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  1. Hopefully AU can remain the leader and sign him next year. But you can bet that Smart and the dogs will be putting on the full court press.
  2. Thanks coach. Al Del Greco and Jay Barker had the MSU play by guy on their show yesterday, I think, and he said that MSU had lost the 1st and 2nd team CB's on both sides to injury. They are playing 3rd and 4th team DB's and they have been picked on by every team that has played them. Hopefully AU will exploit that.
  3. No it's not censorship, it's having rules and abiding by them. Read this
  4. I'm not blaming the refs for the loss but I think I saw Carl Lawson being held several time and no flag was thrown.
  5. You can trust all of the MODERATORS, we don't pick on posters for personal reasons. Believe it or not but we moderate each other and discuss what is going on where and when. If you have a problem and think you can't trust what is happening as far as moderation then you can PM any MODERATOR or ADMIN you choose to discuss the problem.
  6. That's not your decision to make. You are subject to moderation by any of the MODERATORS.
  7. War Eagle! What a comeback! Great game!!!
  8. This is a retread thread. Many on the left are pushing social democracy or democratic socialism, well it's not as great as they claim.
  9. But if they came into the U.S. as states they would be Mississippi.
  10. The “social democracy” or “democratic socialism” model that many of the left want so badly is showing it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. "Since Sweden is held up as a sort of promised land by American socialists, let’s compare it first. We find that, if it were to join the US as a state, Sweden would be poorer than all but 12 states, with a median income of $27,167. Median residents in states like Colorado ($35,830), Massachusetts ($37,626), Virginia ($39,291), Washington ($36,343), and Utah ($36,036) have considerably higher incomes than Sweden. With the exception of Luxembourg ($38,502), Norway ($35,528), and Switzerland ($35,083), all countries shown would fail to rank as high-income states were they to become part of the United States. In fact, most would fare worse than Mississippi, the poorest state." "Now that we’ve accounted for the low cost of living in Mississippi, we find that Mississippi ($26,517) is no longer the state with the lowest median income in real terms. New York ($26,152) is now the state with the lowest median income due to its very high cost of living." LINK Have at it.
  11. If I'm not mistaken he transferred out a year or two ago.
  12. Former AU signee Jonathan Rose making plays for Nebraska. Nebraska roster
  13. Happy Thanksgiving.
  14. Tex that's not right and you know it. I've said more than once they need to release the real rates not the "rates" that make it look better than it is. It's horse***t no matter who the president or which party it is. When W was president you railed about the 'adjusted' figures but now you think they are A-OK. You guys are always wanting to rewrite the rules of the game.