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  1. Some think his dad is making the decision for him but in the article Greg says the decision will come down to “my relationship with the coaches/players” and “how I fit in at the school”. His dad isn’t making the decision it’s Greg Brown who is, he said it right there. He’s most likely going to UT bc he knows them the best and very familiar with the school, unless he gets the urge to try something new & leave the state. He calls Auburn his 2nd home.
  2. Good interview just came out on Rivals about what he thinks of each school and his last thoughts before before making his decision.
  3. The 2020 season getting cancelled could have some positives. I think Auburn’s pitching situation this year was a disaster except for how great Yarbrough did, but the rest of the pitching staff wasn’t doing good and would have resulted in a lot of blow out L’s. Now we can avoid an up and down 2020 season full of criticism of CMD and his system/coaching. And skip to 2021 where Dean has two top-tier lights out pitchers coming in and KK can have almost a year to recover her arm some more. 2021’s going to be a great year for softball and even if our offense isn’t clicking too well in a SEC weekend series with how great our pitching staff will be I think our teams going to do really well and win a lot of games.
  4. The main problem is the scholarships but every team is going to be over the scholarship limit. It’s going to be hectic to figure out a plan for everything.
  5. The NCAA just gave eligibility to all the seniors of spring sports.
  6. The NCAA just gave eligibility to all the seniors of spring sports.
  7. I feel like all the things that have been said recently deserve to be in the 2020 softball season chat and not here in the recruiting chat. I got real happy to see new recruiting posts but then just saw they’re not.
  8. I don’t think Keri Munn is still committed to us anymore, if you look at her Instagram there is no Auburn stuff up, and even though her Twitter page says AU softball commit her last activity on the account was in early 2018.
  9. Hope we can keep all of them, we’re losing a few games to start off this season
  10. We’re up 1-0 after the top of the 1st!
  11. This umpire is being really harsh with her strike zone, a lot of good looking pitches by Swindle that just aren’t being called strikes
  12. Are the Auburn games in Clearwater going to be on any Tv stations? Or radio?
  13. ‪Do any of you guys know what numbers the Auburn commits are at the UA All-American game?‬
  14. Softball America just dropped their new 2022 softball recruit rankings. Can someone who has an account go on and see where our recruits are ranked