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  1. I just a firm believer that you get the ball in the hands of our best player anyway we can.
  2. With tank busting inside with runs the D will naturally be gearing up inside and that will get him outside the box on screen passes and those screens will be even more effective when linemen pull outside the box and block for tank. In addition, in the passing game he presents match up problem for linebackers similar to the way the falcons used Andrews.
  3. If the coaching staff is smart Tank should lead the team in number of catches.
  4. Normal situations you are right that the two events are not mutually exclusive but this is Auburn we are talking about. Anyway I was responding to those posts that mention that mentioned Bowden and gus first year success.
  5. Sick of these so called one hit wonders that end getting fired as Bowden and Malzahn. Would rather somebody come in an prepare us for the long term even if we have to take lumps in the first couple of years..
  6. Not saying site rankings are involved. The evaluation is done by the coaching staff but they will rate the players by position very similar to the way recruiting sites do.
  7. It is really not the size of the staff but the effectiveness of the staff in identifying a player in 3 areas. The first is identifying the best player similar to how rivals & scout identify players and rank by numbers and stars, the next is identifying undervalued players ie Donatarris Thomas and third is identifying non ranked or even a walk on that will fit certain situations.
  8. Maybe you would but I wonder what the majority of the board would say if the start seeing our recruiting classes being ranked around 25 to 30 in the country in recruiting.
  9. Harsin is not going to dictate the recruiting strategy the recruits will do that and to say that Harsin won't be a beggar is either not based in reality or he won't be a coach up here very long. Because if being a beggar is what it takes then Harsin better become a beggar or suffer the consequence of what lower rated recruiting classes bring.
  10. I will pick one that we won. The 1984 georgia tech game. We were up 41-0 at the half I believe. Our offense and defense went in the tank the 2n half. Our offense scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter and I think we won 48-34 but I don't believe I saw a worse 2nd half performance.
  11. 1974 tennesse game. First time in Auburn and we were dominate 21-0 could have been worse.
  12. 1969 it was cliff hare I believe it was Clemson. I was at the dedication game when it became JordanHare. I believe that was Ole Miss.
  13. He will at least get 3 because with Gus on the payroll, we could not hire a decent coach having to pay Gus and Bryan as well a new HC.
  14. Surprised that Stan White in the 1990 tenn game didn't make the list. I believe Stan is still the all time passing leader.
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