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  1. Finally a big JH game at night. Been a LONG time since the last one. Joint will be rockin.
  2. The QB of the only undefeated team left in the NFL.
  3. AU is 4-0 at College Station, including beating two Heisman winners.
  4. 23 receptions for 312 yards, an average of 4 receptions for 52 yards per game. Destined to be 1st Team All-Conference.
  5. So did T-Zach. The only one I recall him dropping in 2010 was the one in the IB in the 1st half where Cam found him over the middle at the last second. Replay showed there was no one within 10 yards of T-Zach. He easily goes for 30 yards…maybe a TD. Super fluke drop for T-Zach. That quartet of WRs was the best AU has ever had.
  6. This. Don’t recall him dropping one his last two seasons. Only the all-time single season program leader in receptions.
  7. Just sucks this is very likely his last shot against his home-state team.
  8. No I meant I had us winning the SEC pre-season. After the LSU loss, I gave up. Yes there were few who believed we could beat Georgia. Nobody had us winning by 20+
  9. Has there been a program in the last 15 years that has made opposing Freshman / first-year starting QBs look better than we have? Goes all the way back to Matthew Stafford in 2006.
  10. I had us winning the SEC in 2017. If Kerryon doesn't get injured... I'll always believe his injury in Week 1 and in the IB cost us being 12-1 heading into the playoffs.
  11. Will be shocked if AU scores more than 10. I see the game being very similar to last year's game in score and individual stats. GA 27 AU 6 Take GA -15 and call it a day. If you took the opening Under at 51.5 as a parlay, you're sitting pretty.
  12. I’ve seen some miracle Auburn wins at JH when there was no way we should have come back and won or beat a Top 3 undefeated opponent. 1994 LSU comes to mind. But we were a better team. They had 3 superb quarters. We had one miraculous quarter because they kept turning it over. 8 times in fact. 6 of those were INTs. 2001 Florida comes to mind. They were a far better team. But we hung with them because they kept turning it over. 5 times in fact. 4 of those were INTs. I think you know where I’m going with this. If Georgia doesn’t stray too far from their typical gameplan, they are
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