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  1. See this is what I heard more of before he got to Auburn. I don't know as I will be honest in saying I don't follow recruiting that closely or watch high school tapes so I'm taking other people's word for it. I just remember several on here saying he had some of these issues in HS also.
  2. I'm not blaming Pat or asking him to fall on his sword. I think what some of us are asking is Bo coachable? Will he take feedback and apply it? I have seen some on this board say they watched Bo in HS and he had these same issues so maybe its just a matter of opinion. But no, I'm not blaming Pat at all.
  3. Agreed and my son added a good point to this as we discussed it. Wouldn't you think Pat tried to coach this out of him during high school also? I mean, you can get away with some of the things he does in high school ball but still I have to think as a QB himself Pat would've tried to correct some of those things before he ever go to Auburn.
  4. To me this is the point that is being missed or folks don't wanna talk about it. Pat is a QB and a coach. He has to see the problems and you have to believe he has tried to help Bo with those issues. Even if Gus asked Pat to lay off and not coach him you know he wouldn't be able to just watch Bo struggle and not try to help. So the conclusion that we may not wanna face, which you bring up nicely here keesler, is Bo is just not cut out for this.
  5. I love Auburn and have followed this program since Dye. If you thought we would make a splash hire when our record is Bowden, Tubs, Chiz and Gus...well, you haven’t been paying attention. This guy is better than where I thought we might end up so lets see where it goes.
  6. I live in Dothan...I saw him at Applebees last night.
  7. Trolling bammer perhaps? Who knows. I’m all for new people chiming in but we seem to have some new ones stirring things up intentionally.
  8. You were so fond of the AU family before that you stayed off the board for 8 years...
  9. I actually remember the day they promoted Dabo. I vividly remember thinking “oh he’ll be gone in 2 years tops and they’ll hire a real coach”... Funny how things work out. 🤷‍♂️
  10. The guy who told me he was not gonna let us have a “circle jerk” is lecturing you on being shameful and embarrassed...smh.
  11. Gus had to go. Enough was enough. Maybe this will be what we needed to expose the idiots who try to run our program. Maybe it won't. Keeping Gus would've just prolonged the inevitable if he was on these moron's bad side anyway. I don't want this but maybe us having multiple losing seasons and the university and city suffering the economic consequences of an apathetic and fed up fanbase will finally drive real change in how our program is run. Our program needed a coming to Jesus moment and maybe this is it.
  12. For the love of all thats good and holy stop with the Urban Meyer crap.
  13. Birmingham Bowl and Music City Bowl = Matter All others = Don't matter Citrus Bowl? = To be determined by outcome.
  14. How the hell would Trevor Matich know who would fit the Auburn culture?
  15. Oh I agree with you that we can...but we know we won’t.
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