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  1. ^^^^^^a ramble which ignores the facts in the OP
  2. Yet you do it in in the sign you use in your posts.
  3. Pres. Trump confirms that Bin Laden's son has been killed in a counter terrorism attack. This coincides with a devastating bombing of an island infested with ISIS.
  4. Little Nicky gets upset when students leave games early so now they are going to track them if they "volunteer."
  5. The lefties here are strangely quiet. That's understandable. Truth is hard to spin sometimes.
  6. Homie and AOC think alike.
  7. Looks like sanctions rather than giving Iran lots of money is working. Maybe gov't employees and the military will pull a coup.
  8. I'll let you explain it all to the father of the victim.
  9. Nice diversion from the thread topic.......Bolton.
  10. My mistake. It was a 9/11 victim's father who called her out for her previous remarks which were not necessary no matter when she said them.