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  1. He's not a guard but any chance we take a look at Matt Haarms? Entered the portal yesterday, 7'3", 8.6 PPG, 4.6 Reb, 2 Blks per game at Purdue this year.
  2. Well that stunk but this goes to show that you can't afford bad nights even against middling teams these days. The overall talent level in the SEC is just too good now. We're still 22-3 and one game out of the league lead in a year everyone had pegged as a rebuild due to Person BS and roster turnover. Everyone breathe, everything is fine.
  3. "Please let us win this game without having to come from behind." monkey paw curls
  4. "Novel Coronavirus" or "COVID" or whatever the dummies at the WHO are calling it just doesn't do it for me.
  5. This crap going around is no joke. I've been sick for a week and I'm just now pulling out of it. God help us if the Wuhan starts spreading over here.
  6. Everyone who watched the whole game gets one of these
  7. Hmmm what happened in this thread?
  8. I'm not a basketball expert but it might be time to try something different at guard. J'Von and Samir were... not good this week.
  9. DC Dave Aranda is taking the Baylor job. Add that to the list.
  10. Gotta be honest, I'm pretty nervous about this one. They played Kentucky and Florida close although they totally blew the Florida game. They remind me of us the last few years… when it's going in they can beat anyone but if it's not they look bad.
  11. People who didn't watch are going to check the box score and think Edwards played well.
  12. I don't want to hear anyone say again that Auburn wouldn't be able to draw a good coach if we made a change in the future. MSU had the most ass-backward last 60 days and still upgraded.
  13. checks notes Who the hell is Saben Lee?
  14. But don't you dare consider cancelling your tickets or donations. You better stay in line like a good little sheep soldier because being critical of anything done in the name of Auburn is heresy.
  15. Why are we so afraid of getting better?