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  1. Whoa, that’s surprising to me, but I guess it’s the athleticism + defense angle that cole mentioned as the primary factor for him.
  2. This post really got me. We’ve just about struck out completely.
  3. It has been like this for decades and the same people are more or less pulling the strings. They have clearly not learned any lessons, and I highly doubt a failed coaching hire will change that.
  4. Wish the same but I don’t think the clowns running the show over the past couple of weeks could have orchestrated an operation that sophisticated. That would be a TON of smoke and mirrors and would have wasted a lot of folks’ time, including coaches that interviewed for the job.
  5. Out of reactions so I’ll just have to say I couldn’t agree with PTB more. Spot on post.
  6. My preference would be for this to get stopped in its tracks just like Steele. And maybe — just maybe — the PTB will realize they need to rip the bandaid off and give the right guy full control over this thing and stop meddling. I’ll try to remain hopeful that we can turn this thing around, but I’m also mindful of the fact that it’s been like this here at Auburn for decades.
  7. Sorry but this is a really bad take.
  8. So, you’ve found an article on the internet with one NON-peer reviewed study in support of your argument that folks should actively seek to get infected in support of herd immunity. Give this man an honorary PhD in Epidemiology immediately.
  9. There’s no way a vaccine comes out in the summer. It’s more likely that we find a treatment that works instead of an actual vaccine.
  10. This team has been really hard to watch the past two games. Just not fun basketball to watch.
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