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  1. The underlying factors is trying to put costs on pay now or pay later. Most people look at firing today as pay off gus contract plus assistants. However, other costs to consider is the type of coach to replace Gus. A real good qualified assistant which would probably save some money off of Gus's 7 million. Or a well known coach which would not save any off of Gus's 7 mil or depending on is hired could go higher than 7 mil. Next to consider is waiting 2 or 3 years. The buyout goes down but our recruiting has suffered. The well qualified assistant will turn out to be a good recruite
  2. While I will agree with you on the type of offense we need I don't agree with you that it is Tubs fault. He did not force DS Jacobs to hire Chizek and Gus. DS Jacobs did that.
  3. I saw that back when he was hired. He supposedly had a good background with 4 years experience as OC with Clemson. Clemson had 3 constants when Morris arrived. Dabo, Scott and Ellison. I then watched him at Arkansas and wondered why he was not implementing the O at Clemson at Arkansas. When Morris left Clemson, Dabo promoted Scott and Ellison as co OCs indicating to me that Morris was hired for recruiting purposes (Texas).
  4. While I will give my assessment of the interterceptions, I want to caveat my assessment with the fact that I only have viewed the interceptions in real time without having an opportunity for review of the 3 interceptions. FIRST INTERCEPTION. Appeared to me Bo tried to force that into what appeared to be triple coverage. This int appears to be on Bo. SECOND INT. Bo had to fit that one through tight window but that is expected in the SEC. It appeared to hit the receiver in the hands chest high bounced off his hands and int. This appears to be on receiver.
  5. I will put out some examples and let you answer that question. IE Gus Malzahn. He was never mentored by someone that has significant experience in a power 5 conference, he did not earn his way to OC or HC at school in a Power 5 conference by being a position coach at a power 5 school. So even though he has experience at Arkansas and Auburn do you believe this type of experience translates to Gus being a legimate coach qualified to coach a school in a Power 5 conference or is he still a HS coach. Next IE is Jeremy Pruitt. He spent approximately 4 years as DB coach at Alabama and mentor
  6. First of all thinking Johnson is the best HC in football history shows how much you know about football. And I was not comparing Johnson to Gus I was highlighting a big difference in the two. I never said the Johnson and Malzahn were comparable as football coaches. I just said that Gus tried to hire mostly high school or the lower colleges to run a program at a power 5 conference was inadequate. And if Johnson, had tried to hire coaches below NFL caliber assistants he would have fared similar results as Malzahn.
  7. I will agree with you that he is average or slightly above average. Malzahn problems stem from his hiring practices of offensive coaches especially OCs. His experience is as a high school coach. When he hires OCs they are primarily high school coaches or lower level college coaches. These guys are not suited to come in and run an offense at a Power 5 conference. (I know you guys willl bring up Morris and his time at Clemson, but he is high school). Looking at examples Jimmy Johnson when he was named HC of the Dallas Cowboys. If he did the equivalent hiring practices as Malzahn is
  8. Hell yea I am mad but I was mad back in 2010 when Chiz hired him. I dont expect to win them all but we have too much talent to be as noncompetitive as we have been in big games. We dont have any rhyme or reason for the play calling. We dont attack what the D is doing. For instance, when the dawg backers blitzed we never attacked that area. For instance, a receiver in the area where the backer blitzed will either for the backer to fill the area or have a safety come in and fill. If the blitzer stays back the the QB should have time to attack the corners with double moves or if the s
  9. I will pick a low scoring game in the rain. I am not sold on Frank's as being a quarterback to rely on however, Pittman was OL coach at Georgia and probably picked up some defensive schemes from Kirby. Our offensive woe continue Hawgs 10 Tigers 7.
  10. I would like to see a coach that is a dynamic recruiter as well as being an excellent x&o's guys. He needs to be well respected so hiring a great staff is essential. The staff needs to be able to formulate a great game plan, be good play callers and make game time adjustments as well as being good at player development. Two guys that fit the bill is Dennis Allen DC of the Saints and Josh McDaniels OC of the Patriots. Allen will have instant credibility with recruits when he tells them he is implementing the Saints scheme. McDaniels will have instant credibility by being on the
  11. That is very disturbing to me as well. The reason is the slide blocking schemes are a stable of zone blocking. This should have been practiced during the summer months and not being able to execute the assignments should have shown itself during the summer and dealt with then unless Gus restricted what the defense could do during the summer scrimmages so the fact that this was just showing up for the Geogia game is disconcerting. In addition. the Dawgs defensive gameplan was the same as last year and the problems again should have surfaced during the weak of preparation if last years game f
  12. The only thing consistent at Auburn is inconsistency. I expect that if things dont improve significantly against Arkansas, then Gus will further aggravate the inconsistency problem by taking playcalling function back.
  13. May not know what's next if we fire him. I do know what next if we retain him. So when the known is nonstop trip into hell I will take the unknown.
  14. When Dennis Allen was hired by the saints they improved in total defense until they were top ten in 2018 and close to top 10 in 2019, however they fell out of top 2019 because they were protecting a lead and playing soft letting catch pass underneath. In addition, I think he can draw up a plan against these college defenses. I think it was 2 years ago the Saints were playing the eagles and Nick Foles with the eagles being fresh off a superbowl victory over the Patriots. With Foles the Eagles ran an offense that is reflective of college offenses today with zone reads and options. The eagles
  15. No I dont want to keep him. I was not for hiring him as when Chizek hired him as oc in 2009. But I have said extensively over time my choice is Dennis Allen DC of the Saints. As you can see I think up as you think down.
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