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  1. Watched this game at BWW in PCB. Great atmosphere! Was a great bookend to the night after watching bammer lose to SC.
  2. Anyone have an updated email address for this guy?
  3. Anyone have an updated email address for this guy?
  4. Sure I did. I already knew we did way better without than with him. The stats only confirmed it. We were far more diversified. Gus wasn’t cramming Dyer up the gut every down and thank God the Dyer-Cat was deceased. Blessing in disguise for Dyer he was booted. Would have been embarrassing to see the once-BCS MVP with tread marks up his backside by Mason in 2013.
  5. Riddle me this... Without Dyer, being surrounded by inferior talent and experience, how did we rack up 273 yards rushing in our Bowl game? How did O-Mac & Mason collectively rack up 173 rushing yards, averaging 9.1 YPC? Meanwhile Dyer, with that same inferior talent and experience, averaged 103.5 yards the other 12 games and 5.1 YPC? P. S. How did I do on my stats?
  6. Yup serious. Despite the surrounding talent gap, Dyer was a slightly better back than CAP. As much as Dyer was ridden in 2011, he should have put up 1500 yards minimum.
  7. I only ever saw one defender chase down Fullwood from behind. Tennessee guy I think. He was the total package.
  8. I guess if that was the only thing off in that post from analyzing all those backs, I did fairly well.
  9. Vandy had Vaughn. UK had Snell. LSU had Fournette. bammer had Yeldon, Richardson & Ingram. They’re about to have Harris for 2 seasons. Georgia always has one that starts 2-3 seasons. In fact, they very well might have the least amount of 4/5 star RB busts of any SEC team the last 10 seasons.
  10. Not only did he disappoint carrying the team in 2011, got kicked off the team, proving Chizik and Gus didn’t need him by stomping Virginia, in the next two seasons, amassed a spectacular 704 yards to close out his bust of a career.
  11. Chizik and Gus basically rode Dyer in 2011 because they didn’t have much else. And all he could muster was 1242 yards. We’ve had other RBs put up more than that with lesser weight of the offense on their shoulders. CAP with 1608 yards in 2014 comes first to mind.
  12. Roc Thomas 5-star Kam Martin 4-star Jovon Robinson 4-star
  13. And I agreed with you Dyer wasn't a bust in 2011 on the stats sheet. If you view it as yards ALONE, sure, he had a good season. But he DROPPED in almost a full yard. That you omitted. Or didn't care to add. Whatever...semantics. And he damn sure wouldn't have been in Glendale, AZ on 1/10/2011 without the QB beside him. Let's not act as if he was remotely carrying the 2010 season. In fact, Fannin led the team in starts until his career-plagued fumblitis finally put him in the back seat after the Arkansas and LSU games. If not for Fannin's butterfingers, Dyer would have had fewer carries and wouldn't have reached 1000 yards. So maybe I gave him too much credit for 2010. I said the main factor in calling Dyer a bust in 2011 was choosing the ganja over career.'s another 5-star RB not panning out.