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  1. Don't be hatin' on Gus Johnson, that guy is great. Gary is not. I would rather have dental work done than listen to Gary. I would rather have my life narrated by Beth Mowins than listen to Gary. I cheered for Aaron Murray's Nick Fairley Vietnam flashbacks and Rick Neuheisel's boring old man voice because it meant I didn't have to listen to Gary. I spent $700 bucks to go see us lose in the Swamp so me, my wife, and my dad didn't have to listen to Gary. He is the worst and if there's any justice on this Earth Fox Sports will back the brinks truck up to the SEC offices in a few years and buy up the TV deal... so I no longer have to listen to Gary.
  2. Pros: Not a night game Cons: Have to listen to Gary flap his gums for four hours
  3. 45-17 Game will be in hand by halftime (38-10ish) but Gus doesn't want to humiliate Morris and we empty the bench in the second half. Game will feel kind of hollow and most people won't feel great knowing what's coming the next weekend.
  4. Joe Burrow is an NFL quarterback. Change my mind.
  5. I hope our offense shows up in two weeks... seems like you can't keep LSU off the board for more than a couple possessions at a time.
  6. This is a really high level game.
  7. Anyone else see that bald spot on Saban? Yikes.
  8. If Jimbo is going to get it going next year is going to be the year. First class will be juniors and the schedule will be easier with no Georgia or Clemson. They play Colorado and Vandy instead.
  9. This thread went off the rails quick.
  10. bammers get the ball in the 3rd, seems like it's just delaying the inevitable.
  11. Gus treats the middle of the field like it's lava, Sark disagrees.
  12. When CBS's contract with the SEC ends and it gets picked up by FOX Gary should go join the Crimson Tahd radio network as an analyst.
  13. Where the heck does Alabama find these receivers? Is this what we would look like if we used Schwartz properly?
  14. I really wish we had a back like Najee Harris.