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  1. Heh. Kiffy probably invented the burner phone.
  2. Failing upward....or at least sideways...
  3. Kiffin back in the SEC reminds me of the AT&T commercial where the surgeon yells, "GUESS WHO JUST GOT REINSTATED?!"
  4. Breaking News: OM Sororities Placed on Lock-Down
  5. Clark: definite SEC improvement Kiffy: definite SEC drama I'm in favor of both
  6. Word is, Kiffy to Ole Pizz is a done deal.
  7. When is it not a "rebuilding year?"
  8. The new math: 48-45 = (CGM)+ 2 (years)
  9. This impeachment "inquiry" is a Demo disaster, as anyone with a functioning synapse could see. As always....Trump plays you progtards for fools. Enjoy