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  1. We need a coach that can beat Saben, O and Smart and to keep us competitive with those teams. If it is a proven HC or a good assistant I dont care.
  2. Doing that in 2003 got us a lot of negative press.
  3. Nothing new to me. I was saying he was a high school coach when we hired him as OC.
  4. I dont know if Gus is fired this year, but if he is given another year I suggest that Auburn approve alcohol sales at JordanHare with the profits going to Gus' buyout. Then maybe people wont try to smuggle in the stadium if they know they can get drunk and contribute to Gus' buyout at one time.
  5. Gus may call it a run first offense but we actually we passed more against Lsu and the dogs than run. I was looking for stats on the #of times we ran/pass on first down but couldnt find any. So the run first may be a misnomer. Our offense cant protect bo to set up routes to get those 20 yards chuck plays.
  6. I never said we were paying him top ten money to be a Christian. I was stating that humiliating gus was not the way to go because it would affect us with coaching canadiates. I am not a gus fan no one on these boards is a bigger gus critic than me. But either fire gus immediately, wait until the buyout is more reasonable, force gus to hire a qualified offensive staff or work behind the scene to try to renegotiate the buyout down and part ways but humiliating gus is a bad idea.
  7. I agree and what kind of message would that send to potential coaching canadiates if they see Gus treated that way.
  8. Maybe we should have fired him after the LSU game an told him to find his own transportation similar to the way SC did to Kiffen.
  9. Wishful thinking on my part maybe but I am going to believe the money is there. But I do not have any knowledge of this.
  10. You are right about Kirby going soft to make Gus look better. Betcha a lot of Auburn people get behind that 4th quarter. Reminds me back when Barfield was coach and Bear said on his Sunday show that we had the brightest young coach in football after beating us 37-7. Auburn people who never listened to Bear starting quoting him oh what he said about Barfield.
  11. You are right but if you fire gus you have to add on the price tag of a new coach and to that buyout.
  12. What if Rhule did not want to keep the D staff but bring in his own staff. When you go after a HC you cant make demands on him to retain coaches. He has to have complete control over hiring assistants or he is going to tell auburn where to go.
  13. That was really georgia going to zone and the zones were deeper giving some nice 10 to 15 yard plays.