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  1. So, you’ve found an article on the internet with one NON-peer reviewed study in support of your argument that folks should actively seek to get infected in support of herd immunity. Give this man an honorary PhD in Epidemiology immediately.
  2. There’s no way a vaccine comes out in the summer. It’s more likely that we find a treatment that works instead of an actual vaccine.
  3. This team has been really hard to watch the past two games. Just not fun basketball to watch.
  4. Aaaaand thank you Jamal for shutting me up 😁
  5. It’s incredible how bad our 3 shooting has been. Also really hard for me to understand how Purifoy can’t seem to shoot anymore.
  6. Mac starting to step up a bit. I’d love to see him string together a couple of threes or dunks. I’m not picky.
  7. Purifoy was just standing there. HOW IS THAT A FOUL?
  8. Refs are allowing Bama to play way more physical than anyone we’ve played this year.
  9. I really enjoyed this analysis. Thanks for putting it together! A few other things that would be interesting just in case you're bored: A comparison of this scoring distribution to the average scoring distribution of the top 5 scoring teams in college basketball. I'd be curious to see if the top scoring teams are doing so in a more evenly distributed way. Similar to our scoring offense distribution, how does our scoring defense shape up? Do we get off to a shaky start on defense typically as well?
  10. So happy to get payback for the trash NC State pulled last year. And of course, NC State's HC wouldn't even look Bruce in the eyes when they shook hands at the end of the game. Trash.
  11. Didn't they keep us locked out of their arena prior to the game last year? I seem to remember us not being able to do our normal pre-game walkthroughs as a result of that nonsense. It'd be great to have a solid crowd to help us get some payback.
  12. I’ve seen powerofdixieland on a variety of Auburn forums for over a decade. He’s an outlier idiot that is always stirring the pot in stupid ways. I hope you can ignore the stupid people like him and know that the vast majority of Auburn fans love your son and want him to get more playing time.
  13. Two words: Tim Cook. We need this guy on the Board of Trustees. He’s clearly the most qualified, and I have full confidence that he could steer this clown car in a positive direction. Questions: 1) Was he seriously considered last time there was a board seat opening? 2) Would he actually consider joining the board? I could totally understand why he wouldn’t want to be associated with the current bunch, but we need a strong leader on the board to prevent us from making the same stupid mistakes repeatedly.
  14. Agreed, but the post you quoted could have been a pot shot directed at me too. Unclear what the intent was.