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  1. Absolutely fantastic post. Very well thought out. WAR EAGLE!!!
  2. I just tried to talk to you about keeping college athletics as amateur as possible and it turned into a discussion about slavery and cooperating with cops. I'm just responding. But I agree its not productive. Have a great evening and WAR EAGLE!!!
  3. Now maybe something you can understand...they told Zion where to be because he was new on campus and he had a schedule to meet. They told him when to eat to help him meet that schedule. They told him when to sleep because kids in a new environment like to go out and most need guidance their first time away from home. As far as him not working...he was awarded a full scholarship in exchange for his athletic ability for as long as he attends Duke. He is given the opportunity to study under the best professors in America and receive a degree that could potentially make him a very wealthy man. However, with his extraordinary athletic prowess a very long career is first. Another PAYOUT to him is the MASSIVE amount of exposure he gets every time he puts on that Duke jersey. Also the exposure he gets every time he plays on TV. First class travel. The best medical care in America. Fed like a king. But all of that isn't enough. Pay me like that 60 year old man that's MAKING me play sports. Smear his character? Lmfao WAR EAGLE!!!
  4. OMG. You talk about pathetic. You just disrespected everything connected to slavery. That argument is the weakest most pathetic crutch used in an argument these days. It's so handy to play that card but I don't know anyone living off the millions of dollars that any slave made 200 years ago. The money these kids make today will last generations. To compare college and professional sports to slavery is absolutely ignorant and pathetic. WAR EAGLE!!!
  5. What do you know about me that leads you to expect that last sentence? You're better than that based on everything I've read from you. Weak shot.... WAR EAGLE!!!
  6. I agree with this. And I am not anti-cole256. Much respect to Cole. I'm just very passionate about keeping things as much amateur as possible. I still believe that a scholarship is an incredible payday for these kids. WAR EAGLE!!!
  7. Maybe if some of these athletes got an education like those "OLD MEN THAT DO NOTHING " they can follow their career path and be wealthy too instead of wanting to blame those "OLD MEN THAT DO NOTHING ". Most of the ELITE athletes think they are going pro when they are barely teenagers. I just don't get the hate towards the people that built the system that gives kids so many opportunities. If the kids don't like the rules find another path to success besides sports. WAR EAGLE!!!
  8. When I woke up to this news this morning it just took my breath away as I read about it. I never got to meet Rod but every time I listened to him it was like he was sitting in the truck with me. My heart goes out to their entire family. May GOD lay his loving hand upon those children and comfort them in their time of need. I also ask the AUBURN family to remember the young lady that was involved in this too. We don't know her circumstances but she needs to be remembered too. If she survives it will be a difficult journey through life to carry this burden. Praying for all involved. We tell our closest family how much we love them regularly. I'd like to take a second to say I LOVE MY AUBURN FAMILY TOO!!! WAR EAGLE!!!
  9. Damn...he had a cannon for a right arm. WAR EAGLE!!!
  10. I know this won't be received well but that's okay too. I've been a sports fan all of my 52 years but some of the crap you hear today is absolutely absurd IMHO. The system WILL ABSOLUTELY work if ran correctly. Emmert is scum and of course it will be to others advantage until college athletics are cleaned up from the top down. But to turn in a direction away from amateurism is a huge mistake. I have a daughter who wanted to be the first in our family to attend Auburn but unfortunately she didn't get the opportunity. She had the grades but wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She would have been in heaven had she gotten the opportunity to play softball at Auburn on a PARTIAL scholarship much less a full ride. She did realize her dream of playing JUCO and getting part of her education paid for. Instead of making this about the poor disenfranchised athletes making all of this money for these old guys in suits let's get their asses in the classroom and get the freaking education they are being offered that so many other kids never get the chance to have. If it's all about money change the system to where the ELITE athletes go straight to the pros. I'm so freaking tired of people belly aching about these kids not getting paid when so many take up space in a classroom that someone WANTING an education could be sitting in. Stepping down off my soap box now. WAR EAGLE!!!
  11. It's a poor decision to have children before you can financially support them. WAR EAGLE!!!
  12. These kids know how the system is set up before they sign. I just don't get why people keep trying to change every aspect of our society. Amateur- a person who engages in a pursuit , especially a sport , on an unpaid rather than a professional basis. Like AU64 says...coaches are a paid employee. WAR EAGLE!!!
  13. I agree. If he stays healthy his Soph year can be something really special. WAR EAGLE!!!
  14. Doesn't even deserve to be opened. WAR EAGLE!!!