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  1. Not getting info from anyone or anything but i wouldn’t be surprised if this Commitment was due to the staff feeling like there’s an imminent decommit coming. Seems to me like Cohen will end up signing with somebody else
  2. You’re correct, but the question i answered was the amount of times that an athlete can declare for the draft and return to school.
  3. I’m pretty sure you can return twice, but the third time you have to stay in. From what i understand Jared is fully committed to turning pro no matter what.
  4. Everybody pays players. Let’s be real. He’s not cheating any more than every other major D1 school is. He’s most likely offering more money and selling UGA better than other schools. Recruiting is a dirty game, no other way around it.
  5. Picked up AU offer & basically committed on the spot.
  6. But isn’t the one in the middle supposed to be the winner? AU front and center
  7. Obviously he knew he wouldn’t qualify, secured the bag from UGA, and will sign with AU after JUCO. Not sure why everyone’s freaking out
  8. this is more of a “how today’s gone” guess
  9. If y’all think we aren’t writing checks, then I’m not sure what to tell you. Kirby’s was bigger. No point in crying about it now.
  11. Lakia Henry just decommitted from Tennessee. Could be a name to watch to fill one of the LB spots.
  12. Thank you, much appreciated! Yours as well.
  13. Just curious, is this a live bearing fish or some kind of guppy? I did my senior research in college on a small ornamental live bearing fish and was wondering if they were closely related
  14. Ah i was just talking about commits. Cox had a pretty good game, 2 or 3 bug stops on third and short
  15. Gordon and Handy looked good, but the Alabama team’s O line was pretty weak imo. Not a great night for Nix, but a lot of that was due to O line play. GP was the MVP. JJ had a quiet night. Nehemiah Pritchett had an interception early and was pretty solid in coverage. I think that’s everyone.