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  1. I think you're memeing but this area is mega safe which is partly why this is news. There's a Chik Fil A and a Publix within walking distance of where this happened.
  2. Fun fact, this happened about two miles from my house and that station is next door to my veterinarian's office.
  3. Tate said after the game on the Brain Drain that he was led to believe it was a non-Covid illness. Hopefully he just ate something that didn't agree with him.
  4. If we get our turnovers down to ten a game or so this could be the best team in the country. Flan has the coof right? I watched most of the game at a restaurant and missed most of the commentary.
  5. We had 21 turnovers tonight and won by 15. Rest of the league better watch out.
  6. I'll admit that I'm pretty pissed about how the last two months have gone. I think the reluctance to run in short yardage "gotta have it" situations is due to the OL being among the worst we've ever seen. We got stuffed more than once today running straight ahead with Tank in 3rd & 2 or less.
  7. With how much money is tied up in this sport now it's time to either establish some kind of school for these refs so they can get better or have professional refs like the NFL does. It hasn't just been Auburn games. There's been dozens of games this year where the outcome was affected by terrible calls at crucial points.
  8. Am I out of the loop or has it been pretty quiet today from the beat writers?
  9. Looked similar to one Bocephus Nix.
  10. Tate says Craig is out. Gimmie Dell or the Hilltopper. Or both.
  11. Get out of here with this reasonable takes. I come here to overreact.
  12. Tate just posted on the Bunker that Auburn is vetting Zak Hill. That is to say making sure he doesn't have any dirty NCAA laundry that could bite us. Does not mean he's the guy *yet*.
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