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  1. I saw Denver and her family at the GA State game last year in Atlanta. They were also at a few of the home games last year.
  2. First game that I feel nothing. Kinda scary....
  3. KJ, chill. You're still down.
  4. But he's a freshman guys! Lol
  5. I have never turned off a game early but this is soooo frustrating to watch.
  6. Shivers was getting yards in the 1st quarter and haven't seen him since. I hate Gus!
  7. D is keeping us in this!
  8. We sat in the Oregon section and they talked junk all night. It was good to be able to reciprocate during the 4th quarter. Despite that, most of them were gracious fans and hugged us after the game. I was #teamJoey but Bo made me proud tonight. Excited to see what the future holds for him. Boobee was a workhorse for us and was a big reason we won the game. I just sure miss having an electric RB. Let's hope we can see more of them in the next 2 weeks. It was also good to see former AU players. I ran into Nosa, Kris Frost, and Josh Holsey.
  9. My flight from Atlanta was cancelled today. Can't wait to get there tomorrow.
  10. Taylon posted that she will be playing at Oklahoma.