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  1. You're gonna mention Alabama High School hoops and not mention Trendon Watford? Complete package at the 4. If he ends up at Memphis with Wiseman and if they can get any kind of guard play watch out. Wiseman is probably the best 7' player I've ever seen in high school his ball handling, shot, and court awareness is like a 6'4" player.
  2. AU's number 1 RB target but not sure we are his leader. We are also recruiting some other high level backs. Personally I'm not a fan of Roydell Williams but I know he's flirting back with AU. I can't create threads yet but will just add this here. Surprise instate player of the year will be Rodney Groce. He will fly up the rankings and hopefully TWill is hitting him up hard already.
  3. This is a huge pickup for us. Exactly what we need for 2020. Add 2 more true hs school OT's and 2 interior and depth is back but just very young.
  4. Character flaws show when the spotlight is shown bright enough. This will not be a big miss in the long run. Just look at the multitude of penalties in games and the over reacting of 1 hand touch in 7v7 tournaments.
  5. We will see. Although there is a big difference in 6'1" and 5'11".
  6. Yeah I know. Go against the mob mentality get thrashed. I guess we will see in 4 years. Hope he's everything we want a player I've just seen this type of LB struggle in the SEC where they aren't able to free themselves on blocks and rely to much on being able to out speed players and not plugging their gaps or taking themselves out of plays to get free. Sure he will make some fantastic plays some highlight plays.
  7. It means even as an outside LB he will still have to work off blocks in the run game. Whether it is blocks from pulling interior guys or down blocks from edge blockers. OT, HB, and TEs.
  8. Bo has the intangibles and talent but when the bright lights come on you never know what a QB might do, DJ is a fine running back, Moore is talented for sure but is an extremely weird guy have to see how he handles Coach G, and Pappoe is going to have a huge learning curve of playing off of bigger stronger defenders. He will be able to out athlete some interior blockers but hate to say it but I'm calling another 5 star bust on Pappoe even before he plays his first game. If you want him to truly excel move him to safety and let him play in space teach him coverage skills and if he grows a couple more inches and then adds weight maybe he can be a linebacker in the SEC and NFL. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. As it should be. Any of student can transfer at anytime. We may not like the results at the end of the day and where it leads to but when everyone at the university is able to move from job to job and coaching position to coaching position at another school and students transferring from schools to other schools it's only fair for athletes to be able to. The game will change but the game changed many moons ago with the increase in revenue.
  10. Harper is the only guard that can get to the rack. Dunbar can in open space. Dunbar should replace Brown immediately and I think he would be more aggressive going to the rim if asked to do that more from the 2 instead of from the 3. IMO I think we should move to another "starting lineup"... or more minutes for them then they are currently getting. Harper/Dunbar/Purifoy/Okeke/Spencer playing around 25-27 minutes a game. Get AMac around the same using him at 4 and 5 and giving the 5 a rest with Wiley when possible with his injury. Get Brown his 5-6 designed jumpers per game probably in a set with McCormick and Wiley on the court. For drives and kick or inside out with Wiley at medium post set. Right now even playing well we are a first or second round exit out of the tourney. Talent plus experience this should be a sweet 16 team at worst.
  11. Turnovers and not driving to the basket. Harper as good as he is has been a disappointment with teams that pressure the ball handler and with no real backup for him it's tough. It's not always about scoring. It's about taking care of the ball and running the offense.
  12. We have to find a way to win on the road against a decent team or we will be a 7- 11 seed going into the the tourney.
  13. To sum up this thread I'm the only one that has an opinion that matters. No one else matters only me. There is a lot of money available to be made if you know everything about basketball. Maybe some on here should try it.
  14. Puckett, Handy, and Richards are the stars of the class.