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  1. I view it as a way to rid AU of the riffraff.. AU might possibly have the fewest low rent, loser fans in the entire country. We might also have the highest percentage of AU graduates as fans compared to any other University. Now, I'm not saying you can't be an upstanding person and citizen if you didn't go to College. But I would say that if you lined up 100 lowlifes, the majority of them would not be college graduates. If you didn't go to College in the state of AL and you're a FB fan.... well, you're probably a bammer fan. Why wouldn't you be? Combine the fact that bammer is one of the most successful teams in the country with the fact that AU inflicts consistent pain on it's fans... And the result is, that unless you have some compelling reason to be an AU fan, you're probably NOT. Which is what makes it so unique. No other University has an in state rival that is the most iconic FB school in the country except us! But if we started consistently winning and not inflicting pain on our fans, our fanbase wouldn't be what we are. Which I believe is the most upstanding, strong willed, highest character fanbase in the entire country. It has to be! To top it off, we have the AU Creed, which enshrines these traits in writing. Our FB team might not be the best. But our fanbase is by far the best, and if you ever have the opportunity to be a part of it, you'll just smile and understand how special we are.
  2. Are you kidding me, I'm thinking of paying dish extra this month! They prevented me from seeing that yesterday! They truly are AU fans..
  3. helLSU - 38 AU - 11 We score a long FG in the first half, then score at the end of the game against the subs, go for two and make it. The players celebrate the 2pt conversion like they won the game. Sad..
  4. One of my favorite comments from a Coach many years ago. He was asked by a new coach about housing, etc. The Coach's response was, "I recommend buying a mobile home, buying the truck that delivers it, and leaving the truck hooked up! You never know when you're going to need to move in the middle of the night."
  5. Since 2000, LSU has won 6 SEC west titles, and AU has won 5. I hear you as far as NFL Players but since 2000 LSU has just barely been ahead of AU in the SEC west on average. They have a few more National titles and they have had some great teams, but they haven't been way ahead of us in terms of the SEC west. That's why I said they were a bit ahead of us putting us at 3rd best in the SEC west since the conference expanded, but 2nd and 3rd have not been separated by a huge margin. Now, I agree that LSU has many advantages. They are the only game in the state of LA, they can pull a fair number of players from TX and probably have a better national brand, and they have traditionally out recruited us for those reasons. TAMU, on the other hand, has been about the same distance behind us as LSU has been ahead of us. That's not to say they will stay there as you point out they have a huge recruiting advantage over us. So I stand by my opinion that we have traditionally been 3rd/middle of the pack in the SEC west to date. With a good run every 5-10 years that makes us somewhat relevant in the grander picture. I view us as a team the "power teams" hate to play as we have traditionally been a thorn in their side and a difficult out. I would be happy to get back to that level and remain there. I think the biggest challenge to that is getting our NIL act together. College sports has really turned into pro sports, albeit a minor league or lower league version of it. At present time with no salary caps, contracts, or franchise tags, so it's going to be dominated by whoever has the most money. To old guys like me, it's a sad state of affairs and is on the brink of driving me away. If AU drops to the bottom of the SEC west, it will certainly drive me away. NOTE: At least I have a great degree from AU, which has opened many opportunities and afforded me a great life. For that reason I'll always be a huge AU fan. It's a unique place that is hard to explain to people who have never been a part of it.
  6. We've traditionally been ahead of MS St, Ole Miss, Ark, and a bit ahead of TAMU, and maybe just barely lower than LSU. So historically 2nd or 3rd place in the SEC West, probably leaning towards 3rd on most years. With NIL and how much money the other schools can bring, it'll be a serious challenge to stay there. We should be able to stay with the MS schools and Ark, a bigger task to stay with TAMU and LSU. I would just like to get back to mid-SEC West with a good run every 5-10 years.
