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  1. Plus the three point line was moved a foot back after 2007-2008 season
  2. You can substitute curry, jJ reddick, and buddy hield name for brown and the logic is still the same from what your saying. They all shot around the same percent in their career. Jj was 1% higher than the rest. Brown isnt them but the logic is still the same.
  3. The argument is the guard duo. Tremont waters/wade, Lamar peters/ nick westherspoon, tenn. guards nor ole miss pg/sg Can do what Harper and brown do. Haven’t seen to many guards put up 20 in half’s back to back conf. games. Harper averages less turnovers than both peters and waters and more assist and ppg. Using Peters and tremont because those two are the toughest ball handling guards. We lost majority in our conference, please show me the stats that prove the guards are inconsistent then I will agree. Now I see other people conf numbers and to me someone needs to step up and average 15. Like brown had to do last yr. Jh and B.B. are averaging more and taking less shot attempts than last year on avg. though many may not appreciate Brown, I’m glad some critiques are taking notes. Had him at 53 a little after kentucky game. But moved up today to 45 even after loss. His cononfrence numbers are elite right now. Probably won’t be there tolong just wait for B.B. to do what he does best and get ice cold
  4. I can’t expect anything more from a 3 star kid who shows up and gives you 20+ a night in conference play. 49% from 3, 47% fg. And 21-22 ft. And I don’t see the limitations in him getting his own shot, he does that fairly well. That dunk he had against kentucky made me realize he’s more athletic than I thought he was. You shouldn’t have to work and create almost every shot. Your supposed to have designs similar to MSU with that double pin down in the corner for Quindarry.
  5. We’re second in points per game in the SEC. so there nothing wrong with the scoring. Low post defense is the problem right now, it’s so obvious. Silvia was practically under the basket every time he caught the ball, there was no time to double. But why double Silvia he’s only 6’9 and skinnier than any player we have at 6’7 6’8. Besides we were up both games with under a minute left. The difference is, they made their basket. Didn’t have problem with either play: the Jared layup or the kick out from Bryce to a open Chuma three. We could be sittin 4-1 with out some unfortunate events. This team stays competing it’s not Jared, Bryce, Samir or anybody fault why players decide to quit and transfer. I don’t miss the players that transfer because loyalty runs a long way with me. I see too many praising players that quit on us. The trade off was supposed to be the players that transferred out for a healthy 5*AW and a starting DP,especially during sec I figured we’d have our full team but we don’t.
  6. I agree Samir game is awkward but how are going to sit our most efficient guy down. 90% ft 54% 2pt 46% 3pt. In a respectable sample size. chuma would lose his matchup at the 3 defensively with early foul trouble. He would pick up perceived fouls similiar to how Jared does when bigger players are out on him at the top of the key. It’s like a flop foul which is a great skill of Jared when we are in the bonus. I see Chuma picking those up now at the 4. He doesn’t foul when blocking though which is a plus. Every player goes through ups and downs and chuma is a fantastic player who will have glimpses of star power. Just like DP glimpses of star power
  7. Yeah but looking at Bryce last three games. He shooting about 46% 15/33 from 3 and most of those are off the dribble. Samir and Dunbar are playing well and we make up for mustapha points and a better 3point percent when you combine those 2. . I like the sports reference site because it gives advanced stats, Conference stats plus more. And before you get on me about Herron and how much we need him St. John’s is 2-3 in conf while Xavier is in front of them. I would say Herron needs this team a little bit more than we need him but would love to have him. But that means no minutes for other players such as Samir and Dunbar