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  1. Definitely time for Dean to go. Buying out his salary would be couch-change for AU. Let's move on... before the players do.
  2. Wow, where has this been all season? WDE!!
  3. Game 2 is through 3 innings.....Penta looks outstanding so far.
  4. Whelp, I was proven wrong. MSU has won 5 in a row, we have lost 4 in a row. Moo U has passed us in the standings.
  5. Clock has to be ticking on Dean. I'm sympathetic to the circumstance under which he arrived, but this is ridiculous. He's had more than enough time to establish his way of doing things, and it aint working.
  6. Yes. I went to two of the TN games and watched one on TV. Coop was not happy- you could certainly "listen" between the lines, so to say.
  7. Theme continues vs. Tennessee - Lowe pitches well, no run support.
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..... ...they said no. No expansion for the next couple of seasons, at least.
  9. That's one helluva take fer sher 🥴
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