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  1. Watch those scooters mane....I have seen many a folk death wobble to oblivion on those things. A few margaritas in and a pothole on a scooter gets pretty hairy.
  2. first post, but nashville local. All the above are awesome, not really going to go wrong. Depends on what you are into; east nashville is going to have the younger more hipster crowd and where i have seen a lot of places reported here. Rosepeppers, Mas tacos, burger up is good (two locations)....lots of solid choices. for breakfast hit up the biscuit house but the wait is long (I think it was featured on gameday or HLN or something). Definitely check out the predators, vandy basketball is fun if it is in town, but be warned, if you haven't been to Nashville in 5+ years....its a lot different. There. are. a. lot. of . people. here. now. so plan for that. like a lot of people. If you are into fitness nashville has several good crossfit gyms and Y's; downtown branch Y is solid, Crossfit 615 is a good drop in spot, and there are a few Ninja Warrior style gyms in surrounding cities. Open to questions if anyone has any. Dont check super often but will answer when I do.