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  1. This whole site sans a couple are a bunch of morons lol. Y’all enjoy living in your basements for 3 years scared of a virus you need a test for to know you have it. Next flu season I firmly expect all you goobs to be masked up and asking for sports to stop as to not endanger people. I cannot believe y’all actually believe those crap masks are gonna help stop a microscopic virus. Lmao...and now King Fauci wants goggles! Please please send pics of yourselves wearing goggles! Oh the joy! Is this all it took to scare y’all so bad you’ll buy anything these folks are selling? Good grief if this thing had like a 3% mortality rate I suspect y’all would be willing to give up every freedom you ever had and hunker down in grandmas basement for 30 years! Yall keep wallowing in your misery or fighting the good fight because we all know this thing will magically disappear in November. And don’t bother with all the self righteous idiocy that goes on in here in response to this post because I ain’t reading not a single solitary word of any of it. The mask nazis should join up with the “gosh we’re glad to go 8-4” every year crowd and form a new political party...The Idiots. Good day to all of you and hey Auctoritas....shut the hell up...😂 I got much better things to do than read the stupid drivel y’all are handing out. Pete Thamel would be proud of this site. See ya!!!
  2. What a self-righteous, pretentious, idiot you must be, Yeah guess you were having a bad day so you wished death upon me. Hope it gets better.
  3. Luckily for me...I don’t have to give two rats behinds what you think about my sarcasm...😁
  4. Wow lol. Now I know what kind of person you are. Thanks. Enjoy your day in Mad Max world. I’m gonna head outside and breathe in the fresh air.
  5. Everyone please panic! This virus has only a 99.5% survival rate! Run! Hide! Stay in your homes! Ruin your lives! Civilization as we know it is done! Use a cheap cloth mask that you will constantly remove and touch your face and touch other objects! Wear a mask but also distance! Or distance but also wear a mask! Or, stay home! Wait, no go out but don’t breathe! If you get this virus you will die immediately! In a motorcycle wreck...or wait no you will die by shooting...urrr no wait you won’t die but you will be asymmetrical I mean asymptomatic ! Or your blood vessels will pop! No, wait you will kill your grandmother! You are unAmerican if you don’t do exactly as your government tells you!
  6. I’m not wearing a mask now because of this post.
  7. Remember this game vividly. I was in middle school and all week all us AU folks heard from the bams was how bad FSU was going to thump us. We spent the next week doing a mock chop in the was glorious...of course, bama had the last laugh unfortunately.
  8. Ok I’m looking for any positives from not having a season here...I’ve thought of two... - bammers whose entire identity is wrapped up in that football team will be lost. Will be interesting to observe. - They will have to live with us winning the last Iron Bowl for another year with no chance to avenge. Thats all I’ve got. I’m clinging to hope.
  9. I don’t believe we’re going to have any football this fall but lets say we do and its all just conference games. Would we still have a playoff? How would you judge conference strength with no non con games? This would hurt the Pac 12 the most I think since they are already generally perceived to be the weakest conference. Would be interesting to see it play out but I just don’t believe we will get there.
  10. Love Ravi. Crushed me when he passed recently. One of his talks is where I first heard it.
  11. We’re not really on the right track here...