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  1. I was quite surprised to see Penta starting when I turned the game on. You have to win the play in before you even start thinking about playing LSU.
  2. Lowe made 2nd All-SEC team Lowe, Penta, Cox, and Packer made the All-Freshmen Team Koepke made the Newcomer Team
  3. LSU has had some errors this game but we seem to be doing better with the situational hitting. I've been frustrated with their bunting skills this season but it's working tonight.
  4. She does. Struck out 6 batters in a row.
  5. Yes. It was a foul that was caught against the net between home and first. One of the announcers even labeled it as an "interesting strategy" and suggested that Garcia should have bunted.
  6. Yes, Packer hit a grounder near 3rd. Horton, who was pinch running for Dowell, got caught in a run down between 2nd and 3rd. While the attention was on her, Packer was able to get to 2nd.
  7. We're really going to miss Dowell. She was solid at SS for us.
  8. Packer is back and starting in Game 2
  9. I really hope something changes soon so that we can retain some key players on the team. This freshman class that's playing now has alot of potential.
  10. Praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery man.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I didn't see Denver in College Station either.
  12. I was really excited after seeing Penta in non conference games. She usually lasts around 3-4 innings before Dean pulls her in conference play.
  13. Lowe is starting again in game 3. I hate that we don't have a reliable #2.
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