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  1. Auburn is a sleeping giant. It's time to wake up, and take the bull by the horns, and become what it can be.
  2. Fair point. But he is STILL, other than Jerry Boy himself, the face of that "university." Not only was what he did bloody stupid, but cowardly to boot. And it gave his employer a really bad black eye, and trust me, that vocational school doesn't need any help with that.
  3. That was the most disqualifying statement I have read today.
  4. I get what jboy is trying to say, although, he does show his ignorance when it comes to the law. I teach up here, at UVA. When you DM a student who is a VICTIM, like he did, it is a threat. It was viewed as such by her, her family, the piss poor Liberty faculty, and by many of us around this state. He has power, and even though it is Liberty, he wields immense power on that campus. When I have been a mentor to new junior faculty, the first thing I do is sit them down and discuss the power they have over a student. You may disagree, but it is CONSIDERABLE. You stay off of their social media, and limit their ability to to see or comment on yours. Had he done that to one of my daughters, I would have put my faith aside and put him on his ass. I will support Auburn, and this hire, even though I am Missouri on its impact. But we need to realize he does stupid remarkably well.
  5. Well, that will be too late. The Portal is open on the 5th. If it is Thursday, then this is a pathetic fail
  6. First honest response I have read
  7. actually, in my experience, non-christians TOTALLY have a better grasp on it than Evangelicals and Southern Baptists.
  8. Well, you're in for a letdown.
  9. Stiff upper lip there. mate...need a thicker skin inside and out...
  10. 8 total yards in the second half. Let that sink in for a second
  11. When I was a child, I thought, spoke, and acted like a child. When I became a man, I threw Evangelical theology into the dung pit where it belongs. A theology that has more in common with Zeus or Moloch is a very dangerous thing, indeed.
  12. Are they taking the night off?
  13. AU 31-7 I just watch them play UAB. I get everybody's concerned, but I really feel good with the way that we can run the ball on them, shorten the game, and the way that our defense can play against them. I really feel good about this. We're Harsin here, he would find a way to blow it
  14. I just have to laugh every time everybody worries about the money. If you're playing in this game, you got the money. And Auburn may not be as big a have as Texas a&m, but they've got money and they can play the game. You don't build the State of the art football only center and not sweat it like these guys have done. Auburn is a sleeping giant. And it's bloody time that it woke up.
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