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  1. 26 million in the last 11 years and the calculator is still adding.
  2. We also signed a NT/DT in Danny Noonan from Okie. He ended up transferring to Georgia.
  3. You call me crazy but you make a statement like their quarterback outpassed all our quarterbacks in our 100+ history. We have historically been a run first team with the exception on the Sullivan years. However with the Sullivan years he played in 11 games including the bowl clemson played in 13 games including bowl in addition, during Sullivan time 60 to 75 plays a game were the norm and in today's game 85 to 100 plays is the norm so it is no wonder that Clemson quarterback would outpass Sullivan. The fist of the matter is that Clemson finished in the top ten in total offense in 2012 2013 but then finished 64 in total offense in 2014. Furthermore he is a coach that lives by the pass passing yards decreased from around 4500 yards in 2013 to about 3400 yards in 2014.
  4. To me gus or Chad it is not going to matter. Chad is a carbon clone of gus. He had a couple good years at clemson before falling off significantly in 2014. Gus also had a couple of good years before trailing off bad. At least gus couple of years was against SEC caliber opponents. A few passes to the TEs is not going to make a silk purse out of a shows ear.
  5. Why is that. Does Texas High Schools use the TE more than Arkansas High Schools.
  6. Know where you are coming from we are going to have him at Auburn High at least this year.
  7. I dont think he is even a good CEO coach considering the incompetent hires he has made on the offensive side of the ball. The majority are high school coaches and( in the case of OL coaches ) retreads.
  8. The original post stated that the veer is a good offense for teams that dont have the best offensive lines in which I concurred. While the inverted veer and the veer is similar a difference is the blocking schemes. In the veer the fullback is the dive guy. The primary read is the the tackle. If the tackle jumps to the inside the QB leaves the ball with the fullback. The DT really takes himself out of the play without any power blocking required. If the QB pulls out and continues with the double option, the DE is unblocked an the OT puts a seal block on the linebacker keeping him from helping out on pitch guy no power blocking required. However in the inverted veer the first read is off the unblocked DE not off the DT. If the DE stays back then the QB will keep the ball for the power play which requires power blocking and a good offensive line while the veer and wishbone do not require a lot of power blocking and is a good option for a team without a superior OL. While the inverted veer requires an OL that is superior at power blocking and since the inverted veer happens from the shotgun the blockers have to maintain their blocks longer.
  9. While you are correct, the veer is an offense with QB under center which Gus and Chad have no shown that type of scheme so I think that will be out but sure would mind see it return to Auburn.
  10. Developed upper body no legs sounds like another great linebacker by the name of Jack Lambert.
  11. Man, is there a better coach in college at making half time adjustments.
  12. Not saying it wont happen because it is possible but I find it hard to imagine an nfl defensive back coach taking a lateral position at a college.