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  1. Indeed indeed. I can’t listen to it and not think of Fast Times/Phoebe.
  2. Gus tests positive tomorrow. The offense hangs 63 on UK and 49 on UGA. Morris is promoted to HC on Monday, Oct 5th. They end up calling it Johnny Majors/Phillip Fulmer 2020.
  3. What’s Auburn’s issue with small backs?
  4. Did JP pick this game up?? Back to prehistoric snowy 480p resolution tube TVs...ugh.
  5. Will come down to the last drive and will be exhilarating for one team and a gut-wrenching loss for the other. Have to go with experience in the trenches. UK 27 AU 23
  6. Much like the ball used to leave his grasp.
  7. Morris calls a play, but Gus grabs Morris’ headset. Morris enters the transfer portal on Sunday.
  8. I’ve eaten chicken all week. Did my part.
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