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  1. No, this Nation is reaping what it has sown since the first Anglo set foot on this continent, and it will get worse before it gets better.
  2. Jesus was the scapegoat to end all scapegoats Religion still has not found a way to reconcile with that
  3. I think he was an opportunist. Hit and miss. Miss a lot.
  4. Well, you have to think about more than power forwards...
  5. Well, there are a few, but you guys call them socialists and communists, just to cancel them out.
  6. It isn't always the coach...
  7. Honest question: Just how did his defense do at Vandy? He had a serious mountain to climb with talent, but how did he really do with what he had?
  8. I just lost my Aunt today, in Anniston. She had been on a ventilator for two weeks. Sepsis set in last week, and her organs stated to shut down. My heart breaks for you, Mate. I know just how hard this is. It literally sucks. Stay safe, and know that you have my support.
  9. Thank you!! Thank you!! This program was a real mess, and people need to put their big boy pants on and look at it HONESTLY.
  10. Mate, relax. You need to put down the crystal meth.
  11. If you are seriously feeling like this, I have some PRIME waterfront property in Bedford, VA I would like to sell you...
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