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  1. I seriously doubt it take much to be more educated than you.
  2. No, I am not. But unfortunately, it's coming. I'm trying to explain to you what I see coming, but, hey, do with it what you want. Revenge is a huge part of politics, just ask any ancient Roman Senator to any British MP. Especially when your counterpart has gone scorched earth upon you for six years.
  3. The mistake here is thinking the McConnell gives a rat's tail about anything that 45 thinks or says. He doesn't care. McConnell has gotten what he wants, he just thinks that Schumer and Co. don't have the stones to retaliate. He is about to get a very rude awakening..
  4. We will see, but the way the Republicans have behaved the past six years, four with power, they will reap what they have sown. And it will ALL be Constitutional. They have brought this upon themselves, and are daring the Democrats to blink.
  5. And there is the 1929 Apportionment Act. If that is overturned, Conservatives will never hold power again. Here is what I see: Republicans have signed their death warrant, Texas may just go Blue this year, but definitely will in 2022. They will be destroyed in Senate and House races in that election. If you're my age, 55, you are about to witness something magical, I think. Democrats are incredibly energized now, and will be for years to come. Why, they are younger, and they are pissed at the Establishment, especially Republicans. And they really are more well educated. They are
  6. That sounds like some one who endured the 1982-83 Heflin Tigers football team...
  7. Big adjustments at Half. That is hilarious!
  8. I worked my ass off to make my Musikverein debut in Vienna. I understood what I had to do to grow, and make people want to hire me, and to be ready and able for that debut. Then I went out and did it. Bo hasn't. That is a key trait that we are missing here. He understands that he has to get better, but he doesn't. We are talking football here. It really ain't that hard. Especially if you really WANT to get better. There is a huge gulf between understanding and doing
  9. What is amazing to me is that NO ONE considers that our offense is garbage as WELL as the defense. You can gripe and groan about USCe getting 21 points off of turnovers saturday, but a competent defense would have held them to 9. This defense is really Vanderbilt level bad.
  10. Ole Miss 56 Auburn 17 They have the chance to bury us and they will take it and make the most of it. If sanity ruled at AU, Gus would be shown the door after this
  11. And this is what $7 Million gets, if you're Auburn. Garbage. This is absolute garbage. This is ALL on Gus. Never should have been hired, and definitely deserves to be fired today. Covid or no.
  12. Somebody hog tie Gus, gag him, and leave him in the hotel till the game is over...
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