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  1. Dean's record at Auburn..... here is JMU's record since Dean... 141-31 while Dean's record at AU is 109-76..currently only 1 loss with his recruits at JMU.... Big difference in leadership and quality of opponent understood... but coaching talent is coaching talent.... just saying someone is coaching up his recruits there at JMU.... not so much at Auburn...
  2. Cannot believe the state of North Carolina would not let Duke host due to the states Covid/pandemic protocols. Oh well looks like Athens, Georgia will get the tax revenue.... and oh my the bat saga continues....
  3. I heard he left UAB because the University was cutting pay and furloughing non-essential personnel
  4. Yes I believe he was an applicant from what I remember. I will add that the uncertainty of being at the end of a contract will most likely play into the applicant pool. But that is also NO reason to give a contract extension. Hopefully the Malzahn fiasco taught the administration a costly lesson...
  5. Go get Jimmy Kolaitis from Arizona State! He is from Alabama and may want to come home! Better yet get a whole NEW staff.
  6. SMH as we are the worst team in the SEC. Why? Because we got the L and not the W!
  7. Slot I too remember that game and went back and looked at the box score. It was almost the same outcome from the game in February. However SC has progressed where we have digressed..
  8. From the Pent House to the Out House in 4 years!
  9. Appears to have been over confident going into the ballgame looking ahead to LSU... "Bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush..." Maybe he was looking at the bush..
  10. So the bracket looks like this IF we beat SC, then LSU, then Mizzou, then UF if I recall after seeing it earlier...
  11. Our RPI is high enough we should be in a regional anyway.
  12. We have to beat SC first.... 😆
  13. We cannot hit and we appear to rely on errors/unearned runs for our wins.... it will probably be a short SEC tournament appearance for us..
  14. Based on the current standings it looks like we are playing the play in game on Tuesday
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