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  1. Yea, well I'm not so sure about that... Run, run, run the football isn't actually going to work with this offensive line. We don't have the studs in the O-line to do that, we have to have balance. Yea, it worked for a couple of series, but it's not an overall recipe for success. Same goes with the thought that changing a "few little things" isn't going to fix the D. Well, it may not, but a complete D over haul isn't going to work either. You just can't do that. The Offensive and Defensive schemes our coaches are running are not out of the real of effective. So yea, fix
  2. How do we go about creating more money for recruits? Moving forward, it seems a lot of recruiting is going to come down to how much they can earn. Since that's the game, we have to figure out a way to channel more $$'s to recruits that other schools. We need wealthy alums to come up with good, sustainable, and clever ways to generate money for the athletes. What are your ideas?
  3. Yep, like others have said, this is what I thought would happen as well. What concerns me for AU, and actually the entire SEC. Is that we are actually the poorest part of the country and collectively our Universities and alumni are less well off than other parts of the country. There is more money in the Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, and the northeast than there is in the SEC. However, the SEC has a much more passion for football and sports so our elites give/spend more on that than other parts of the country. At least for now. Another concern is that "giving" and fund rais
  4. I'm not saying that, I think we should claim it and should have always claimed it. As I said, I see nothing wrong with multiple teams claiming a Championship. Teams don't play the same competition during the year and single elimination event can be won by anyone, especially given injuries, suspensions, and other variables. It's interesting to me, as we move more and more into the age of "everyone gets a trophy" we move more into the thought that only ONE team gets put on a pedestal and the rest are forever forgotten. I liked having multiple entities announce "their" Champion instead of a play
  5. Cool enough, but if that's your opinion, then AU should not be considered for any National Championship except 2010. Forget 1914, '83, '93, '04, or any other season except 2010. Even 1958 would be questionable. 2010 is the only one we won the single elimination tournament, such as it was that year. gabo
  6. I see it as "the rich get richer" sort of system. AU is traditionally a "fairly rich program" so it's probably going to be good for us. By this I mean, all the powerhouse schools will use it to move non-producing guys out and pull in better potential players. Some of those better players might be from smaller schools and were overlooked or developed better than projected. But I can even see top players at SEC schools going to the portal to transfer to somewhere like turd, LSU, GA, Ohio State, Clemson or anywhere they think they might be able to win a National Championship. I mean
  7. This is exactly why I'm not a fan of the BCS, playoff system with 4 teams, or even a playoff system with 8, 16+ teams. In a single elimination tournament anything can happen. And the teams don't play the same competition in the regular season. So to crown one team, and only one team "National Champion" seems ridiculous to me, always has. To me, the old original system got it right. All the teams played their schedule+bowl game. Then the various media outlets selected who they thought was their National Champion. There could be multiple National Champions, possibly 3 or more. What's
  8. Yes, the ladies played some incredible golf on Sat and again today. What a great showing, War Eagle! gabo
  9. Comparing statistics of completely different eras is difficult. But if you want to compare statistics, compare one that evaluates the player against the peers of his era. There is one such measure, the Heisman trophy. So this is pretty easy, one of these players won the Heisman, the other didn't even come close. Loved watching Nick, he was magic at the qb/rb exchange point, a great runner, a winner, and almost a National Champion. But the other guy won the Heisman. gabo
  10. Watching it was hard to believe this group has gotten stronger with the off season program. The entire team looked like a MAC team! Wow, my expectations are very low. Sad that it looks like we'll largely waste Tank's College Career, with a better team he could have been one of the all time greats. He's special for sure and even with this team he'll have a few incredible highlights if he can stay healthy. I think Harsin will be great, and am "all in" for him, but we may need some patients. He's never had weekly opponents like he will have this year, he may be in for a bit of a surpr
  11. Thanks for that, makes sense. Should have known JJ was somehow involved! gabo
  12. Why does everyone "in the know" say that Marsh is not an option. I'm not being a smart^^^, I'm genuinely interested as I know nothing about the situation. Was there some sort of "falling out" between Marsh and AU? Just curious. It's interesting because he did such incredible things at AU. Then was involved in the USA Olympic swimming, but now seems to be "out" as far as that goes too. Is he just one of those people who is incredibly talented, but is hard to get along with and burns bridges along the way? gabo
  13. Certainly hard to argue with that logic! 👍 gabo
  14. Gary Taylor is out. Hopefully we can do something to get S&D back to where it should be. I've heard talk about trying to get David Marsh back or at least see if he would be willing to be part of the search. I don't know the man personally, so I don't know how that would work out. But he is an alum and certainly spent enough time at AU, so I would have to believe he would want to see AU move in the right direction. He's now an Advisor for Israel Swimming Association so maybe he's not involved in USA Olympic Swimming any more. Which makes me wonder if he's a hard per
  15. Yes, some really great play. Clutch putt on 18 by Kayleigh Telfer to win her match, when it looked like they were going to tie and go extra holes. Then a stellar approach shot, nearly a hole out, by Elena Hualde-Zuniga on 16, which essentially sealed the deal. We maybe would have won the final two matches if they played them out. What a great performance. gabo
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