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  1. Could be a gauntlet....but could also be a ready-made excuse.
  2. I'm hoping Kumar pulls another 19-strikeout rabbit out of the hat.....👍
  3. Great! But can they coach them? 🤔
  4. He'll have to or this thing is over. Michigan simply dominated last night. Made Vandy look very, very mediocre.
  5. Let Greene be Greene! #FreeAllenGreene
  6. Lot of uncertainty going into the fall. I'm hopeful yet anxious!
  7. Given the state of Arky's program, there's zero evidence that Gus could have turned that dumpster fire around any better than Morris did/has. There are plenty of coaches out there worse than Gus Malzahn, but there's no way on earth Gus is/was a $49 million coach in the SEC. At that price point, Leath should have let him enjoy Fayetteville.
  8. I guess the only bright side, if there is one, is that all the coaches are in the same position (in theory). Unless you are Patty Gasso, then everything is fine 😀
  9. Yes, although to call the results 'mixed' is being charitable. One would hope they would/will do a better job once it becomes the standard in the future (making a biiiiiiig assumption here 😄)
  10. Isn't it funny how well instant-replay works in college baseball now (the Arky-FSU game had at least 5 reviews) but Div I softball keeps refusing to use it, because its "unworkable" 🙄
  11. Perhaps the (admittedly small) bright side is that, if CMD can entice a stud pitcher to transfer, she will know from Day One that she's the #1 pitcher here. That counts for a lot for a girl languishing on the bench somewhere else. Let's make the transfer portal (I can't type that without thinking about the show Stargate) work for us this time.
  12. Could someone pass along this important pro-tip to Hugh Freeze? Thanks in advance.