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  1. Team is starting to resemble the team that finished last season on a down note. Hope that's not the case. If this trend continues, regionals won't last long.
  2. Next up; Tennessee It's VEACH versus LEACH! 😂
  3. Its great to have a healthy Makayla Martin for ANY series! 😃👍
  4. Catcher will always handle the ball more than any other fielder (pitcher excluded)...sure beats picking daisies in the outfield!
  5. Great writeup, slot. Never been to a game at Starkvegas, this is great information. Thanks for taking the time! Always appreciate your posts on AU softball! Auburn hard hat cheer guy Mr Cooper is our legend GO TIGERS WDE ladies!!!!!
  6. This also applies to ~ 90% of all college players in general. Would be a great lesson for them to look ahead, because their future is not wearing a helmet for $$.
  7. Went to the games this past weekend, and the team looks very promising - the hitting, especially. Next is the start of SEC play...that will be the true test. WDE
  8. I heard the announcer say that, due to projected bad weather on Sunday, they had rescheduled the games for two today, two on Saturday, and none on Sunday. Did I hear incorrectly?
  9. The consensus WRT FloSoftball is that the commentary is atrocious.
  10. Went and watched the Saturday games at JBM. My two concerns are (still) a) situational hitting with runners in scoring position (we had a lot of LOB), and b) pitching depth behind MM. AS and CH were a bit shaky against Texas Tech. I did enjoy seeing CMD get fired up about the call against JP....I thought he was gonna go get a piece of that 1B ump 😄
  11. Excited to hear Kasey Cooper in the broadcast booth.....great job Kasey!!!
  12. But it's also like telling your SO, "I want to date other guys/girls." You can come back, but there will probably be hard feelings. Unless you are a supermodel.