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  1. I thought you were supposed to release bad news on a Friday night?
  2. WDE and PTB, I would love to hear your take on this.
  3. Mississippi State's coach is so obscure and unknown that other SEC fans don't know his name after a year of having him in the league.
  4. Full disclosure: I was not alive in the 80s. My opinion is that some fans have become more cynical with how the path to a championship under the playoff and BCS is constructed. I know I have. There's no tangible reward now for playing that brutal schedule, it pays to be a big fish with a big name in a small (but not too small) pond. Look at the schedules of some of the teams who played in the BCS title games or have made the playoff, FSU played almost nobody in 2013, Alabama got in twice without even winning the SEC West... heck they weren't even the best team in Alabama two years ago. Oregon played one good team before they met us in the desert. Ohio State has run through a bad Big 10 more than once etc. Our people know now that Auburn can compete for championships but get mad when we see how much more difficult it is for us to get a seat at the table than some other schools. It's not an unreasonable feeling to have when we supposedly live under a college football system where everyone in the P5 is "equal."
  5. Stoops is definitely the big fish but Brohm is a more polished coaching prospect right now than Gus was when we hired him in 2013. He's not bigtime in June 2019, but if Purdue keeps improving and wins 9 games this year (doable with their schedule) he's going to take another step up in the coaching landscape. Brohm either wants to build something in his image at Purdue or is waiting for a good job to open up. He could have gone home to the garbage fire that was Louisville but he didn't.
  6. Smart guys like Phil Steele see how much talent we have stockpiled. The schedule is difficult every year but at some point you gotta win some football games. We recruit way too much talent to have to rely on the stars aligning every fourth year to win and then be frustratingly mediocre the rest of the time.
  7. Purdue was really bad before Brohm was hired. If it weren't for Kansas doing Kansas things they would have been in the running for worst team in the P5 with Rutgers and Oregon State. I have constructed this handy visual aid to assist in making this point. -> Auburn talent level with Gus in year 6 -> Most P5 teams -> Best G5 teams -> Purdue talent level with Brohm in year 2. -> 700 feet of rock -> Thailand women's soccer team
  8. I agree with everything you said here but I have one aside that I wonder about. I'm not calling you out because this isn't the first time I've seen it, but why does Will Muschamp's name get tossed around sometimes when it comes to a possible future coaching change? Does anyone actually think we would have better results with him than with Gus? He had one pretty good year at Florida when they won like 7 close games when the East was in shambles and he's been around .500 the rest of the time.
  9. I'll admit I'm still pissed about how we lost on Sunday but this program is so much better off than we were a few years ago. Even two years ago when we played in Tallahassee we were looking for warm bodies to fill the roster. It's hard not to be excited for the future. We get football goin and we'll really be an "everything" school.
  10. 13 hits and only got 3 runs across? That's really unlucky.
  11. I'll tell you what, we may be bad, we may be good, but we're always entertaining.
  12. Does ESPN really need to superimpose "#CWS" on the backstop? It looks hilariously fake.