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  1. I don't believe he'll get the job in the end just because AU will choose someone else. But I 100% believe he'll give AU an interview.
  2. Interesting the contrast of “official” opinions.
  3. That doesn’t jive with @PoetTiger
  4. Darn was hoping to see more of Finley as he really shined the last time LSU played at JH.
  5. The last three times AU was this bad (or worse) was 98, 08 & 12. All three LSU games were at home. And you guessed it…we lost all three, by 12, 5 & 2 points, so not as bad as one would imagine. So JH does offer a big advantage in most LSU games. This is why I’m a bit cautious that LSU blows us out, despite @Brad_ATX ‘s prophecy. LSU 24 AU 13
  6. It cements nothing. If he (or agent) was contacted to do three interviews, he’ll be contacted by at least three more before the year is out. I don’t care who you are, how successful you are and how much you love your current employer, being recruited to work somewhere higher than your current employer is flattering, which causes temptation.
  7. You may be right it will not be AU, but it’s not difficult to figure out his fancy. If a big name university like Auburn wants him, he’ll grant them an interview and they’ll pitch him accordingly. People change their minds about all different kinds of things in life and head coaches are no different, as evidenced by the head coach quotes referenced above.
  8. “ I don’t know how many times I have to say it. I’m not going to be the Alabama coach” ”Only way I’m leaving Ole Miss is in a pine box” ”You know how I feel about this place and this program (Oklahoma). So of course we’re going to continue to do that. We work well together, and we’re going to keep working well together.” Those definitive proclamations lasted what? A few weeks?
  9. We all have more than one single motivation that we toggle. I’m sure he’s deep-rooted at JSU, but the challenge of the P5 to measure himself against the best has to be a motivation for him. Why else did he interview? He did so as a player on Sundays AND during baseball season. I can see him keeping tabs on JSU at a P5 program. He still gets to make a difference in young men’s lives.
  10. I’ll ask again…then why did he interview for three P5 programs in the off-season?
  11. BINGO There is no realistic available HC that would set our recruiting ablaze like Prime.
  12. Preach. Exactly what I've been saying. These are the only two factors that are needed to compete with dink & kirbs.
  13. Yup, Demond Washington deliberately dropping the ball while crossing the goal line. Lucky it wasn't reviewed.
  14. The last time we were this bad and the opponent was this good, on the road, was 11/24/12. After the 1st Q, I turned on my PS2 and beat the crap out of them.
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