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  1. Either the situation is no longer tenable with the allegations and Title IX issues, they have someone in mind they are sure they can get, or a combination of the above. They aren't doing this so they can hire Mel Tucker.
  2. I'm ok with this streak staying dead if it means we have several effective backs getting reps. There was nothing worse than Gus running one guy into the ground and then having no option available at the end of the season.
  3. Darn, I figured Smoke would be out here advertising for Delta 8.
  4. I hate this stupid narrative that Auburn fans are a bunch of whackos and we're two steps away from devolving into Lord of the Flies at all times. It's 2021. We just started our fourth coaching staff this century. Stop acting like we're running these guys off after three years. You know who's actually doing that? Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida State, and Texas. The problem is outlets like ESPN and al.com have been banging this drum for the last 15 years without actually talking to any Auburn fans about what their expectations are. Then they all repeat what they hear each other say like they came
  5. I remember in the far distant past of 2010 when me and my buddies would take lawn chairs, traffic pylons, a cooler, a roll of tape, and a football to the lot on Roosevelt at 2pm on Friday and claim parking spots for Saturday morning tailgating purposes. I miss the old days.
  6. Them losing that game was weird and Saban didn't have the usual temper tantrum antics in the second half that we've seen for 15 years. He had a comment not too long ago about how he doesn't really see anyone except his wife and he doesn't get to talk to former coaches anymore. It seemed like it's starting to wear on him. I'm not ready to dig the grave yet since we've said "This is the top!" after every bammer loss since the Kick Six but none of those losses were to flailing teams like TAMU. If they lose again or lose to Georgia I think you can say things have changed.
  7. Harsin still saying and doing the right things. Sucks to lose to Georgia and all their ugly fans... again... but it's going to take time to turn this around. Hopefully all the croots here aren't turned off by the outcome but see the staff is getting every ounce of football they can out of a hodgepodge of players left by the last staff. If you're a receiver or line croot you have to see that there's going to be playing time for you very early on.
  8. I admire the creative thinking but I don't think you can get the fans to go along with games that have been played yearly for more than a century moving to every other year at least. Georgia has eaten our lunch for the last 15 years but I still want to play them every year. There's going to be a fan revolt if these administrators think we can play the DSOR, Third Saturday in October, or the Egg Bowl every other year. People just aren't going to go for that. Nine conference games seems inevitable with expansion. If we do pods, which I like, I would rather play three games in your pod, one
  9. What is it about uga fans that makes them so much worse than bammers, corndogs, and Florida fans? Like what is it specifically about their environment relative to the others that makes them so bad? I can't figure it out.
  10. I'm so glad that idiot isn't our problem anymore.
  11. There are two things in the world that I am dying to see right now. 1 - For Dog the Bounty Hunter to capture Brian Laundrie. 2 - An Auburn win tomorrow.
  12. Finley should start. Bo will start.
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