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  1. Caddy is nothing but honor and class - AU could not have a finer representative.
  2. Oh, we have. And we probably will.
  3. which one? There's a million of em!
  4. This is definitely a dangerous minefield confronting the new AD. He had better have a good poking stick ready.
  5. If you trot out statements like, "If they hire this guy I will actively campaign against Auburn," then dont be surprised at the blowback.
  6. ...losing to TCU and Texas.....
  7. At this point it may boil down to the perception that he's neither an immature Twitter troll nor a pimp.
  8. The entire board needs a Xanax...or three
  9. Looks like we are back to Rhett, Chip, or Kevin. We sure could have saved a lot of angst and trouble....
  10. Wow, I'm going to love the halftime shows, then
  11. I guess this hire is NOT uniting the family...
  12. We scored! Unfortunately, that means the D is going back out there.
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