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  1. Don't we start a new thread when this happens, or is this considered business as usual? Auburn staffer reportedly leaving for Oregon (saturdaydownsouth.com)
  2. Yeah... This is working out real nice.. There will be a documentary, at some point, on CBH and his time on the plains. The question is, what's going to be title of the documentary?
  3. I fully support CBH and wish nothing but the best for our program going forward. Having said that, this is a whole new situation of suck...
  4. At some point we need patience to rebuild the program. If not under CBH then who? CBH is being judged by his ability to win with the leftovers from Gus. I think we should, at least, give him the opportunity to succeed or fail with his players and his staff.
  5. Wish him nothing but the best. The man is all heart and bleeds orange and blue. Thank you for the memories. WDE
  6. Great read. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like they'll carry him out in a pine box...
  7. Is Dell McGee still in the mix? Are we waiting for UGA to finish their season? Just give me something. It's way too quiet..
  8. Hiring a coach with some pedigree is something we all want. Look at UAT. They are a coaching mill that churns out coaches and doesn't miss a beat. It's part of the "system". We are at a disadvantage, mainly, because AU doesn't recruit itself and doesn't have an established pipeline to the NFL. Building that type of success, from where we are now, takes time. CBH has a vision and hiring a quality recruiter and solid OC with a head on his shoulders is paramount to his ability to remain employed. That said, what candidate checks most, if not all, the boxes? We have a short list of guys who check one or the other. I'm not overly impressed with this list. I'm hoping he hits a homerun. I like some of the things I've seen from CBH.
  9. If Kevin Steele had been hired as HC, instead of Harsin, the OC name we were hearing was Mike Bobo. IMHO, I think our W/L record would be much different. Steele's defenses didn't bend like Mason's.
  10. I agree. Definitely a breath of fresh air. I really like the energy he brings to the program.
  11. I'm not sure if this qualifies as the best auburn performance, as far as on the field, but the 2009 "Rain Game" was very special. Watching the student section sit in the rain and not miss a beat while most ran for cover.
  12. 2006 Florida game. The atmosphere was amazing.
  13. Every year I slowly start to get excited about the first game. I've told myself many times that I shouldn't be excited because we were a mediocre team (8-4 which is a solid year). This time it's different. I'm exited way earlier than usual..
  14. 1994 vs Georgia 23-23. I sat in the upper deck.
  15. IMHO CBH is a winner. He's seems like the type of guy that is willing to make decisions based on what works. Unlike Malzahn, he seems to have the ability to adapt or change his offensive philosophy. That was his predecessor's downfall.
  16. Interesting point. However, some players will still opt out due to the possibility of an injury and missing out on the millions offered by the NFL.
  17. Sounds too much like a homer for the turds. He's been sending players their way for years.
  18. I agree. New blood would definitely be a shot in the arm. My fear is that Sark will want control and that will cross him off the list, unfortunately.
  19. Of those listed, Sarkisian would be my pick. Probably wouldn't happen until their season is over.
  20. Unless, for whatever reason, the replacement wants to wait until after the early signing period.
  21. I think we are being or have been played..
  22. I'm still in denial, like a kid waking on Christmas morning only to find out Santa brought him an Atari instead of a PS5. The only gift Santa has for AU this year is a high school bus with four flat tires and a blown engine. Guess I'll be playing asteroids for the next twelve months...
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