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  1. This is not a formal poll but from what I see on tv, Nike appears to be the equipment provider of most of the schools and for the NFL(?) so I dont think we cut too much of a deal with Nike considering their apparent monopoly of the Biz.
  2. I think it is on display in auburn trophy case. I do believe that the ball belonged to Alabama and an Auburn equipment manager retrieved the ball. Auburn offered the ball back to bama but they declined to accept it.
  3. I remember all the bama players just standing and watching the ball in awe as they seemed surprised they had a kicker that could kick an end over end kick instead of knuckle balls. Forgot to cover.
  4. I dont follow recruiting like I used too but while that definitely sounds like a dual threat quarterback it may be a difference type of dual threat quarterback we had in the past. I saw above a poster stated that he is a pocket passer so his running yards may be out of the pocket when the pocket begins to break down instead of running yards out of double option offense as nick and cam were. This is probably a couple of years off until he might become a starter but we might need to change the offense to resemble bama with Tua or LSU with Burrow.
  5. While I haven't seen any film on him I agree with you. I read a write up on him and the article said he can flip his hips very well indicating he would be a good cornerback. If he also has good backup speed which are two ingredients that is very difficult to coach then he would be a natural corner.
  6. 7-5 we could do better with 1 high school coach but unfortunately we have 2.
  7. I dont really know about the coaches intention but when we ran the inverted veer in 2010 and Cam would run that power play I was always worried about him getting hurt going back up in the middle of the line but if you run the quarterback option in the zone read the QB keeps it around the end with less congestion and less likely to get hurt.
  8. The 1972 team is my favorite. Both Bama and Auburn had one loss in the SEC that year but Bama played one more SEC game that year because the SEC did not limit the # of conference games a team could play. Conference changed the rules the next year. Talking about a screw job. All the other SEC teams played 6 with the exception of bama.
  9. That one didnt cost us the game but the holding no call (or should I say tackle) that sprung Stabler loose in the 1967 iron bowl and calling Gossom out bounds when he was pushed out lost the game for us.
  10. Actually the interception did not end the game. Bama had all 3 timeouts and we had to punt the ball back to Bama with about 20 seconds left. I think we sacked Terry Davis on 1st down and that ran out the clock.
  11. I remember on the series of bama that led to the second block punt that bama had a 3rd and 4 and Neel from his linebacking spot blitzed Davis on the option sacking him for a 5 yard loss, setting up the 4th down.
  12. Cornelius Bennett, and I forget his name but he played quarterback for Bama in mid 70s and went on to play for jets.
  13. I remember Jordan explaining the blocked punts. He stated on the first block both side of Alabama line made key blocking mistakes but on the second block the left side of bama line corrected their mistake but the right side did not. That was the side Hannah the all american lined up.
  14. While special teams won the game, the defense kept the game close. The 72 defense to me is the best while some defenses such as the 83 and 88 defense had more talent, the 72 defense played together as a team. The names Sanspree, Sively, Bernich, Neil, Langer, and Beck will always bring sweet memories to me.