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  1. You nailed it. They’re not going to fire an 8-win coach. Not with this schedule & not with a true freshman QB. Never even was a consideration prior to this season. However, with the OL, DL & Secondary attrition combined with road games at GA & bammer, next season is setting up to be a 1998 / 2008 / 2012 type season and will leave “no doubt” about Gus’ fate.
  2. About the same as Tubbs’ and Chizik’s last offenses.
  3. Exactly. If any of you thought Bo has been bailing the pocket and running for his life this ain't seen nothing yet.
  4. Yeah when we got to our hotel in ATL that night, I called my mom to describe the euphoria we experienced. I was so hoarse it hurt to talk. The next day was much worse. But it was one of those “good” hurts.
  5. Fred Smith’s or Brian Robinson’s? I can’t recall which was louder. They were both off the charts loud. Only louder “pop” I’ve experienced was the 1st play in the 2004 SECCG when Campbell hit Taylor down the right sideline. When Taylor broke his tackle, I thought my eardrums were going to burst. I was right in the middle of the AU endzone multi-section where Taylor was running to.
  6. Ditto. I was beside myself throughout the comeback. Walking out of the stadium felt like walking on a cloud. What I just witnessed...did that really just happen? I felt a sense of invincibility...that this team was never going to lose.
  7. Was there really a big reaction when this happened? I thought Bo wasn't thought of as a big-time recruit. Plus all we had back then were newspapers and the local TV sports news. I don't ever recall reading/hearing about any recruits in the early 80s via those outlets. I do recall where I was when Cadillac committed. Was on my lunch break driving, listening to JOX. There was great anticipation over his commitment...the biggest I can ever recall to that point over any player Auburn was pursuing. I wanna say it was Scott Moore on JOX. He said very sarcastically, "For you Auburn fans, some guy named Cadillac just committed to Auburn." I went apesht in my car overjoyed & screaming "Some guy??? Really??? You moron!" I said right then, "We're about reel off at least 4 straight on bammer."
  8. @aujeff11 I know you're hurting today brother. But it's time for you to re-enter the aufamily portal. mods...release the JeffKraken...
  9. Story of my football forum life. Who gives a crap if the majority disagrees with you. You stand for what/who you believe in and don't take shiitake from anyone. I stood alone in my takes towards Sean White no matter if he won or lost a game while the majority threw daggers from all directions. We ended up with Stidham and everyone forgot who Sean White was. In other words, now is not a time for the Gus Bussers to run and hide.
  10. I recall an AU Freshman QB scoring just 7 against FL. Also scored just 7 against bammer that season. Went on to become AU's all-time leading passer...still holds that record. Care to guess?
  11. You mean there are folks STILL on the bus??