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  1. I’ve never understood why some of our fans want to go the East. Why would you want the possibility of playing bammer twice? Even if they’re in a down year, no thanks to that stress.
  2. They have to play 4 rounds in that scenario.
  3. Look no further than the post above this one.
  4. He was the #1 rated QB in his class…ahead of Clemson’s starter. And racked up massive amounts of yards & TDs. Not trying to toot bammer’s horn, but if you think he is their weakest link, you better look somewhere else.
  5. And opinions like that are why Wayne Atcheson quietly claimed 5 bogus titles with a single wave of his hand in 1986, including that 2-loss farce in 1941. Does anyone know REALLY why Atcheson chose Summer of 1986 to add his bogus 5? Because leading into that season, bammer only had 6 and Notre Dame had 10. Well guess who was on the schedule in 1986 & 1987? You got it…the team with the most. Atcheson, with one single solitary stroke of a pen inside their 1986 media guide, now led Notre Dame 11-10. There…that’ll show em who’s boss. If that isn’t the biggest joke
  6. Ditto with NC St over Phi Slama Jama. NC St had zero business being even close in that game. The talent contrast in that game is the most vast of a title game in any sport I can think of. TWO NBA Hall of Famers on the same team lost that game. The other three starters and their bench was plenty good enough to beat NC St. IMO, it remains the biggest upset of any title game in basketball and football history.
  7. So essentially, you’re saying despite AU going 11-1 against one of the toughest schedules of, not just that era, but all-time, considering where their opponents were ranked pre-game, they deserved to stay at #3 after winning their bowl game, and the two teams in front of them both losing their’s. I would venture to say that final poll that season is the only time in AP history where #1 & #2 both lost on the same day with #3 winning and stayed #3 the following AP poll. If I’m incorrect, please note which season and teams that exact circumstance happened. Perhaps it happened w
  8. Agreed with all points. I will say USC was MUCH more prepared for their bowl game than us. Which by the way, why is it that when we have special seasons (83, 04, 10), we barely beat our bowl opponents? All three wins by 8 total points combined. Sure, motivation played a large part in only beating VT by 3. I’m still disgusted in our secondary giving up those two bombs-for-TDs in the 4th Q. That win was very bittersweet. The manner in which USC pulverized OU, I’m not certain we could have outscored them. I do think much like AU vs FSU 2013, we would have gotten up on USC at some point.
  9. A cool “did you know?” fact… Since 1993, Auburn has more perfect seasons than bammer.
  10. This. It eliminates the family being on the hook for tampering.
  11. If I can’t change or break a rule, I’ll figure out a work-around. - Nicholas
  12. That has already become the new norm. For the clever, could be an opportunity to dragnet the dinks & bowlcuts. Wonder what the penalty will be for tampering if caught on text/email/phone/video/in-person?
  13. Allow me to introduce you to the Jedi gray shirt master…
  14. You can try, but you can’t top a 2-loss 1941 team that failed to win their conference.
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