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  1. Just let it go now man. She CLEARLY misunderstood your post but like usual she will be defended for reasons known only to the goobs that defend her and you will be vilified…I’ve been there with her. Anyone with reading comprehension knows what you were saying but her and she takes any and all opportunities to defend Gus even now.
  2. She always plays the ignore me card too and some of the mods defend her as the one offended when she starts it…keep fighting the good fight.
  3. She’s always playing the moral high horse police…and so does aucanucktiger who also felt he needed to chime in. They are self righteous boobs. Don’t take their crap.
  4. This Applebees commercial gonna drive me insane.
  5. All kidding aside here, well most kidding aside, I say Gus would be the perfect fit at UT right now. Considering where that program has been the last 15 years? A consistent 8-4 team with solid and honest recruiting shouldn't look too bad to them. He has also done 3 times in 8 seasons what UT hasn't in what, 13? Beaten bama...
  6. At least Ole Miss got a couple of wins over bama and a Sugar Bowl out of their cheating...
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