horrible defense or Gus should’ve taken control weeks ago and let the offense go to crap under Chip. Either way I still see a dumpster fire next year. Bowl games rarely have any predictive value for following season.
  8. 8-4 is just decent enough to keep Gus but still vintage average Gus. 7-5 might be enough to get him fired. Either go 10-2 or better or bottom out at 4-8 so we make a change. Nothing in between can be viewed as “good”.
  9. Waaaaay to much truth here for some of this crowd. Be careful or you will be labeled as negative.
  10. To your last point I would just say this...I can’t speak for every Auburn fan or everyone on this board but I know myself and the Auburn people I hang out with. We are not concerned with beating uat and uga every single year or even being above .500 against them with how they are going right now. In fact, if I was just judging Gus off of his record against lil nicky I would be perfectly fine with 2-4 at this juncture. But 2-4 against uga when two of those uga teams were very clearly beatable, 2-4 against LSU with two baffling losses the last two years and then the other losses that have come every year including this year’s embarrasing HOME loss to a struggling Tennessee team are why I am tired of Gus. Auburn makes excuses like this all the time and its one reason we never elevate the program. Oh poor us, we can’t possibly compete with big bad uat or uga...even though we just beat them both last year...If Gus had finished every year 9-3 or 10-2 or even 9-4 with an occasional 8-5 but the product on the field didn’t look like a complete disaster half the time I could live with that. But he is averaging 5 losses so its not like he is just losing to uat and uga. Nicky won’t be there forever and I’m still a little skeptical that Kirby will keep that engine going for a long time. But even if both programs slip at some point I have zero confident that a coach who is 3-3 against MSU and couldn’t even beat two bad uga teams will be able to take advantage of it. Gus is not the guy and that is just the way it is. He will be gone after next year when he once again takes a talented squad and underachieves...
  11. Great points. And to answer your final question the answer is no it wouldn’t. Coaches talk and they know when someone is in over their head at a program. I feel like they know Gus is struggling and the criticism he is recieving is justified. I think some on here confuse fans wanting change when things go bad with meddling by boosters. Meddling boosters has been going on at Auburn forever and at most major programs. That is the part that might scare a HC candidate but again find a major program where this does’nt go on. bama may be the exception right now with adolf saban but i guarantee there are still boosters who matter over there with influence. The fans being fickle shouldn’t and probably does’nt enter the equation. Most fan bases are fickle. Happy when you win, pissed when you lose. Auburn is no different. Two things I have seen on here that I believe are not true...the “a good HC won’t come here because our fans are always angry” argument and the “it will take AU a while to recover from this” argument. Look at our worst years and see what usually happens the next year or two? Auburn has the talent and the recruiting, we just need the right guy at the helm.