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  1. Oregon State coach out

    Oregon St. coach out. .
  2. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91 link
  3. How do you tip?

    I think it's customary for the wait staff to tip out the bartender a portion of tips for drinks.
  4. How do you tip?

    I have been paying for a large group 15 - 20 sales people and the restaurant would automatically add a 15% gratuity and I've told the server that their service was great and I had intended to tip more but her boss had limited it to 15%. Then I would give her another 10% and tell her to not let her boss sell her short.
  5. How do you tip?

    There's no doubt that the steak is much better. But are you tipping the server for the food quality or the service? Why not send a tip to the chef as well? And as others have said in this thread how about the bar tender? How about the hostess who smiled pretty and led you to the table? PS I've had this discussion with a good friend who thinks they shouldn't be tipped differently just because it's a high priced restaurant. I on the other hand just go with 20% and don't think much about it.
  6. How do you tip?

    I usually tip 20% sometimes a little more. But I have a question. If you eat at one of the chains, Logan's for example and the bill for steak and drinks comes to $80.00 & the tip comes to $16.00 But if you eat at Ruth's Chris and the bill will be $150.00 or more and the tip would be $30.00 The waiter or waitress did the same work but one was tipped almost twice as much. What's the difference?
  7. Gregg Allman dies

  8. Gregg Allman dies
  9. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker (Bama)

    Hopefully AU can remain the leader and sign him next year. But you can bet that Smart and the dogs will be putting on the full court press.
  10. Thanks coach. Al Del Greco and Jay Barker had the MSU play by guy on their show yesterday, I think, and he said that MSU had lost the 1st and 2nd team CB's on both sides to injury. They are playing 3rd and 4th team DB's and they have been picked on by every team that has played them. Hopefully AU will exploit that.
  11. Clemson Game Report Card

    No it's not censorship, it's having rules and abiding by them. Read this
  12. Things I Think I Saw.....

    I'm not blaming the refs for the loss but I think I saw Carl Lawson being held several time and no flag was thrown.
  13. Clemson Game Report Card

    You can trust all of the MODERATORS, we don't pick on posters for personal reasons. Believe it or not but we moderate each other and discuss what is going on where and when. If you have a problem and think you can't trust what is happening as far as moderation then you can PM any MODERATOR or ADMIN you choose to discuss the problem.