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  1. got tickets yesterday - I will be next to the student section to render my judgment.
  2. I think there's a town in Alabama with a stockpile
  3. How are the local dealerships' supply of Chargers?
  4. Imagine Aubie dressed as Coach Prime on the sidelines
  5. YGBSM. In his "prime" (sorry) for the Cowboys, Falcons, and 49ers, he was a premier shutdown corner, the best in the business, who had a borderline Hall-of- Fame level career. Cmon, man.
  6. So, are we officially calling Coach Prime our Gruden?
  7. "Godwins Law (modified):Godwin's law is an Internet adage asserting that as an online discussion of SEC coaching failure grows longer, the probability of a mention of Saban losing to LA-Monroe approaches 1."
  8. Godwin's Law of SEC football boards strikes again!
  9. I'm confused. All I've heard for a year is that CBH/staff is a sh*t recruiter and we don't have a class - one of his greatest failings. But if he's fired, we're suddenly going to lose a lot of quality recruits?
  10. We didn't win, we inexplicably wound up with more points than the opponent
  11. It's been several hours, and I still don't know what that was.
  12. Is it as good as Tenn choking on a hairball against UF (for the millionth time)?
  13. I think what Harsin is trying to say is, the players are being unnecessarily distracted by fans who expect competent football. I think.
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