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  1. And to this day, they STILL wouldn’t have done it.
  2. Yes, there’s been a few couples who said yes on the finale, then split on the live show or just prior. I know three of them split off the top of my head. Jake and Vienna had an off-the-charts epic breakup right before the live show. My favorite argument ever on the show: But not as many that have made it. For sure 8 of the 39 have made it the three months to the live show and are still together.
  3. 39 seasons of Bachelor (24 seasons)/Bachelorette (15 seasons) have yielded 10 couples that are still together. Two of those couples happened after the original winner was dumped and the runner-up was then chosen. 10 of 39 is pretty surprising.
  4. Yes but Harper, always the ultra reliable crunch time FT nailer, missed the 2nd FT attempt. HE HAD MADE 18 FTS IN A ROW. When he missed it, I thought, oh sheeyat, we've opened the door. We all know what happened. Still IMO, if he hits it, we win in OT. Much like the Kick Six, we were red hot down the stretch. If given OT in either case, we win.
  5. How in the damn world did we...?!?!
  6. It was an instant Ronnie Brown 2.0...
  7. I may be wrong, but I don't get the sense this team is relishing playing any tournament. As I've thought all season long, they'll win one game, and they're out the 2nd round.
  8. I don't get the last play. J'von used as a decoy? Or thrown completely out of the plan? First last play in a long time I don't get what Bruce called.
  9. NCAA tournament audio is copyrighted by Westwood One. That’s why it’s not available on AU’s audio site. CBS has the copyright on the video and who blocks tournament youtube footage.
  10. When he stole it and hit it, it immediately reminded me of this...
  11. No because the tournament games and Auburn audio are both copyrighted by CBS. This will be blocked by CBS in short time, so enjoy for the moment.
  12. Not overly concerned. Remember we lost by 27 to UK the 5th to last SEC game last year before going on the 12-game historic win streak. We’re almost at that exact point in the season right now (six SEC games left). My hope is we rest Okoro as long as possible. If that’s till the SEC Tourney, so be it.
  13. Before I turned 21, I never had a prob finding someone to buy. Never needed to enter a football stadium to find them.
  14. Wow make it FOUR OTs in five games!! Unreal!!