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  1. Proud of my man crush Wesley Steiner! Career high 11 tackles with 10 being solo against LSU. Currently tied for 4th on the team in total tackles. Great job!
  2. That lick put on Shaun at the beginning of the Indiana game....😬😳😕. And he STILL attempted to stay in the game. Goodness....he’s tough as nails.
  3. My man Wesley Steiner will have 1 TFL and 6 total tackles. Book it! 😎 See what I did there? Combined a man crush with a prediction. Fancy!
  4. Mark my word, CBH is named SEC Coach of the Year.
  5. And fortunately, I claimed him this year off of waivers...Go get em Wesley!
  6. Not Rednilla, but I recall that subject being discussed on CBH's new podcast....the 1st episode I believe. CEK was his guest and they dove extensively into his connections in the past, leadership, his route to AU, etc. I won't swear that it talked of CEK "discovering" Rodgers, but AR's name was definitely brought up and discussed at length.
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