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  1. Point taken. I guess my thought is that they think they're doing the program good, but can't see past their own egos to realize they are becoming more and more of a threat to our success than Gus. As you said...IF the report is accurate!
  2. Agree 100%, assuming Moon is anywhere in the ballpark. This passive aggressive approach to handling Gus has gone from being deflating to us as fans to the potential dismantlement of recruiting classes, loss of hiring opportunities...LOSSES PERIOD! If the "big dogs" want him gone, they should have ponied up, but they couldn't handle the sting. Gutless. Now they're undermining and sabotaging the entire program to save face. I can't stand Gus, but they have their collective boot on the program's throat and they don't even realize it.
  3. "No doubt." And then that feeling lingers among their coaches and they'll remember it when Auburn comes calling in the future.
  4. Selling Tyson Chicken concessions from Arkansas is the perfect place for him as far as I'm concerned. He'd be pretty good at it too.
  5. As with most situations, there's a Seinfeld episode in all of this. I'm thinking of when Costanza gets a job offer from the Mets, but has to get out of his Yankees contract first. So he does things like get strawberry stains on Babe Ruth's uniform, town the World Series trophy behind his car, streaks in a bodysuit, etc. The inept Steinbrenner finds these things appealing. Leath is Steinbrenner. The more "Gus Costanza" embarrasses the football program, the more he wants to fight to keep him.
  6. Alright Moon, wake up! We need some more of that good ol' rumor mill fodder to dissect because we're getting at each other's throats. Feed us!
  7. Could Gus potentially agree to this deal in an effort to make him more accessible to another school since it would cost less for them to hire him with a decreased buyout? Plus the fact that he'd be limited to what he can do as far as staff changes - it might make him more likely to pursue other jobs. I'm just still trying to wrap my head around this because it's too bizarre to be taken at face value, at least from the press it's received so far.
  8. That's what I've been looking for in all this. From a PR perspective, it would seem that if this story was misconstrued or just plain false, AU would slam the brakes immediately, but if it has legs, as it seems to, they'd wait and let it play out before making an announcement one way or the other.
  9. Sounds as if we have all our eggs in one basket in a cart that's in front of the horse, but I'm on the outside looking in obviously. Greene is earning his paycheck today.
  10. Hi all. I'm a long time lurker, but this topic finally caused me to jump in the deep end. Last night, I was pretty excited about this news, but now, it seems like it's going to cause more damage than anything. Fast forward a few weeks from now, and this deal turned out either as "fake news" or flopped, how long does the perceived chaos last? If Gus makes any staff changes, which he's sure to do, who on earth is going to sign up for a 1 year deal? Not to mention the negative recruiting impact, and this is no doubt being used by other schools to sway our commits. Does Gus even have the motivation? This leak has garnered some major attention, and to my knowledge, AU has not addressed it directly, despite saying Gus is the future several days ago. How/when will AU address this and if the so-called talks flop and Gus stays, how do we save face? This has probably been asked every way possible here, but hey. The topic isn't going away anytime soon. Always enjoyed everyone's insight here!