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  1. While Arkie was not very talented they were certainly talented enough to score more than 20 and 19 points against Portland State and Western Kentucky which is certainly squarely on Morris shoulders.
  2. I say no. If it works then let Chad stay OC until Gus works off the buyout before any move should be made.
  3. 1. The reason a QB is labeled a dual threat QB is he is both a runner and passer. When he takes the snap from center in the shot gun he is in the pocket thus he is a pocket passer so Deshan Watson will see the same thing as someone like Johnny Unitas who is dropping back from center. The difference is Watson being a dual threat QB can escape out of the pocket whereas Johnny U. can not. Fran Tarkenton and Randell Cunningham operated from under center. In today's game Watson and Jason Allen are a hybrid of shot gun and under center albeit they are in the gun a lot more than under center. 2. This has nothing to do with Bielema. Bielema ran zone blocking scheme I am talking about cross blocking. This will not replace our current offense but add to it. 3. I am being realistic when I say this year is a disaster because I look how this year will extrapolate into future years. This year is reflective of it will be as good as it gets. For instance, getting 300 yards a game we will continue to lose to GA and LSU. While we beat Bama on the score board this year, they beat themselves and Bama will not do that very much so the loss to Fla is replaced by loss to Bama. The comes the bowl so right there is 9-4 with Ole Miss, Miss State and Texas A&M moving forward we have to hope to continue to beat those teams to remain at 9-4. If we start losing to those teams our recruiting will draw up. That is a disaster.
  4. 1. whether a QB is in the shotgun or under center vision and reading coverages are the same. Besides the majority time under center would be a run. 2. It is impossible to cross block from the shotgun. The cross blocking scheme can create natural holes to run through. The zone blocking and other traditional blocking schemes dont seem to be working for us so why not try something new. A non disaster season, ha. We struggled offensively against LSU, Fla, Ga, Minn, and Bama (even through we won). I always want to improve instead of being happy with a 9 win season. So if you are happy with 9-4, dont change anything.
  5. Clemson appointed Dabo as interim coach in 2008. He went 5-1 during the regular season with his only loss being FSU. So Clemson had a view of his capabilities before removing the interim. Hiring Cody or any other assistants would be hiring the unknown and for better or worse stuck with that person or forking out money for a buyout.
  6. With the quarterback under center it would help our offensive line in run blocking schemes by allowing for cross blocking along the offensive line which the shot gun formation does not allow for.
  7. Before Chad came on board he should have gotten clear and understandable job description from Gus.
  8. That I can call Dennis Allen HC of Auburn
  9. I am not so sure gus's scheme is salvageable by anyone so the best move may be to start over and implement a new scheme assuming gus would approve.
  10. You can have peyton manning back there but as long as we have bozo calling plays it isn't going to matter much.
  11. You make a very valid point. In addition, I would like to bring out the point that who were the ones reviewing the films. In other words were they legitimate college or pro coaches making the assessments or was it sports journalists doing it. If it was journalists, I know they dont know shite from shinola about football.
  12. One key to Bicknell's success will be if he is given the freedom to implement his blocking schemes and marry that blocking scheme to the overall offensive scheme.
  13. I was responding to a poster who said about Bicknell that he did not care about whether he could coach but could he recruit. I was not trying to address whether jb was a good coach/recruiter. However, when you say recruiting is more important than coaching I have to disagree. In the realm of recruiting the upper 4*s and 5* we start off behind bama, lsu , georgia etc and that pool is not very large to begin with. However, if you have a good coach that facilitates recruiting. If your coach is sending his players to the NFL, the high school athletes will see that his players are being drafted and starting on NFL rosters which really impacts recruiting.
  14. So you think it doesnt matter if he cant coach because these 4 and 5 star guys are going to coach themselves.
  15. If he cant coach does not matter about the talent coming in.