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  1. Played only 1 year as starter backup to bo most of his career. But had about a 60 yard run against bama in 1984, in 1986 had something like a 70 yard run against Tenn was not a touchdown, and I believe a 55 yarder or so against Mississippi state. There were probably more.
  2. Is TS going to effect game or even team's travel plan. Flooding occurring in Houston area and expected to continue through Friday. Bryan college station is about 70 miles from Houston. In addition, Houston is. the nearest airport. I would expect auburn to fly into one of Houston airport.
  3. Wish rane would stay out it. He botched the deal with tubs in 2008 and now he clearly showing his ignorance about football by pursuing stoops when there is clearly better canadiates such as Dennis Allen and Josh McDaniels available.
  4. We are probably not going to be successful running between the tackles unless we can do something to loosen up the linebackers. When Bill Walsh and sam wyche were assistants on the Bengals staff in the 1960s they faced a similar situations with an offensive line that was so bad the backs couldnt run between the tackles. The started getting the backs outside the tackle box one on one with the linebackers and the quarterback would screen pass to the running back thus the beginning of the WEST COAST OFFENSE. We could take pressure off our OL by employing a similar screen passing game. In addition, if you catch those linebackers cheating to the outside for the screen pass we may could bust a run or 2 between the tackles. While these stats go in passing statistics it is basically an extension of the running game.
  5. With gus what you see is what you get. In past years people thought that he was holding back on his game plan due to the opponent only to see the same thing when playing an SEC foe.
  6. Man that sounds easy because Gus wants to run the ball it will be that way. Problem is it will not be easy because defenses are going to be gearing up to take this away since they figure the can cover receivers since our pass plays are limited. We dont have a Screen passing program to control blitzes and our opponents will certainly take advantage of that. A screen game can also be used as an extension of our run game and another way of using our running back to generate impact plays. Using two running backs in the zone read attack so the defense will not know which side the play is going to and also making a double option into a triple option. It is a good strategy to employ the running attack a the primary weapon but gus has got to evolve that attack and what worked in the past wont work now without evolving the scheme. I am not ready to be hennie penny and say the sky is falling just yet but I am very concerned about the direction of the program.
  7. The offenses we are playing are running more two step drops and throw negating a pass rush. Opposing quarterbacks are throwing a lot on running plays when the dline has to play run also negating a good pass rush.
  8. I can think of several canadiates that are better prospects than Gus. Dennis Allen and Josh McDaniels are just two. Any coach that has 4 or 5 years as coordinators at schools in the power 5 conference or the NFL is better prospect than a high school coach. In addition, you show little faith in Auburn athletic department by saying we probably end up with rich rod or Charlie weiss. I have more faith in Alan greene to do a through analysis and pick a coach. The only thing I agree with you on is picking a coach is not easy but I dont agree with you picking a coach is hard so let's not do anything.
  9. There are reasons to keep or fire a coach but what other schools are looking is not a reason for keeping a coach. And the fact that mistakes are made as you mention with the UCLA coach is also not a reason for keeping a coach. Sure mistakes can be made but what about georgia and ND making apparent good hires. And give the UCLA coach some lead way. He is in only his first or second year not enough time to ascertain how successful he will be. In addition, if only reason Auburn is keeping a coach just because we are scared of making a mistake is rather gutless.
  10. Instead of just looking at the buyout a cost analysis of keeping vs firing gus. We should look at what is happening to our branding, if were continue to go 7-5 we will end up with more 11 am games vs 2:30 and 6 PM games. In addition, the cost of playing in the birmingham bowl vs the playoffs. While I was not for hiring gus either as an OC or HC, he is the coach now and the decision to retain or fire should be carefully analyzed and as a contingency possible replacements should be obtained.
  11. You stated we dont have a coach willing to step out of his comfort zone. I say we have a coach that does not know how to step out of his comfort zone.
  12. But bo is in college now and defenses are more sophisticated than in high school. Oregon would flip linebackers and safeties down into the read zone which can be a lot more confusing for a freshman to read.
  13. I really dont know if Bo has the option to keep or whether the play is predetermined handoff but if is a predetermined handoff half the field is not being used and defenses can stunt to the side the running back is going outnumber our lineman to that side of the field when they dont have to worry about the quarterback keeping the ball.
  14. You are 100% right I never played college ball, do not know how to build and maintain a program but I do know that Gus also can not build and maintain an SEC caliber program either.
  15. Green even admits Gus has not lived up to his expectations and it sounds like he is implying that while these players are playing hard for Gus they would not play hard for anyone else should Auburn get another coach. Sounds like he is one being divisive. Futhermore, Green is correct our players are playing hard and deserve a coach that can put them in championship contention. Finally, I have not heard that many people make derogatory comments about Gus. I have heard people Express their concern about the direction of the program. So if we are divided because we express concern about the program than pretend everything is ok and sunshine pump then we are divided.