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  1. I was really excited after seeing Penta in non conference games. She usually lasts around 3-4 innings before Dean pulls her in conference play.
  2. Lowe is starting again in game 3. I hate that we don't have a reliable #2.
  3. I was really looking forward to seeing how Derrian did at regionals.
  4. What does speaking Spanish have to do with confusing 2 different last names?
  5. Lowe came in and did a great job. I'm really glad to see Makenna do well these last couple of years. We needed that hit. Cox and Majors both had nice hits that were almost home runs.
  6. I agree. Packer and Schmidt have been impressive so far. Cox has looked pretty good as well.
  7. Auburn lost to FL last night but had their highest road score of the season. Derrian had great night!
  8. Packer with a hit and a stolen base. Nothing else for the Tigers as MS catches a popup foul by Perry. Heading into the 7th..
  9. Lowe sits them down in order. She's been impressive with 10 Ks . Still 1-0
  10. Lowe has retired 15 straight batters as we head to the bottom of the 5th.
  11. King was hit by a ball and stole a base. Packer struck out Perry hit a grounder and was out but advanced King to 3rd. Aspyn hit a double to drive in King. 1-0. Horton is in to PH for Schmidt and strikes out.
  12. Another 3 and out for MS. Cox had a nice catch for the 3rd out. Lowe now has either 6 or 7 strikeouts. Auburn at bat now.
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