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  1. Thanks for the info. Sounds about right. Swap a few square feet for practice fields and tennis complex. We might be getting a better deal considering the inflation and those extras?
  2. It is a substantial amount of money. Never said it wasn’t. Although, AU football brings a lot of money to the table, and it’s not like AU can’t pay for it. Unfortunately, $92M is par for the course in the college football arms race. Just wait till AU has to do improvements to the stadium. $92M will seem like a drop in the bucket.
  3. I am a manufacturers’ rep, and I most certainly can tell you building materials have risen that much. Take copper for example. Paying $50 for a roll of copper building wire 4 years ago will now cost you $120. Just last year I bought some lumber for $3.83 a board, and now that same board sells for $7.71. Now you could argue how Auburn should have built sooner, and that would be a valid argument. Also, how does the size of Auburn’s facility compare to Clemson’s? I don’t think I have seen that comparison anywhere?
  4. Phillip Marshall can eat a big fat Van Gorder!
  5. CGM’s coaching ability has a negative impact on his coaching. Not what the fans say or do. The man is getting $7M/yr to underperform. Why do people keep trying to make excuses??? $7,000,000 per year! How long would it take for 99% of Auburn fans individually to make that type of money let alone in 1 year? Stop trying to get other AU fans to see things your way. It’s not going to work. He is a fired coach walking.
  6. Shocks definitely had the right idea about Signal Mountain and up Hwy 27 toward Soddy Daisy which would be easy to commute. I24 would be a no go for me either direction from there. Used to work a half mile from Siskin and the best times to commute were before 6am and after 6pm. Anything in between was miserable on I24. Good luck in your search!
  7. I live in Apison. 20 miles east of downtown Chattanooga. Nice, small, growing, unincorporated(lower property taxes), but with all of the benefits of living in Chattanooga. 15 minutes from Hamilton Place mall. 30 minutes from downtown. Closer to the Smoky Mountains and the Ocoee. We take the little ones to Dollywood many times a year. Good mix of old/new homes and neighborhoods/farms/privacy. I live in a neighborhood with 1.5-5 acre lots that is surrounded by cattle/horse farms. There are also neighborhoods that are more front porch living. Low crime. You will want to s
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