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  1. Yep. And Charles knows I think he is a complete fraud. Told him several times. Rich they are. Which what you Evangies think it's all about, other than a free ticket to heaven for a few...
  2. Geeze, this is like reading/watching Russian State News... Marshall writes what his handlers, i.e. the Trustees want him to write. To believe that man is just like listening to an Evangelical preacher: Ignorant.
  3. They were last season, too. just sayin'...
  4. So, whom do you want... realistically? I'll be honest with you, Genghis Khan nor Julius Caesar could bring these people together and get them on the same wavelength.
  5. Honestly, that was a great post, but this above, that was waaaaaaaaay understated. He did an absolutely poor job last year from the time he came in til the whole fiasco while he was in Mexico. He came in as fella that had absolutely no clue what he was walking into and really did nothing to rectify that until circumstances forced him to. I hope he has turned it around. Perception isn't good at the moment.
  6. Funny. I don't watch Pravda and yet it was covered by Reuters, BBC, and Public Radio. So much for the virtue signaling by Fox and White Evangelicals
  7. Some, you're right. But the people they have to answer to, and try to get on board...No. You miss what makes this program a pariah. It's called the Boosters. We would be LUCKY to get a Grimes hire
  8. It is a wee bit more than that. I work at a major research institution with a Div 1 football and athletic program, and I will tell you this, your understanding and theirs are about as far apart as the east is from the west. Most sports, yeah, they think Auburn hires pretty well, but they understand that Auburn Football's ONLY attraction is money and playing in the SEC. That's it. And the HC is a candidate that a LOT of people here wanted at Auburn. And he won't touch it with a 5 mile long pole. People can face palm and not like this, but when it comes to football, Auburn has a serious perception problem.
  9. Just my opinion, but if Auburn fires Harsin after the season because he flops, there will be no upgrade. This past offseason made Auburn a Pariah to good coaches. Will someone come? Yeah, Auburn offers a lot of money. Will they be quality? More than likely, no. Harsin better prove himself this year..
  10. Yeah, but not as painful as the one we are going through the past three years... He won't finish with a losing record and will beat someone he isn't supposed to. They guy is an excellent coach.
  11. Have you paid attention to Brial Kelly's career? The guy is a winner. A HUGE upgrade for them. Harsin is not in the same galaxy as Kelly
  12. Hasn't it been shown that the portal issues are more with the school than the coaching staff?
  13. I grew up in it, served as a minister with several churches, and was given a professorial scholly to Southern Seminary, and I will tell you flatly: It is a racist community. It is also a cult. It has more in common with AMWAY than it does Jesus. It so resembles the Momons it is silly. It doesn't even come close to looking like Him at all. simply because they believe it is all about what they do, and not what He has done for all of us. The lack of love they project is palpable. They are everything they have preached and warned others against for the last seventy years. They will use violence, with no hesitation, to get what they want. They are in my prayers, especially since I have so many family that are still trapped within that cult.
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