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  1. Lee County authorities are searching for a 4-year-old girl who disappeared Wednesday afternoon and was last seen walking her dog. 4-year-old girl goes missing while walking dog in Auburn
  2. I forgot about Barbee a long time ago. With that said I see nothing wrong with BB fans giving him an ear full of BS. It's some what similar to giving an ump a hard time at a baseball game.
  3. With the way LSU beat Oklahoma I was thinking it would be easy to bet the farm on them to win. Then Clemson played great last night and found a way to win when it didn't look like they would. With that said, I'm picking LSU.
  4. Hopefully they will be PO'ed and play like it!
  5. They started out good but I knew Wisconsin would let us down!
  6. "Alabama kicker Joseph Bulovas took to social media on Sunday evening to apologize to fans following his missed game-tying field goal in Alabama’s 48-45 loss to Auburn this past Saturday in the Iron Bowl." link
  7. That was a fun game to watch. It's hard to believe Oklahoma came back and won!
  8. He played pretty good and the experience will be good for him. Hopefully Davidson isn't injured too bad and will return for the final three games.