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  1. I agree with you but the NCAA is so unpredictable you never know what they are thinking. WAR EAGLE!!!
  2. I love hearing what BM has to say about recruiting but unfortunately he has no idea what the NCAA is thinking at this point. Noone does. And they have proven it time and time again over the years. How many times over the years have different schools been hammered and the entire country collectively says "WOW we didnt see that coming"?What concerns me the most is how bad this situation has made the NCAA look. They could very well be out for blood. This entire nightmare can't end soon enough. WAR EAGLE!!!
  3. Im good with 15. Save some for Omaha WAR EAGLE!!!
  4. Noone has said he was not a good player. He just never developed into the 5* that he was expected to. WAR EAGLE!!!
  5. I agree...pretty good...just never reached the point where he was projected. But a very serviceable LB WAR EAGLE!!!
  6. If the assumption made earlier that Gus is trending back to the Tulsa type offense is correct....I like this. WAR EAGLE!!!
  7. Yes...those special home uniforms they wear every year. We have the best uniform in college football...WHY CHANGE??? WAR EAGLE!!!
  8. If a4e asks it of course it's a serious questi......umm...never mind WAR EAGLE!!!
  9. Hopefully he visits us after the University of Auburn WAR EAGLE!!!
  10. Excuse my twitter he just showing the University of Auburn War Eagles love here or did they flip him from Florida WAR EAGLE!!!
  11. Joey probably won't be around when this kid cracks the lineup. WAR EAGLE!!!
  12. Thanks Mikey. Really excited about this game WAR EAGLE!!!