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  1. Friendly Duck Troll here Hello Tigers We are all pretty pumped for this game, to say the least. With a great venue and national attention, I would expect both teams to play their hearts out. I understand that Auburn is breaking in a new QB, but I have heard your DL is pretty nasty. I will give you guys some insight into the Ducks and what you can expect from them. Offense; We return Justin Herbert at QB-He's very good, if the receivers can catch. We return the entire Oline. This will be the best matchup of this game no doubt. I'm excited to see how we hold up against one of the best DL units in the country. RB-we return our 1st and 2nd string guys. I like them but they aren't all American standard backs but can get the job done. Receivers-last year they were the worst I have ever seen. This was easily the biggest weakness to our team last year by a large margin. They return some guys but Im not excited about them at all. They will be bringing in some new talent but they will be true freshman, so we will see how they develop between now and kickoff. Play calling/game planning (last year)-Our offense was tough to watch at times last year. Duck fans are pretty apprehensive to get excited about our offense. Play calling was also pretty dismal at times. Creativity and proper game planning was also non-existent at times. Apparently, they are going to spread guys out this year and give more looks. Defense; We are breaking in a new Def Coordinator (Andy Avolos). He came from Boise State and had some pretty salty Defenses there with 1 and 2 star talent. This will be a huge question mark for us. We return quite a few guys and finally have some depth here but we don't really know how his 3-3-5 will translate over to power 5 football in his (Andy's) first year at Oregon. Our D-line should be decent but not exceptional. Linebackers is the same. We deff have some talent here (Troy Dey) but nobody knows how on field success or lack there of will look. secondary-They should be serviceable to really good. We had some decent success last year (2starting sophomores) so I'd assume we take a step forward here. Take care Ya'll