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  1. While I don't think Bo received all the good of coaching under Gus I believe that Bo has trouble shaking off his mistake and he would let a mistake effect him the rest of the game. I believe Bo showed signs of that short memory required for QBs in Saturday game. After that bad interception he didn't seem to be rattled and went on to have areal good game.
  2. Our defense not stout and our brilliant coach calls a timeout.
  3. These players including Bo is going through their 3rd offensive system, while that is not unusual for Auburn over the last several years, the difference is that in prior years these guys went from one high school system to another. But these guys on this team are supposedly now for the first time trying to learn a college system.
  4. Man sounds like '92 all over again.
  5. Playcalling without a proper scheme is not going to win too many games against these teams. For instance, Georgia's team speed is their strength and we did not even try to mitigate that strength by running misdirection, traps and draw plays and that little bit should not require the staff to grow. I am not saying that we would have won that game if we had done that but we could have made the lbs play run and not get such deep drops. With our current talent level for us to have had a chance 3 things would have had to happen 1. limit big plays, 2. win the turnover battle by at least 2, and
  6. In the end, the talent we get coming in won't be better than Bama's talent, Georgia's and LSU's. The best we can hope for is to break even with those guys but that is a stretch. The point I am making is that no matter how good our talent is, to beat those guys is that our coaches is going to have to out scheme, out game plan, and do a better job of playcalling than their coaches. I have not seen the ability of our coaches to outcoach these coaches.
  7. Bo did not play the perfect game. But when you play an SEC defense the throwing lanes are going to be narrow and playing Georgia the lanes will be even smaller. It is unrealistic to think Georgia will give passing lanes where the QB can make perfect passes if not delusional is unrealistic. For instance Bo threw a pass a little bit behind Davis running across the center of the field still hit him in the hands and was dropped. If Bo had made the pass leading Davis as what a good pass would be it would have gotten him knockout by the safety. In addition, some of those throws had to be high
  8. If the refs are not going to call that then they should not have called the PI when our player went up with with their TE. He was facing the ball and both were fighting for the ball.
  9. Yes, I believe with the weaknesses we have on OL and the Dawgs D, Nix may struggle at times and we can't let the Dawgs run out to a 3 TD lead forcing Harsin to pull the rip cord. Now whether it becomes a 2 QB day will depend on how TJ fairs.
  10. Sometime a simple change in the the game plan can be significant. We were in the zone read read shot gun until that last TD drive. After our 2nd td, LSU took away our TEs and gambled on single coverage on our WRs. This seemed to work because we went 3 and out our next 2 or 3 possessions but fortunately for us LSU went 3 and out over that same time period (thank you CDM.). Harsin realizing a that the zone read was now not going to win the game went under center. The misdirection to Hunter worked because being under center the QB didn't have to wait on the ball as in the shotgun so our line
  11. We are not a good football team at this time due to the reasons you guys cited above. I was not a Harsin fan when we hired him but I would like to give him a couple of accolades for last night. 1. Although he had tremendous amount of pressure to start Finley he proved he would not bow to pressure and he started the guy he thought would give us the best shot to win. 2. He went to being under center which did not require our lineman to hold their blocks as long and prevented their defense from swarming and with play action linebackers had to play the run and created small seams for our rece
  12. 0 turnovers, Defense has to step up and hold LSU to 17 or less with at least 1 TD from the D or ST Be ready for LSU line stunts. They don't stunt a lot but if they watched film of GSU then we can expect more line stunts. Stretch the field
  13. darn we don't fare well against LSU in the rain.
  14. First there are not any guarantees but I know maintaining the status quo is not an option. This for me is not about winning but being competitive and maintaining the status quo will not make us competitive. I know the power blocking schemes are not working and to give the more finese schemes and letting the defense take themselves out of the play may work. I do realize we have problems both running and passing and that is why running draw plays and playaction passes will slow the pass rush down because these plays make the defense read run or pass before pass rushing. We have to give
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