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  1. Y'all got any more of them coaching rumors?
  2. If this is the start of an edge to Auburn football then I'm there for it.
  3. If AG can deliver either of those in this dark hour he should have a statue built in his honor.
  4. Same. I know it probably doesn't do anything but it helps me sleep a little better.
  5. If you're as pissed as I am here's a list of twitter handles and emails to reach the people who matter: Twitter: AGreeneIV @AuburnFootball @yellawood @BoJackson @QPRiggins @HarbertMgmtCorp Email: Jay Gogue: gogue08@auburn.edu Allen Greene: cag0083@auburn.edu BT.Roberts@auburn.edu Clark.Sahlie@auburn.edu Robert.Dumas@auburn.edu Jimmy.Rane@auburn.edu Jimmy.Sanford@auburn.edu Gaines.Lanier@auburn.edu Elizabeth.Huntley@auburn.edu Sarah.Newton@auburn.edu Mike.DeMaioribus@auburn.edu James.Pratt@auburn.edu Wayne.Smith@auburn.edu Raymond.Harbert@auburn.edu Charles.McCrary@au
  6. I wanted us to make a run at Mario (maybe we did depending on who you talk to) but Napier was #2 on my list of coaches that were getable for us. You can't float it to the fanbase that he's our guy and then plug in Steele at the last minute. That's how you get people canceling tickets and donations en masse.
  7. JGT just posted that Neal Brown is emerging as a compromise candidate. Really? That's the best we can do? Can we get serious please? Is there a reason our "leaders" think we are a Sun Belt team?
  8. I am still angry that we found a way to lose to UGA in '16. I would have been ok with leaving Gus behind after that one. Worst part was we watched it with my wife's grandmother and I couldn't scream expletives at the television. We got in the car to go home, drove to the end of the street, my wife says "Let it out" and I had a Clark Griswold-esque meltdown at the cluster we just witnessed. I went on for like 10 minutes before I drove us home. Btw there are now people driving that were not alive the last time Auburn won in Athens.
  9. Is there finally a reason to be hopeful for the future?
  10. Until he's out I will believe he's back. He's got more lives than a cat cafe.
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