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  1. I have defended this since Harsin was hired. No more. It only took four games. So sorry I defended him. Absolutely pathetic, all the way around. Absolutely NO reason for this. NONE. Honeymoon is over. I have absolutely ZERO confidence moving forward in Harsin. Not after this.
  2. Is that the price for ALL games, or is this only for the Akrons and ASU's? I might just drive down and take my dad for that price.
  3. Ya think? That kid is a stud. We desperately need DL, OL, & WR
  4. I really get what you are saying, but no coach is going to go that far away from his system. He definitely gets an F from me for last night, but I just have a feeling that we will see a different team tomorrow.
  5. Sorry I just had to laugh. That is NOT what Harsin runs. He never has. Better get used to it,.
  6. I will wholeheartedly agree on the first point. Bo does not deserve that. But he is NOT a good quarterback. I have thought, for awhile, he plays out of position. Waaay out of position. I see more Rob Pate in him than I do Ben Leard. He is inaccurate and makes poor decisions. He is just the best we have right now. If we see him next year, I think it will be on the bench. With a year under their belt, I just don't se him beating out Finley or Davis. A very good young man, but not the guy you really want under center at this level. Just my opinion.
  7. Geeze mate, it was one game. After 8 years of sheit, you think you might give the man a chance in his first game like this where all the stops were being pulled out against him. With Gus at the helm, we might have scored 9, and it would have been a complete cluster. I don't know where this is going, but Harsin had a FAR better resume than Gus ever did. And he inherited a program that was being run into the ground. Just look at the OL, WR, QB, and couple of other positions. This truly is a rebuilding situation that fellas like you just don't get. A complete overhaul with one being s
  8. Ballgame. 21-3 after 1 is way insurmountable for this Florida team. UF really isn't that good.
  9. Best "F you" moment I have EVER seen in college football
  10. Thanks I appreciate your point of view. I do have to disagree on the team speed and on Ball State. Not Wisky. That was a stout win. That's the beauty. We really don't know what we have. We have an idea, but ideas don't really win games, do they? The young men do.
  11. Thanks! This is a great laugh for this Mid' Atlantic boy. I appreciate you, but you really are going out on a limb. Funny.
  12. Living here in Virginia, I get a STEADY diet of Big 1G, especially Penn State. Really good folks. The two schools are a LOT alike. Problem here is that the folks in Happy Valley HOPE they can back up the smack talk. Beating Wisky (while looking bad) was good, but Ball State is Akron and ASU level. PSU is, like most Big 1G teams, big, and they like to play physical. That will be the biggest key against Auburn, for my book. Has Auburn really manned up on the lines, especially the OL. THAT to me, is of great concern. If you know me, I think that Auburn should have rescinded all th
  13. I always get a kick out of amateur musicians going on about marching bands. Neither are the New York Philharmonic, or Boston Pops, and the performance is not meant to be the same. It's a halftime at a football game. Nobody really cares.
  14. How so? VERY different approach. Like to hear why.
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