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  1. That is what happens when you don't swing level through the zone.
  2. Not sure why you think it has to be logical. I didn't question them nor was I asking about their kid's hitting. Merely told them their kid was hitting well as a conpliment, and that's when she said their kid is going to Casey Myers. And yes the kid is a starter.... and she informed me there are others as well that go to the Myers...
  3. No it wasn't a CMD move.... the Dad kind of got upset when the Mom starting telling folks....
  4. Heard something interesting while talking to some of the parents at their tailgate when we stopped by there at one of the last home series.... surprisingly several of the girls go to a Meyers for hitting lessons which could be the improvement in our hitting this season....
  5. Probably will next year and the year after. Remember this was a contract year therefore the early bombshell and awesome record helped CMD to a 4 year contract extension.
  6. Going to end up at Clemson regional and most likely facing Liberty...... Mizzou RPI is #18 where as Auburn is #31..... we are far from hosting and Clemson is the better draw unless you want FSU again!!! Would like to be there but not going.... I would give up the weak schedule for a few more losses to have a higher RPI and possible chance to host a regional..... just saying!!! My opinion and I know there are those that disagree....
  7. It was a great game and Mizzou battled then took advantage of some timely ball in play situations.... 1st time in 17 years (I think) that they lost their tournament opener...... Mizzou is making a run it appears
  8. She definitely got her team going at the right time! We have the athletes at AU and the difference just seems to be coaching like you stated..
  9. True, however if you need that bat you also have Godwin that is C/OF with a cannon arm that is also in the batting line up, then keep Garcia in the line up as DP... but you also need to teach the fundamentals of the position they are playing also.... for example: first steps for a ball hit to you, catch the ball at the highest point, angles to the ball, etc. You watch our OF and there is not much in the way of fundamentals being used therefore one must assume they are not being taught... I also saw that our RPI has now dropped into 30's now.... guess that means we won't be hosting a regional
  10. And I challenge you to pay attention and watch, you will be playing the young team card again, and again, as there will be girls who come in and shine then transfer out due to lack of coaching, getting worse, etc. Look at Snow at OU. Been nice to keep her.. stats are for chumps.... it is about wins and losses... CMD's contract extension was based on what.... oh we are young? Surely we didn't throw money at a 3 year excuse on a contract extension....... we lost Swindall, Perry, Dowell, Rivera & Handley.... that was 4 Seniors..... now granted we have girls out of positions as well. Garcia is not an outfielder and a junior.... and the 1 run scored was on a fly ball that any real outfielder would have caught if they knew what steps to take and how to play the outfield. Godwin has played the OF and would have been better there. Garcia belongs at 3rd... that is one example....
  11. Yet you continue to allow the youth card to be played. This team is NO better and still a bottom dweller of the SEC as there are 13 teams and we are 10th. 1 and done in the SEC tournament. 28th in RPI which means we will NOT host a Regional. Are we really better? What will the next excuse be?
  12. Bama will host a regional, doesn't really matter if they do well in SEC tournament... and they will be in a super.... however AU is 28th in RPI and we will be going to FSU I'm afraid..... doubt we make it to a super with only Penta... she has showed a lot of signs of fatigue lately.
  13. Young team? We have been hearing this excuse a couple years now and yet we are still young? Schedule was easier this year than last year! 5 game SEC losing streak. Sub .500 finish in conference. Finishing 10th in the SEC... Still cannot hit and players are out of position..... Injuries have plagued the team all season.. which warrants the question if the extra weights etc are catching up to us. Not to mention our coaching staff has ZERO energy..... good thing the girls do..
  14. If that is the case I had rather just play T-Town or Arkansas right out the gate...
  15. I find it interesting that Mizzou who finished with Alabama just yesterday may have to play them again within 4 days. I bet they aren't to happy either...
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