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  1. Take the W and improve. Great thing about college basketball is the way you can be a much better team in March than in November...Last year’s team didn’t really find its roll until the SEC tournament.
  2. Weird to me. You’d think he would be up for bigger opportunities. And UNLV? Oh well, hope its true so he’s out of LSU.
  3. A friend suggested Buffalo to me a few months ago and I was hooked. I’ve bounced between Maker’s, Knob and Elijah and Jim Beam Black. Shame you can’t find Buffalo. All the liquor stores near me have it.
  4. Yes and I’m a fan. I try to mix it up and keep some of all in the cabinet. I often get Knob Creek when I’m at a bar or restaurant.
  5. My Top 3... Buffalo Maker’s Jim Beam Black
  6. Thanks Mav...I was about to call in @GwillMac6 for some therapy,
  7. Its actually one of my burner accounts...
  8. Great hire...2020 COULD be special...damn there I go getting excited again...somebody stop me...
  9. Can’t speak for all schools but my kids can’t have a Tylenol without the school calling me to ask permission.
  10. I mean, there have been games where Phil probably couldn’t have done worse. 🤷‍♂️
  11. When you lose your OC before the bowl game but remember that he didn’t do anything.