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  1. I'm not sure I'll ever be back on the bus like I was in 2013, but I am really pleased we won Saturday. I hope THIS time we can parlay it into momentum next season.
  2. Worm cemented his Auburn legacy with one glorious play. Like Chris Davis and the Kick Six or Ricardo Louis and the Prayer. Everything else is gravy.
  3. Let the kids have fun. Last night was a historical victory.
  4. Memes aside this was one of the wildest games I've ever seen. I counted 3 ties and 10 lead changes.
  5. @Momma Worm get in here and collect your reactions!
  6. Saw on another board that Arky might be getting Matt Campbell. That would be shocking if true. He could have nearly any open job he wanted.
  7. Can you expand on these two a little? It seems the second contradicts the first.
  8. If its bad tomorrow it's gonna get really interesting. I'm like you, it was close last year and it's been more of the same this year. Certain parties will feel emboldened if it's a 31-10 type game.
  9. That's not unheard of for an athlete to do that. Tim Tebow only took one class his last year at Florida and it was for ballroom dancing.
  10. Offense was DOA in all of those games.