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  1. The summer of 1965 The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Righteous Brothers and several others.
  2. Berthoud Pass - leaving the Rockies. But I'll be back!
  3. Mom and the babies come by every afternoon.
  4. Kayaking on Grand Lake. And yes the water is cold.
  5. Camping at Brainard Lake Recreation Area about 30 - 35 miles out from Estes Park. Here are two of the males we saw while hiking.
  6. Mom and baby moose eating their dinner at our campsite. We didn't get out and try to get better pictures. Pics taken through the window of the camper.
  7. Comet NEOWISE taken while camping in the Rocky Mountains.
  8. Sunset last night Rocky Mountains
  9. The only Gator chomp he did in that movie was when he whopped someones ass.
  10. I truly hate to hear that. RIP Coach