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  1. I prefer this Paul Stanley tribute...
  2. Cost us the 2013 National Championship...twice.
  3. Show em that 2-inch vertical bro...
  4. No but two running into the end zone is and two in one game is.
  5. Boobie fumbled twice prior to running into the end zone last season. We all thought Fannin put his fumble issues behind him until the 2010 Arkansas game. Fortunately Penn Wagers reffed that game instead of Tom Ritter and ruled it a TD prior to the replay. Some RBs cannot flush it from their game.
  6. Rod Gilmore was the announcer on the 2016 LSU game that was adamant that "we" couldn't tell if LSU got the snap off in time. He said "You can't see the snap." Frickin moron...
  7. Dish canceled its deal with Fox Sports Southeast. Sucks for me too. Only way for us to watch is youtube or...
  8. The only time was Vandy 2007 with the 1957 throwback helmets...
  9. Their coach called back to back timeouts trying to get the injured Herbert back in the game, but he didn’t know the rules. Given a freshman QB taking his first snap, was a lock it was going to be a run.
  10. And on that opportunity, they called a deep dropback pass on 2nd & 7. Sacked for a loss of 7. That asinine call thwarted their own chances of running out the clock.
  11. He called back to back TOs believing it would allow the injured Herbert back in the game.
  12. Heard that following the game was a statewide epidemic of closed sphincters followed by a shortage of Jaws of Life.
  13. Not sure if anyone made this observation...did Oregon call Curley Hallman on what to run on 2nd & 7 up 21-20? Not just a pass, but a deep dropback by Herbert...allowed Pappoe to initiate the big sack. Not complaining but that was a gift, Curley Hallman-style.