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  1. Doughty has seemed a little timid offensively all game. Hope he snaps out of it.
  2. It'll make it that much sweeter when our 3s start dropping.
  3. I think McLemore has one and Doughty has one.
  4. In case there was any doubt, notice the time he made this tweet.
  5. I really enjoyed seeing him in the KY team huddle towards the end.
  6. I said the exact same thing to my friend when that happened.
  7. Exactly this. I just blew out my ACL a couple of weeks ago
  8. Is it too soon to move this to the normal Basketball forum? 😁
  9. I have no idea how complete the 247sports timelines are for prospect visits, but if the last two years are any indication, it doesn't seem like we were near the top of the list: His only visit to Auburn was 9/16 and then BP visited him 2/17.
  10. A positive spin on us getting the shaft with the 5 seed in SLC: