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  1. It's sad that some of the players were getting heat from "fans" for using their platform to speak on injustices and biases that they've experienced.
  2. I'm happy for Daniel. I'm hoping Davis and Tega get those calls.
  3. 5-0. This is looking bad. I've noticed that we're having alot more fielding errors this year.
  4. I thought it was a mistake by bringing in KK. If he was going to replace her, bring in Lexie. I can honestly admit, I didn't expect too much out of Yarbrough prior to the season but she's definitely proved me wrong so far.
  5. I loved Holsey and passion that he brought to the field.
  6. Dowell and Riveria really kept us in the game. I think the 2 combined were 8 for 9 in hit. The rest of the team only had one hit.
  7. I didn't know where else to put this, but congrats to Chardonnay. She had a no hitter yesterday against Penn State.
  8. I know we haven't been playing stellar teams so far, but Dowell has been hitting alot better this year. She's had her first 2 career home runs at Auburn in the past week. Hoping she can keep this up.
  9. I was hoping that the hitting would improve from last year. Guess that's too much to ask.
  10. Very close meet. We have a couple of good freshmen on the team this year.
  11. Let people enjoy themselves and revel in the emotion of the win. Sure this has no implications for us going to the playoffs, but as both a fan and alum, it's always great to beat your biggest rival. Great team win.
  12. I saw Denver and her family at the GA State game last year in Atlanta. They were also at a few of the home games last year.
  13. First game that I feel nothing. Kinda scary....
  14. KJ, chill. You're still down.
  15. But he's a freshman guys! Lol