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  1. You are right technically we are not out of the SEC and playoff race but I feel there are at least 4 other teams on our schedule that is better than Oregon. So if we lose to Oregon technically we are not out of any race but in reality I feel we will be out of it. I am of the conclusion that if we beat Oregon it wont tell us much about what kind of team Auburn has (similar to the Washington game last year) but if we lose it will tell me volumes about what we dont have.
  2. If we lose to Oregon close or a blowout Auburn is washed up for the season. A loss in that game will be devastating and there is not any morale victories. AUBURN will still be in the running for the SEC with a loss technically I believe they effectively be out of the running for the SEC since several teams in the league are better than Oregon.
  3. Lose that one and non gus folks will be rabid. Heck I was foaming at the mouth when we hired him in 2013.
  4. Man, we are already thin at inside d linemen as it is. We dont need him transferring.
  5. One reason is on those 3rd and long we continue to play man defense when we should play zone and keep everything in front of us and our dbs can play facing the quarterback and better react to the ball.
  6. You are right on the gap assignment. #48 did his job getting down and not allowing Fitzgerald the outside, however the backer couldnt see the # after following the man in motion failed to stop the cutback by getting way too wide. I think our guy may have been confused about his assignment when the receiver in motion motioned back to his original position.
  7. It is not talent alone that determines a good defense or offense for that matter. However, Auburn's defense is going to have to be more fundamentally in assignments and execution than it was last year. For instance, in the MSU game last year the defense failed miserably in gap assignments and MSU were gaining large chucks because of the defense playing poor gap assignments. In addition, when Auburn would use middle blitzes, the middle of the field was left open and our cornerbacks would let the receivers unimpeded across the middle. While this was a problem most of the season, it was especially evident in the GA game. I dont know whether the players are at fault or the coaches are atfault but if the defense expects to improve it has to be more fundamentally sound.
  8. I am not saying auburn has not had high points but the two coaches mentioned above never implemented a system in which Auburn is a consistent player in the championship season. For Auburn in the 2010 season for Auburn to get through the season we had Cam one of the best if not the best quarterback in NCAA history. How many more Cam are we expected to get in the future. And with Gus after the DCs in the league saw him once they had no trouble stopping him. In fact, Gus could have a good record at auburn with his ability to recruit but he is so arrogant he will not bring in an OC that could show him up. When he hired Lindsey, he interviewed 5 OCs that was far more impressive than Lindsey as far as having OC experience at schools in a power 5 conference but he ended up hiring lindsey and now Dillingham. With those kind of hires Auburn can at best expect only middle to lower performance expectations.
  9. I would rather win 3 or 4 titles than 1 kick six. The thrill of competing for titles every year is better to me than the prayer in jordanhare. I would rather alabama and georgia go into the game with a hope of a kick six to win and we going into the game with the confidence of being a double digit favorite. I HOPE you guys feel the way I do but while I am happy and cheer kick six and punt bama punt we were not the overall better team in those games so there was no transition to the future. The reason for this attitude is small thinking at Auburn. Alabama goes to the NFL to get a head coach we get a loser from ISU and a high school coach. AND APPARENTLY THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTIME SOON.
  10. In fact, during the Cam Newton investigation by the NCAA, the investigators went into Louisiana and question Greg Robinson's coach about auburn's recruiting. HC told them they were barking up the wrong tree. But it just goes to show you that the NCAA without evidence but based on more rumors by a fan base will investigate Auburn.
  11. So if coaches prediction is not correct and there is a falloff are the coaches saying that then they failed as coaches.
  12. I have been critical of of administration before but I believe that we should be concentrating on ensuring sufficient funds are around for a buyout. If gus does not have a good year then we would need buyout money and the facility would need to probably put on hold. If they started expending funds today for the facility then if we needed to raise money for a buyout that could be difficult. On the other hand if gus has a good year this year (not likely in my opinion) he will be in a secure position for about 2or 3 years and a facility can be built. But we need to get stability in the HC position one way or another before a facility should be considered.
  13. You say they choked on a national stage because the stage was way to big but the stage was not to big in 2000 when they beat FSu and won the championship. In your post you mention quarterbacks and running backs but as I mentioned in my earlier post USC clearly had the most dominate offensive and defensive line in the game and that is where USC won the game (in fact USCs guards dominated Okies DTs all night long. I can not speak for Auburn people but if a Gus coached team got beat like Okies did in the LOC I would not say Gus choked but Auburn got beat by a far superior team no matter what the rankings are. In those games where Okie was superior I was agreeing that choke job happened I was further trying to explain to those that said a choke did occur that it was not necessarily that stoops was the one that choked.
  14. Just citing loses doesnt mean a coach choked. you have to look at it as 1) Was the other team better 2) if not what caused the loss. First of all USC was a lot better team than Oklahoma. They controlled both LOCs in that game so it was not a choke. I remember some of the KSU game but not enough to determine whether it was a choke job or not. The others losses mentioned I dont remember but clearly appear to be choke jobs because the Okies were a better team however from that you have to look at what caused the loss. Clearly Stoops is a defensive guy and if the loss was due to poor offensive playcalling then was it stoops that choked. In addition, the gameplan may have been a good one but the players just failed to execute the plan. Can you say Stoops choked then. However, if you can say that since he is HC he is responsible for what goes on and if the team chokes then he chokes. However, this is different than gus because if the team chokes due to poor play calling or offensive scheme this is a direct link to gus since he is also defacto OC and playcaller. There appears to only be an indirect link to Stoops choking.
  15. I am not insulted about them leaving me off this working group but they had better put me on the football coach search committee.