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  1. As alot of people do, she probably did a "post and delete". I went back to look this morning and as you stated, it's no longer there. Like Slot said, I'd read where people were hinting that they hope Harris and Swindle stay healthy, guess that's what they were referring to. That really puts us in a bad spot with only 2 pitchers available.
  2. She posted a picture on her IG story.
  3. Auburn finally on board as Alyssa doubles to score Tannon. A&M walks Veach with 4 balls. Runners on 1st and 2nd Edit- Aspyn hits a single into right field. Bases are loaded with no outs. Perry at bat. Greenwood singles sending Veach and Aspyn in. Game tied 4-4. One out. McCracken singles and scores Greenwood. Auburn up 5-4 A&M pitchers have walked 3 straight batters with bases loaded. Auburn up 8-4. Perry hits a HR with the bases loaded. Auburn scored 12 runs in the 6th inning. Final score 12-4
  4. Going to the top of the 6th. A&M leads 4-0
  5. I was worried about our depth this season at pitching but Chardonnay looked good today. She kept the Aggies at 3 hits.
  6. I went to the game this evening and the girls looked good. Hoping that they can continue the hitting in the SEC. I lost count but GSU used at least 4 different pitchers tonight.