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  1. Paige Geraghty is transferring to Louisville.
  2. She wanted to be a part of history by joining the inaugural program at an HBCU.
  3. Ok, she may not have transferred yet. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Board/104011/Contents/Auburn-Softball-Adds-Transfer-168596937/
  4. I didn't realize that he did that until you pointed it out. Makes sense now. Also, I remember a player from UT transferred last fall and plans on joining the team next year. How wonder how she will factor into the rotation.
  5. I believe I did as well. I remember being wowed at how explosive our hitting was. We have to keep that momentum going into conference play next year and hopefully have a healthy pitching staff.
  6. Schmidt and Packer ran into each other trying to field a ball. Luckily Schmidt caught it.
  7. Godwin is the DP as I see Blaine's arm in a sling.
  8. Wow. Did she do something to personally offend you?
  9. I initially questioned keeping her in the game, but great job by Dismukes!
  10. I saw people talking about it on Twitter and had to go look it up.
  11. Someone commented on Auburn Softball's Facebook page that Packer was hurt and would be back in a couple of games. He has since removed that comment.
  12. I agree. Penta gives us the best shot at winning these SEC games and there's only one of her. Losing Lowe and not being able to score runners that are on bases are killing us.
  13. I walked away during the bottom of the 1st. I just came back to the TV and it's now 9-0😯
  14. @tgrogan21 I guess you highlighting Packer's slump helped us out. Big time hit for her.
  15. Smh.....that was such a wasted opportunity.
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