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  1. Thanks. I appreciate your correcting me.
  2. I will take Bird's word over your thought. He has the experience to know of that which he speaks. If we had recruited worth a hill of beans at the position, Boobie would have been a spot player. If there weren't injuries to freshmen last season, I have a feeling Boobie would have been a nice afterthought rather quickly.
  3. I live here in ACC country, and that fella above hasn't a clue of what he speaks. High school ball up here in the Mid Atlantic can't compete with Texas high school football. Nope, I'm not buying what he is selling.
  4. Really not trying to be argumentative, but when was the last Auburn and/or SEC RB that played as the starter for 2+ seasons? Honest question, for I am having issues remembering the last one and I am only 55.
  5. Well, his idiot base is the whole of the South. That bunch of moronic, heretical Evangelicals are learning this is what you get when you trade Jesus in for Nationalism. From the Didache for you "Evangelicals" "For in the last days false prophets and corrupters shall be multiplied, and the sheep shall be turned into wolves, and love shall be turned into hate, for when lawlessness increases, they shall hate and persecute and betray." Sounds just like First Baptist Dallas to me.
  6. I think the problem comes from the coaching at that position, which has been poor since Gus arrived, with the exception of one, possibly two WR a year. Hopefully it will show an increase this year due to Morris...if they play at all.
  7. Grumps, Just to let you know, I have seven former students who are now living and working in Germany. A month ago, my young tenor, Mark Williams, was returning from Boston to Passau, a smaller town in Bavaria just inside the border from Austria. Mark had to go thru customs in Lisbon. He told me that the lines for customs were criminally long and pressed together. Mark returned to Passau, then started to run a fever, for him. He has notoriously grades lower on his body temperature that most people's 98.6 F. He also started having a feeling of a huge weight pressing down on his solar plexus, which led to some issues breathing. Again, this young man is a Rossini Tenor, which means extreme high notes and florid coloratura are his calling cards, and what allows him to make a living. He went to the Dr to be tested, but because his temperature was not 38 C (100F), but rather 37 C (98.6) they would not test him. Now, understand that his base temp is 36 C or 96.8 F. He went on to have a mild case of Covid, but it did take 20 days to pass. Germany and South Korea have done the best jobs of anyone in the world to get a hold on this situation, but sometimes they miss a few because, unlike what our national Government, at the top, failed to take seriously and really do anything about. as of the time I am typing this, there are nearly 744,000 active cases in this country, and lord knows how many more that we won't know of because they wont come in to a Doctor or report it. That is a cold FACT. Another fact is this one: We are at 39,040 deaths in this country, right now, with many more coming today. That is basically in a two month period. 54,000 died in Vietnam in a near 10 year conflict, and they were trying to kill one another. I tend to forget that Capitol and personal wealth outweigh the good of all.
  8. It certainly did, and you're right. But I remember that the Basketball programs were none too happy with this because it wasn't the "proper shoe" as Nike has shown itself to be. Am I wrong on that? That was just my recollection. Certainly seems to have borne itself out as these kids make decisions on shoe deals...even though they are supposed to be "amateurs" and "students"...
  9. Thanks for this post. Green would have chosen Memphis over Auburn if it had not been for the chance to make a living playing the game he loves. How many of us wouldn't choose to do the same? To make a real living that can definitely change your lifee? That is the American Way after all, isn't it?
  10. Memphis isn't considered a flash in the pan program, like Auburn, either. They have a history. Auburn really doesn't...yet.
  11. Just like each bloody, stupid war Republicans have craved since 82. Both are craven. Republicans moreso It takes a real man to stand up against violence and find an alternative, a coward to pull out weapons and start destroying lives
  12. I hope you're right. But when you tell your base to pound sand, you deserve what you get. But I do think you underestimate Trump. But I truly hope you're right.
  13. Not really. What we are finding is that the 60+ folks are coming out in droves, even as there is a good uptick in new young voters. The old are going decisively to Biden, and the young (45 and under) decisively for Sanders. Won't matter as the young and Progressive vote won't show up again in November and Trump wins a second term. Then the aged will wonder what the hell is going on when he cuts Social Security and Medicaid. African Americans, LGBTQ, and the Elderly need to do it on their own this time as Progressives and the Young won't help them out. They bettter hope it's enough, for Trump voters will come out in DROVES.
  14. Yep. But most importantly, Freedom to LIVE. Evangelicals, and most Protestants, miss this by a country mile.