  7. I've been saying this about the OLine for 3 years, they are horrible and the root cause of most of our issues the past few years. You are right, no QB that has ever existed could have done well for us today. And you can say the same about coaches, no coach on the planet could have a game plan that works when every lineman is physically getting blown up every play. There is no amount of training or preparation by the coaches that can overcome the lack of talent on the OLine. It's like saying if I were an OLineman (I'm in my 60s and weight 150lbs!) you could train me up to win in the SEC! It's just not going to happen. We aren't going to get any new linemen this year, so it's a lost cause. Probably cost Harsin his job. HIs worst nightmare was when all the linemen decided to come back this year. I'm sure a lot of portal/transfer guys looked at the roster and saw a bunch of older linemen returning and figured they had no playing opportunity. Reality was, if any OL with a pulse transferred here they would be starting.
  8. Ok, so you can voice any opinion you want about this game, this season, AU Football, or any other sport. You are free to disagree, offer rebuttals, and give evidence to support your position. But in the above response, you called me a liar! That's what "intentionally dishonest" is. That is totally out of bounds on a public forum, especially about someone you know nothing about who is participating in a sports (entertainment) forum and offering their HONEST opinion. As an AU Alum, I try my best to live my life by the AU Creed. It's more important than FB or any sport, it's about working hard, being honest, and respecting others. Here's a quote from the creed. "I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men." AU Alums and Fans should treat all their fellow Alums and Fans with respect and dignity. We're one big family, as the site (aufamily.com) suggests, so please be a good citizen and try to refrain from calling your "family" liars. It might not hurt to go read the rest of the creed, I read it from time to time and I always find some helpful tips there.
  9. I agree with gr82b4au, this game means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Even less than mercer or SJ St! Had we lost either of those games it would have been much worse than losing to PSU. So no, not important at all. Not an SEC game, not a championship game, not a position in your league game, nothing rides on this game other than fun and pride.
  10. Everyone always wants to focus on the QBs, RBs, and Receivers on offense. But just like last year, the real problem is the OL. Against poor competition we cannot consistently run the ball or protect the QB. The run game gets some traction when we keep them off balance with play calling. But we can't just line up and run it down their throats because we don't have the horses up front to over power even lower talented teams. I seriously doubt we will be able to run the ball at all against top defenses, just like last year. That puts us in a pass happy offense, and our OL can't keep anyone off the QB. Even SJ St put consistent pressure on our QBs, what happens when we face real defenses? It's not going to be pretty. Yes the QBs, RBs, and Receivers can improve. But with good OL play they would all look much better. TJ throws a great ball when he's not scrambling for his life. The RBs are good even with no holes, add some blocking and they would be all world. Receivers can get open and catch passes if they have enough time to run routes before the QB gets flushed. I heard that under Gus we got the reputation of the style of offense not really preparing them for the NFL and thus it became hard to recruit good OL. At that same time we had a couple of top OLinemen that bombed in the NFL, solidifying that reputation. So far, even with a new coaching staff, we don't seem to be turning that trend around. We desperately need a couple of linemen to go to the NFL and become stars to help shed our poor OL reputation.
  11. 8 wins But we actually are on our way to below TN. It's a pay for players league now and we just don't have the money to compete in that arena, including with TN. So we better enjoy our 8 wins this year, might never get there again..
  12. Burkhalter was awesome as was the team. Bummer we had to use him for 2.1 innings as we have games every day if we keep winning. That's the problem with entering the losers bracket in the first round, you have to win 4 games in 4 days. Hard to keep your pitching strong with no rest. At least tomorrow's opponent will be in the same boat. But after that we would always play another consecutive game against a team that's had a day off.
  13. Yes, what a great team to watch all year. Thanks to Bruce and all the guys for making AU Bball relevant!
  14. Bad news - we'll be down to a 2 seed after this game. Good news - we'll be rested.
  15. Specifically no, collectively yes. It all plays into the full online social media narrative. And I agree, it's not that important to me either. I have my AU engineering degree which has afforded me an early retirement. Something none of my bama grad relatives achieved!
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