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  1. I don't know why the OL will struggle with Gap schemes because a vast # of these linemen were here under Gus and Gus ran a gap blocking scheme. The only exception to this was whe Lindsey came in in 2017 and 2018 and implemented a zone scheme.
  2. That is a total of 12 players and I am assuming they signed 25 which would leave a total of 13 2&3 stars. That could be the reason. But the key is how he go them. #3 on your list explained that on draft night.
  3. If you think he is married to the analytics book, you missed the Auburn game last year.
  4. Cherry picking. Lane two full recruiting classes at USC were 13 and 10. The brought in significant offensive talent at Alabama. Freezes 3 full classes at Ole Miss was 8, 17 and 17 Kiffens first full class was 17 rather comparable considering how Freeze got talent to come to Ole Miss. People that want Freeze will question kiffen based on inconclusive cherrypicking and then will want Freeze for the job no questions asked.
  5. All this excitement over a high school coach.
  6. I don't know what is in their minds but I don't think they will make any major decision before the permanent AD is named.
  7. We can't have 2 more worthless coaches in kiesau and schmed
  8. This feels like a loss. We might be WKU but that will be our last win for the season.
  9. Missouri is running misdirection after misdirection and that DC we got from the FCS division doesn't even comprehend.
  10. If you think that a HC doesn't do a lot as far as establishing and coordinating game schemes and gameplans that is fine. But I remember Bowdens assistant coaches talked about the Kaos in coaches meeting the HC wouldn't make any decisions and chime in on disagreements. Furthermore, what type of assistants do you think a coach that hasn't paid his dues to be at a big time program will get.
  11. Talent gap closure won't mean much unless you get a coach that can give them a winning game plan and scheme. We were so outmatched in coaching staff that even if we had bettsr talent we still would have lost that game. You have got to have both a game coach and a coach that can recruit. You cannot separate the 2 components.
  12. It is not just recruiting but being able to coach at a big time programs. If recruiting was the only factor to winning Barfield would have been very successful.
  13. Good list Freeze is too risky of a choice. However, I would adjust your criteria to include NFL coaches. With that my 3 choices are Eric Bienemy KC, Bryan Leftwich TB and Dan quinn of the cowboys. Recruiting all 3 have Sper bowl rings which almost automatically gives us a high profile with recruits. While I know these coaches still have to sell the university to recruits at least they now can get in front of the recruit to give him a pitch. These coaches are also well adapted to formulating good game plans, calling plays and adjusting to game conditions. These coaches are well respected and good assistants will want to work for these guys.
  14. It appeared to me that when PSU blitzed both run and pass our OL was confused as to their assignments. That goes to coaching. Shortening the pass pattern and getting the ball out of the QBs hand more quickly would have helped. Defensive problems not sure but our DC spent probably 90% of his coaching career at the FCS level which probably explains the vast majority of problems.
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