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  1. My two favorite teams are AU and whoever is playing bama. I would really like to see OK and bama play.
  2. Pot calling kettle black. This must be a record for a thread with so many posts off the original topic.
  3. Like McLoofus showed up when you did?
  4. Thank you. Are cole and McLoofus twins?
  5. Titan says I need to do better on analogy. You need to be better on anatomy.
  6. So what is wrong with that. No indication money or favor was involved. Contrast that with the DNC/Hillary campaign payingfor the infamous Steele dossier.
  7. Thank you. Looks like some of our "fans" have difficulty understanding that simple point.
  8. What does that have to do with anything? Are you referring to the thread topic? I don't know Dr. Carson but would love to be his friend.
  9. That's your version. I looked at the thread I assume you are referring to. PT started it with a simple post about Stidham getting to play a little for the Patriots on Sunday.You right away said "why does this need a thread." He responded that "you don't have to read it" and it went downhill from there. But you shouldn't come here playing the innocent victim. I will just let others go look at the thread and be their own judge.
  10. Maybe that would be a possibility sometime when I get to Auburn. If so I will PM him.
  11. The article is another one of Homer's favorite kind.......full of ifs, possibles, and could be.. Even the title says "could be."
  12. I never pretended to be an analogy expert. Is that kind of like Socialism (LOL).
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