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  1. I thought we were the best team in the country after this game, it was a pounding of the highest order. Bo Nix may eventually eclipse him but I think Nick Marshall is the best quarterback Gus has had as a head coach. I am willing to die on this hill.
  2. Check this out, I know a friend of a friend who's an ER doc who had the virus back in March, tested positive, was sick for a week, all that jazz. He had to get three antibody tests done in May before one came back showing he had them. The first two were negative because his antibody threshold was barely below what the test considers a presence of antibodies in the blood. There's still a ways to go on testing and the antibody tests.
  3. I've been keeping up with all these articles of college athletes, hockey players, baseball players etc report for camp and finding out they have the virus. I'd put money down that there are millions of people carrying, or who did carry, the virus who are not sick and will never show symptoms. I'm not going to pretend to be an authority but there needs to be guidance from someone with a lot of pull that says if you are over 60, have a chronic respiratory condition, or another condition that compromises your immune system you need to not come to a live sporting event for the next 12 months. I still kind of doubt we will have a normal football season in college but I do think we'll have NFL football.
  4. I think we should claim some and not others. Anything before the poll era is extremely suspect to me. It was proto-football back then, you only played the teams close to you because you physically couldn't get to other parts of the country in a timely manner. There was no apparatus for crowning a champion until years later. We should claim '83 and '04 in addition to '57 and '10. Those years are above reproach. The others are either before polls, there was a better claimant, or we were in trouble.
  5. I'm almost positive (heh heh) it's going to come out that many more people had the virus and weren't aware of it. I had a very unpleasant respiratory infection at the start of February that had a lot of overlap with Coronavirus symptoms. This was a full month before confirmed cases started popping up in my county. Even now we have fewer than 300 confirmed cases for a county of ~290k people. I got the antibody test done Sunday and I should be getting the results today. EDIT: Antibody test was negative. Welp.
  6. Million dollar talent, ten cent brain.
  7. It's not pretty but this is how the NCAA gets on board with NIL reform.
  8. He's not a guard but any chance we take a look at Matt Haarms? Entered the portal yesterday, 7'3", 8.6 PPG, 4.6 Reb, 2 Blks per game at Purdue this year.
  9. Well that stunk but this goes to show that you can't afford bad nights even against middling teams these days. The overall talent level in the SEC is just too good now. We're still 22-3 and one game out of the league lead in a year everyone had pegged as a rebuild due to Person BS and roster turnover. Everyone breathe, everything is fine.
  10. "Please let us win this game without having to come from behind." monkey paw curls
  11. "Novel Coronavirus" or "COVID" or whatever the dummies at the WHO are calling it just doesn't do it for me.
  12. This crap going around is no joke. I've been sick for a week and I'm just now pulling out of it. God help us if the Wuhan starts spreading over here.
  13. Everyone who watched the whole game gets one of these