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  1. Olé Miss - 38 Auburn - 20 50/50 chance Gus is fired Sunday morning.
  2. Ole Miss isn't that good (we aren't either) but I get the feeling Lane really wants this one. I am shocked we are favored. Ole Miss and the points sounds like free money and I said the same thing last week.
  3. They don't want to lose access if they grill a coach who isn't in danger of being immediately fired. If we get flattened by the Lane Train on Saturday you might see the gloves come off a bit.
  4. "Line Anthony up in the slot and call a post route! It ain't that hard!"
  5. Mario Cristobal is somehow both the slam dunk and budget hire. He's only making 2.5 mil right now. I'm still all in for PJ Fleck if I had a blank check to give.
  6. That's a good question. 26-17 if you count '15, '16, '19, and '20.
  7. The College and Magnolia team joined the "Fire Gus" camp last week. Funny because I got into an argument with one of them after we lost to Georgia last year about how I was a bad fan and inviting disaster because I was ready to move on.
  8. I am just so sick of football not being fun. It is such a drain watching us play even if we win. Gusball was fun for 2013, some of '14, a few weeks in '16 and '17 and that's been about it. The culture now is so much worse than it was when he got here. All the chirping and getting in people's faces wasn't happening years ago. It's way past time for a change. Way past time.
  9. Take a look around Ellen! We're at the threshold of hell!
  10. Likely losses - Tenn, bammer, Ole Miss, A&M team that showed up against Florida Toss ups - South Cackalacky, clanga, LSU, A&M team that showed up against Vandy
  11. Not even if we tank this year or next? And I don't mean Bigsby. Humiliating losses have a way of spurring people into action… at least at some programs.
  12. I can't get drunk enough to tolerate a whipping that early.
  13. Heck, we ARE Iowa. From 2013-2019 Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeyes have won 62 games. We've won... wait for it... 62 games too! At least Kirk Ferentz can beat the 'clones and gophers.
  14. 4-6 or 3-7 seem likely. USC, LSU, and Clanga seem like the only winnable games left.
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