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  1. In a time when NFL careers are notoriously short-lived, its a damned shame a playa is harassed by The Man for planning for his long-term financial future. SMDH. 😏
  2. Sales will skyrocket if Gus continues to "Gus" as usual next season, so there is that...
  3. I think this is going to be a lot of ado over very little. The broke-a** kids will continue to binge in the parking lot before the game, and the adults who would actually be attracted to $11.00 watery Bud Lite will struggle to get a buzz. This won't affect the actual percentage of drunks (and I know they are there) in JHS much one way or the other. Pro tip: sit up high in the stands....drunks can't make it up that far πŸ˜‰
  4. If you can't hit, you better have a tight defense. We had neither.
  5. First home-opener loss in AU history, apparently.
  6. do I discern a statue in the future? 😏
  7. "Special-good?" Is that like "double-secret probation?"
  8. Agreed....pretty sure he's now an ex-Eastern Kentucky player after that.
  9. ”No secret lair, although a couple guys have some pretty ridiculous-looking hunting camps. I mean, we’re shooting the s*** about college football players. That in and of itself isn’t a crime. Sometimes we go to the Waffle House.” I KNEW Gus was involved!!! πŸ˜†