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  1. I would say that 2 or more of Tennessee’s signees want to be released, one of which wants to come to Auburn. If you only look at star ratings it’s not a great class, conversely if you’re only interested in star ratings Baker Mayfield should not be in the NFL. The class has covered several areas of need as of now and the coaches are still going to be able to add to it.
  2. Charles (TFA 2001 grad) snapped at Auburn from 2003 to 2005, the last two years as a starter. Yes, he played a critical role on the unbeaten '04 team. Ike (TFA 2003) snapped four years at South Carolina, two years for Lou Holtz and two for Steve Spurrier, and was a team captain his senior year. Rowley (TFA 2004) played on special teams at Florida for three years, including a role on two national championship teams. Clayton (TFA 2005) was a holder at Auburn his junior and senior seasons and recently earned a grant-in-aid for his final year. Williamson (TFA 2005) presently is No. 1 on the Florida depth chart as the long-snapper and has been snapping on punts. He also has been part of two national championship teams. John (TFA 2009) is a member of the Florida team as a true freshman. He is both a deep-snapper and a holder. Kyle (TFA junior) is biggest of the brothers at 6-4 and 230. He plays defensive and offensive tackle, and yes, does all the deep-snapping and would appear to be a natural for the position at the next level because of his size.
  3. https://www.al.com/highschoolsports/2021/01/tennessee-signee-dylan-brooks-has-asked-for-release-following-pruitt-firing.html
  4. Kevin Steele's brother is the ad of facilities.
  5. The memorial service will be streamed live on AuburnTigers.com
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