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  1. Two words: Tim Cook. We need this guy on the Board of Trustees. He’s clearly the most qualified, and I have full confidence that he could steer this clown car in a positive direction. Questions: 1) Was he seriously considered last time there was a board seat opening? 2) Would he actually consider joining the board? I could totally understand why he wouldn’t want to be associated with the current bunch, but we need a strong leader on the board to prevent us from making the same stupid mistakes repeatedly.
  2. Agreed, but the post you quoted could have been a pot shot directed at me too. Unclear what the intent was.
  3. It’s terrible, nobody is disputing that. I couldn’t even read much of the coverage because it brought me to tears. Emotion is not the same thing as justice though, and I’m concerned the kid is going to get the book thrown at him because of who was involved in the accident. If driving 90mph and the other facts excluding the positive THC point to manslaughter, then the courts should do what they need to do. But I just don’t think they can actually prove he was high while driving unless they have something they aren’t sharing at this time.
  4. As far as I understand it, the kid failed a blood test. Weed can stay in your blood for 2-7 days after last use, so all this really proves is that the kid had smoked weed recently. Sounds like they do multiple tests from previous posts to try and pinpoint last usage. While I’m sure they can get a better sense of when he was last high by doing this, I have my doubts about whether they can say with absolute certainty he was driving while high. Given that we’re talking about a state where weed is still more heavily stigmatized than just about anywhere else in the US, I don’t expect this kid to get a fair trial. I really hope this kid’s life isn’t ruined because of assumptions over reason. On the flip side, if there is somehow true proof he was high while driving, that’s an entirely different thing and should be treated as such by the courts.
  5. Doughty has seemed a little timid offensively all game. Hope he snaps out of it.
  6. It'll make it that much sweeter when our 3s start dropping.
  7. I think McLemore has one and Doughty has one.
  8. In case there was any doubt, notice the time he made this tweet.
  9. I really enjoyed seeing him in the KY team huddle towards the end.
  10. I said the exact same thing to my friend when that happened.
  11. Exactly this. I just blew out my ACL a couple of weeks ago
  12. Is it too soon to move this to the normal Basketball forum? 😁
  13. I have no idea how complete the 247sports timelines are for prospect visits, but if the last two years are any indication, it doesn't seem like we were near the top of the list: His only visit to Auburn was 9/16 and then BP visited him 2/17.
  14. A positive spin on us getting the shaft with the 5 seed in SLC: