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  1. Bama's only hope of making the CFP is trucking Auburn. We will be lucky to hold them to 42
  2. 24-13 at Half. Minnesota looks well coached, on BOTH sides of the ball. We NEED that
  3. No worries, He is Baptist. I buy him a coke while I enjoy a Carlsberg
  4. This whole thing is a business for Gus. He earns a good bit of profit from this offense, so just think what would happen if he did change it... This offense could be pretty special if it were to EVOLVE (I know, that's a tough word for Southern Baptists), but Gus will not allow it.
  5. I have a nephew who is a GA on uat's staff, and is quite close to Cristobal. His understanding is if Auburn called, he would drop everything and be on the first plane. Kid thinks the man is an awesome coach. When you have a top notch coach, who is showing that he can build a program and compete, you need to take notice. Unlike what we did with the guys who just has a business selling books and videos for an offense that doesn't work, and had no clue how to build a program...
  6. The one sports arena where he will get what he wants: Adoration. Nah, he won't be booed this weekend.
  7. Thing is, Brad, I do believe that's his "average"against teams that have a pulse.That is what he has shown for 7 years, at least.
  8. Sorry that you don't like the way I write or speak, but it's not my problem. I don't really worry with cognitive challenged persons like yourself, so I'll let you prattle on. That's what you do best.
  9. Right mate. Look, I understand you are a scheit-stir-er, but You really need to try with someone else who can see past BS, and you're in 100 over your head. I enjoy the daily dose, and a few other things I am privy to, but I would stand down on this one, because you will lose more than your shirt...Mate
  10. Then you definitely do not know Doug at all, for I can tell you, with great certainty, he ain't pumping any sunshine where Gus is concerned the past two years, Mate. Careful what you post when folks that know the fella can assure you you're off a thousand miles.
  11. Grades and SAT/ACT scores do not an intelligent man describe. ACT and SAT scores do not measure determination, and when you look at successful people in the US, that is what separates them from the rest. Determination and Perseverance. Gus' issues are that he doesn't handle pressure well at all, that he is in a position that he doesn't have the skill set to handle, and that he is just bloody stubborn and prideful, and does not learn from his mistakes. A great/good leader understands his shortcomings, learns from his mistakes, and puts his people in good positions to win. Like Wellington. We could learn a lot from that man...
  12. Auburn starts fast, puts up a quick 17 points, then the script is over. We never see Williams. LSU warms up, makes adjustments to Steele, and runs off 42 points before Gus figures out what is going on... LSU 56-24 Boy, I hope I am wrong, but Gus isn't able to compete.
  13. NFL-itis is a powerful thing...
  14. Bronco Mendenhall at UVA should definitely be on the list. He knows how to build a program, and to sustain one. Did it at BYU, being the power in the Mountain West, then staying consistent when that school moved to Independent status. At UVA, he has recruited very well, and unlike most SEC schools, the athletes HAVE to be able to get into school, like regular students. Josh Heupel at UCF. I know, I know, it's UCF, but he has whipped Gus with less, and they always play at a very high level. But honestly, why does Auburn make snap decisions on this type hire? Look at good coaches in the FCS ranks that have built and sustained very strong programs. Programs like North Dakota State, James Madison, heck, even Wofford. A good coach who can build and sustain a program over the long haul at better than 8-4 & 9-3, is better than some guy that spends one year at Arky State, wins with some other fella's recruits, and then takes over a multi-million $ program like Auburn. That hire was just JABA.
  15. My question is this: After looking at the quality of their opposition, why do you all think they pay good defense? I really am not seeing it.