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  1. And I'm not the one wetting my drawers because of this guys lies. I've said from the start kick them all out. Ohhh yeah nor have I seen you wanting Biden kicked out for lying. And he's been a serial liar for his 50+ years in government.
  2. Once again you missed the point. I don't give a damn what party he's in. I've said several times kick them all out if they've lied. But you seem to want this gut out for lying only because he's a Republican.
  3. Is it against the law for politicians to lie? In April of this year, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that politicians can lie during political campaigns. In Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, the Court ruled a politician’s right to lie during a campaign is protected under the free speech provision of the First Amendment. LINK EL LINKO
  4. And that's not the point I'm making. As I said earlier in this thread: House Democrats call for George Santos to resign over ‘whopping lies’ Great idea, but let's make it retroactive and require all politicians who have been caught lying to be removed from office. Start with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris and Adam Shiff and Richard Blumenthal and Raphael Warnock and ...... Those are just 1st thought, I'm sure there are plenty of others. Kick them all out. I don't care which side their on, kick their ass out. Make it retroactive and kick them all out.
  5. I too served during the Vietnam war and not once have I ever misspoke about being in Vietnam when in fact I wasn't. Blumenthal is a liar and also guilty of stolen valor. Make excuses for him if you want.
  6. "A college professor in South Carolina is sounding the alarm after catching a student using ChatGPT — a new artificial intelligence chat bot that can quickly digest and spit out written information about a vast array of subjects — to write an essay for his philosophy class." LINK
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