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  1. Yep. Leath saved Gus' job..he should be a choice on the poll
  2. Well, CMD has done well in assembling an All-Star coaching staff. Let's see how it works! *fingers crossed*
  3. Whaaaaat? How are people in the Communications and Marketing departments gonna get promoted if they don't change things?
  4. Soooo, HBP can be reviewed, but whether a slapper's foot was outside the box on contact still cannot. Glad we got "spectator interference" covered (I cannot think of a single instance of this Ive seen in years on end), but not the oft-disputed play we see almost every game. Nice going, NCAA. Up to your usual standard, I see.
  5. She have any NCAA eligibility left hiding somewhere?? Could sure use it!
  6. At this rate, Liz Warren will be announced as the starting pitcher for the Native American team any day now.
  7. Somewhere in the world, Tom Emanski is crying right now.
  8. Yet Stuedeman is out on the street, and Evans still has a job. Go figure.
  9. he should have seen a doctor about that...
  10. Those numbers pretty much spell out why TAMU ended up where it did. Yick.
  11. There's an apocryphal story about Bear Bryant in the 1970s, when a UAT professor was on the field prior to a football game and was complaining to the Bear about the disparity between the UAT athletic department's budget and his liberal-arts department. Bryant grunted, swept his hand across the packed grandstands, and said, "You see all them folks? They ain't here to watch the math team."
  12. What I want to know is... Who's going to tell the equestrian team they'll have to cut 10% off each horse? 😳