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  1. His offense, at the time, worked really well. He was somewhat forced to slow down the tempo of the offense to help out the defense. I enjoyed the HUNH. It gassed the opponent's defense. By the 4th quarter our offense and their stamina allowed us to pull away. I enjoyed seeing an opponent's defense unable to keep pace. Unfortunately though, Gus is a one trick pony. The game has passed him by. His inability or unwillingness to change and adapt has brought us to this point.

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  2. 22 minutes ago, AURex said:


    Ya know, I visit AUF almost every day and sometimes I contribute as well. But ....... I mean ....... how many threads and how many hundreds of posts do we need saying "get rid of gus and hire X, Y or Z in his place"? It's like, there is nothing here but gus-hate. I am not a gus apologist, I'm ready for him to be axed too, but how many times can everyone say the same ^&%* thing, over and over and over?

    Am I less of an AU fan because I'm burned out with this constant repetitive stuff? Am I an AUF hater because I'm just tired of reading the same thing over and over and over?

    Actually I'm concerned that, because of the gus-hate-overload, we are losing a lot of fans who are looking for actual Auburn Football information, like who is playing well and where are the weaknesses, who is in and who is out due to injuries or covid, What is the match-up with Miss State, who needs to step up, how does AU match up offensively, etc?

    Instead, all we see is "fire gus and hire X, Y or Z." Nothing -- NOTHING -- regarding upcoming game.

    And it has been like this for weeks and weeks. No useful, solid info about football, just gus hate.

    Look, I am ready for gus to be gone. But I want to see talk about Auburn FOOTBALL, and it is not here. And I think a LOT of AUF members feel the same way.

    JMO, which is worth what you paid for it.


       I can almost hear the tone in which you said that.. "I appreciate your interest in the game.."

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  3. 1 minute ago, The Freak said:

    Its been posted plenty already, but here are the cliff notes:

    He rebuilt Lambeth, Ark State, Ole Miss and now Liberty all into programs that had not seen the success before him in many years.  That's a pretty proven record of success. 

    He's also a good friend of the current HC, and was also a very respected high school coach.. Are we going after apples on the same tree?

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  4. 3 hours ago, Gowebb11 said:

    On my own, I pulled up several multi year starters stats and I found the opposite. Most of them improved each year as a starter. What was pretty telling in that exercise is how few QBs start for their entire Freshman year. I believe with a year under his belt, improved timing with his receivers and an easier schedule his completion % numbers will improve a lot. 

    I agree. I saw a lot of dropped passes. Good opportunity to improve execution and gel during the off season. 

  5. On 12/8/2018 at 4:04 PM, AUght2win said:

    Has there been any sort of press release or big endorsement? Any explanation of the restructured contract? Since there hasn't, that would make me think it's not over.

    Almost like we are waiting on someone who still has games left to coach.. 

  6. Just now, 3rdgeneration said:

    I think it is rather rabid right now. Fans are taking every thing and acting like it is the end of the world. Hopefully, the really rabid ones will get so disgusted that they will slink away in the night. If not, I guess I'll go. I'm a fixer and would love to see things fixed, but I am not a hater (unless it's Bama). Life's too short to be stuck in a negative way of thinking. Bad for your health...

    Like the old cliche: When the ship is going down, first thing to jump off are the rats..

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