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  1. I am so sick of hearing about the playoff in September. There should be a freakin embargo on the word "playoff" in college football television, radio, and print media before October 20th. For all it's faults at least the BCS kept that under wraps until later in the season.
  2. You have the same chance of dying in a school shooting as you do of being struck and killed by lightning. Hit me with them thunderstruck memes.
  3. "You don't have to wear that" is a political statement now? Do you hear yourself? Kids shouldn't be wearing masks in school ever. Nearly every single other country in the world got this memo except for the terminally online doomers who have done nothing but suck down fear porn for two years. Just stop already.
  4. Keystone XL has suffered from a decade of hilarious and hyperbolic messaging from both parties. Dems think it's bad for the environment even though we have tens of thousands of miles of pipelines and it's by far the best way to move oil. Pubs think building the pipeline is the ticket back to $1 gas even though the Keystone pipeline already exists. XL was to take a shorter, more direct route to the refineries. I have a degree in supply chain management and I cringe every time I hear about it. It's a great punching bag if you need re election though.
  5. Months of rioting and violence resulting in several dozen deaths and billions in damages is the same to you as the truck drivers' protest which resulted in no deaths, no collateral property damage and no looting. Do I have your view correct?
  6. Other than injuries the only thing that worries me about this team is below average 3pt shooting. If we were closer to 34% or 35% we'd be a pretty big favorite to win it all. But we're so good at 2pt shots and on defense that we're still pushing most teams around.
  7. I don't know what Kentucky was thinking putting Tyty out there tonight. He didn't look right and he may have injured himself again. Toppin at least looked like a basketball player even though he wasn't 100%. Tyty stirs the drink for them. What does Cal do now? He clearly doesn't trust anyone else in that role and they've got several tough games still to play.
  8. Several important games tonight in CBB. #10 Villanova @ #8 Providence - It's a shame this game is on CBS Sports instead of ESPN or FS1. The Friars have won like a million close games and are getting dinged by the computers for it. IIRC they have either the highest or second highest luck rating ever seen on Kenpom. A Providence win puts them in command of the Big East and could move them up to the 2 line. Florida @ Texas A&M - UF still has chances to improve their resume but they're on the wrong side of the bubble and they're running out of games. If they lose tonight to a TAMU team that hasn't won in a month their bubble is probably burst barring a red hot finish. #4 Kentucky @ #16 Tennessee - If we're ever going to get any help from anybody it's gotta be tonight. Kentucky could be without Toppin and Tyty and they only play seven or eight guys anyway. We'll know by the first TV timeout which Tennessee we're getting tonight. Good Tennessee looks like a top 15 team, bad Tennessee would struggle to score against a team from the YMCA. I've seen UT play a half dozen times and I still don't know if they're a good team or not.
  9. Only down three is a huge win. We looked like we were going to lose by 30 about 15 minutes ago.
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