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  1. Take away every game we won and we are winless. Unacceptable.
  2. If so, the players better be ready to pucker up when they get off the bus...
  3. Respectfully disagree. With our hobbled QB throwing scattered passes, no way we win a battle of OT attrition, especially when it comes down to defending a single 3-yard play over and over. The TE play would have worked as well then as it did when it was used. It was our only real chance to win the game at that point. If it doesnt - who cares? Harsin gets credit for being ballsy, and our bowl projection is hurt not a whit. We really had nothing to lose there - to do what we did was to surrender to the inevitable. #40s catch was a miracle; should have capitalized on it right
  4. so far, this thread does not disappoint
  5. No blame to Tank, but Harsin should have gone for 2 after that miracle catch by #40. Drinkwitz did it against Florida. With that Shenker play in the back pocket, that would have ended the game then and there. If it failed? So what? It wouldnt affect our bowl bid (such as it is). For a chance to derail Bama's playoff shot? More than worth it.
  6. Well, you are the one who thought it was an away game...
  7. Can already see this will be a spicy thread
  8. If that Shenker play would have been used, I agree 100%.
  9. Im out of liquor.... I didn't budget for overtime
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