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  1. Sorry. Didn’t mean to offend. Thought this (and our recent discussion) was debating football topics. My apologies.
  2. Nope. You were the only one boldly predicting it... OUCH...
  3. Didn’t bammer play in the SEC that season? Wasn’t the game on the road in the venue of a 20-game winning streak? It was a win for Auburn right? What vaunted conference did 1983 Texas play in? Wasn’t the game IN Auburn? Didn’t Texas win by 13 and hold Auburn to 7?
  4. 2010 beat an 8-0 team, the then-#1 ranked rushing D, and put up 440 yards rushing on them. 2010 played AT the defending national champions with the returning Heisman winner, a future NFL hall of fame WR and the #3 scoring defense with a 20-game home winning streak and won. Held that Heisman winner to 36 yards rushing. 2010 played the schedule they were dealt and beat them all. 1983 didn’t.
  5. A PAC 10/12 schedule has never & will never compare to the SEC. Point is...2010 Oregon’s #4 ranked rushing offense was squashed by nearly FOUR times (286 to 75) by the 2010 Auburn D. That is impressive no matter the opponent. The 2010 Auburn D would do the same, if not more, to 1983 Auburn because they could sell out on the run every single play. 2010 Oregon had to resort to passing to make it a game because they could only muster 2.3 YPC. Love Randy Campbell, but he & Chris Woods’ 15 catches for the entire season ain’t beating anyone through the air. Demond Washington would have shut him down by himself on his worst day. And how do you stand in the pocket hoping for Chris Woods to get open AND block Fairley? Just like every other OL in 2010 found don’t. That’s just the 2010 D vs. the 1983 O. We haven’t even gotten to Cam vs. the 1983 D. 2010 Auburn would beat 1983 Auburn by at least 5 TDs.
  6. Oregon was #4 with 286 YPG. MSU was #16 with 215 YPG. Ole Miss was #18 with 208 YPG. LSU was #28 with 186 YPG. bammer was #29 with 183 YPG. 1983 Auburn averaged 294 YPG. They ran it 54.5 times/game. 5.4 YPC. 2.5 rushing TDs/game. 2010 Oregon ran it 48.3 times/game. 5.92 YPC. 3.28 rushing TDs/game. 2010 Auburn held 2010 Oregon to 75 yards rushing. 2.3 YPC. 0 rushing TDs.
  7. 2004 would be a great game. 1983 would lose because 2010 was #9 against the run. 2010 would have put Demond Washington on Chris Woods who caught 15 passes for the season and moved Mike McNeil and Zac Etheridge up near the box to help stop Bo and James.
  8. We lost 37 players from the 2010 National Championship team. No one can survive that kind of attrition and have a successful following season.
  9. I’ll take Jeremy Johnson for -5
  10. Many of those you’re referencing don’t even have a high school diploma. Sidewalk alum they is.
  11. I remember our fans asking why Gus hired a guy that gave up 70 points in a bowl game. And what did Travis Williams do before being hired at Auburn?
  12. Other than Muschamp, Gus is incapable of making homerun hires. All Gus makes is sacrifice pop-ups.