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  1. I liked Conrad Dobler myself. They say he was the meanest man to ever play. The press one time asked him why he'd bite the hand of defensive players. His response was what would you want me to do when they stick their hand in my mouth. Another guy on that line that was strong was Bob Young. He had a brother that was a powerlifting champion.
  2. Hope he's a better golfer than a coach. Oh well even if he is not it won't affect near as many people.
  3. They made a commitment to excellence and achieved greatness. That does not ruin anything it makes it better. The other teams by not making a the same commitment and achieving the same result as Bama is ruining college football.
  4. Sounds like opportunity for a walk on or two.
  5. Don't we already have about 5 TEs with another coming in. We are short DLs especially NTs. I think we could better use DLs if he in fact could play the position.
  6. Make him a NT. Short and compact he can use that leverage to push the center in the backfield disrupting plays.
  7. One thing I like about Rocker when he was at Auburn he taught the Bull rush. This was excellent to collapse the pocket around the QB to block his line of site, reduce throwing lanes and for the athletic quarterback prevented escape routes out of the pocket.
  8. If an undersized player comes in the strength and conditioning program will put size and strength on him. But I was more or less talking that even if Rocker due to his ineffectiveness at recruiting an was pulling in 3 stars then his development would be such that he is outplayed those 4& 5 stars hauled in by Bama and georgia.
  9. If he is a developer that would mitigate a lot of need for recruiting.
  10. Sounds good. Kirby has learned his lesson well from nick.
  11. He may be ineligible to return. The article I read said he signed with an agent. If that is correct may make him ineligible although it use to be that the NCAA would reinstate eligibility of the player.
  12. First of all I would like to clarify my comments about the competence in the athletic depth. I may have come off sounding as though I thought the entire AD depth is incompetent. That is not the case I think the people within the depth is very competent. I was bringing it up that mistakes can be made and alumni and supporters should be more diligent. Having said that I was against hiring Gus and 1 year is not going to change my mind and it didn't. 2. You said the hire was good it just didn't pan out. I was banking for 30 years and when I went to charge off a loan the officer would tell u
  13. First of all they are a public institution and subject to the open information act so they owe it to everyone.
  14. I don't think it was intentional but mistakes happen. You seem so sure about them making the right decision so you must can tell me what due diligence process auburn used before hiring this guy. You say Auburn is not dumb or careless as I am making them out to be. First I am not saying they are dumb or careless in this situation. I am just saying they should state what due diligence process was used when assessing Friend background. They owe that to us. 2. You say auburn is not careless or dumb. That sure was not the case when they hired Housel and then later Jacob's as AD.
  15. I am concerned because you people seem to think that we can just fire him if it turns out that he was more substantially involved at Tenn than was previously known. But Auburn can not just fire him and remove ant liability for his actions as a coach at Auburn. You people will be all over this if subsequently turn out that Auburn is in hot water with the NCAA because of his actions but it is too late by then.
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