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  1. These ladies were going for the sweep, no doubt about it. But in this conference, taking 2 out of 3, ESPECIALLY on the road is a HUGE accomplishment. Maybe they didn’t look quite the same because of fatigue due to: a.) very long trip up on Friday due to problems with not 1 but 2 buses which left them stranded on the side of the interstate and then waiting at a roadside cafe for a few hours, b:) having to play a doubleheader after said challenging drive up c.) weather delay between said doubleheader d.) only having 2 of 4 pitchers available (not sure about Lexi but she did not pitch after being taken out in the first inning of game 1). Don’t forget that last year, this team struggled mightily on the road. And now they just took 2 of 3 from a top 10 opponent, without their ace, on the road, and that’s not enough? They won the series, and IMO, at the end of the day, that is definitely the ultimate goal. I may be misinterpreting some of the comments but to say the goal really was to sweep, to me implies that they failed. Winning 2 out of 3 from here on out is good enough to win a National Championship. Right?
  2. Just noticed that Cutting is now at Georgia so we will see her this weekend.... But our hitting is much improved so I’m not worried 🙂
  3. Also currently tied for 2nd in the SEC.
  4. Overall, very encouraged by what I saw yesterday in both games. Yes, they could have and should have won the second game against Washington. A terrible call at the plate in the 7th (from what I heard from those actually at the game) cost us a run and tied the game but we also had our chances and weren’t able to capitalize. But I still believe that there are so many more positive than negative takeaways from the performance of these young ladies. It’s the second time they’ve had to play 4 games in less than 24 hours (or so) in a 7 day period. And the game against Washington was the last of the 4 game stretch for us and the first of the tournament for Washington. If you saw or followed Florida’s game against the Huskies last night, Florida did not fair well at all against Alvelo with only 4 hits and 15!!! K’s. We had a total of 9 hits and 8 K’s (not sure the split between Alvelo and Plain). So proud of this team and the heart and fight that they have shown. Easy for us to sit back after the fact and question decisions by the coach or even the players but did anyone really think this game would even come to the wire? Based on comments I’ve read from various places, this team was done after losing 2 in Gulf Shores. One of the auburn sports sites even posted a poll to ask folks if they were even interested anymore in auburn softball coverage after their 2 losses in Gulf Shores. This was only 5 games into the season! Still many games to be played but I really like what I’ve seen so far.
  5. Don’t think it’s fair to judge the offensive performance on “hits” alone. I think the situational hitting was very good with several productive outs to move runners. Very much improved IMHO. 😊
  6. Thank you! I’ve seen the stats on Auburn’s page but the only format I could find was the “collapsed” version where you have to click on everyones name to see anything. Prefer the SEC format (which is more like what Auburn used to have) to look at Auburn’s stats as well as other teams.
  7. Sorry if this has already been posted, but not a big fan of Auburn’s new stats format. I found one on the SEC site that is much better and has all of the other SEC teams in one place. Lots of data that can be sliced and diced. This thread may not be the best place for this either so feel free to move 😊.
  8. I was at the game last night (and yes, it was a bit chilly), and I was rather surprised by the size of the crowd. Rather large for a chilly Thursday night game if you ask me. Many seats behind home plate were empty (if you watched online) but to the right and left, the crowd was much larger. Looking forward to a great season!