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  1. Comparing statistics of completely different eras is difficult. But if you want to compare statistics, compare one that evaluates the player against the peers of his era. There is one such measure, the Heisman trophy. So this is pretty easy, one of these players won the Heisman, the other didn't even come close. Loved watching Nick, he was magic at the qb/rb exchange point, a great runner, a winner, and almost a National Champion. But the other guy won the Heisman. gabo
  2. Watching it was hard to believe this group has gotten stronger with the off season program. The entire team looked like a MAC team! Wow, my expectations are very low. Sad that it looks like we'll largely waste Tank's College Career, with a better team he could have been one of the all time greats. He's special for sure and even with this team he'll have a few incredible highlights if he can stay healthy. I think Harsin will be great, and am "all in" for him, but we may need some patients. He's never had weekly opponents like he will have this year, he may be in for a bit of a surpr
  3. Thanks for that, makes sense. Should have known JJ was somehow involved! gabo
  4. Why does everyone "in the know" say that Marsh is not an option. I'm not being a smart^^^, I'm genuinely interested as I know nothing about the situation. Was there some sort of "falling out" between Marsh and AU? Just curious. It's interesting because he did such incredible things at AU. Then was involved in the USA Olympic swimming, but now seems to be "out" as far as that goes too. Is he just one of those people who is incredibly talented, but is hard to get along with and burns bridges along the way? gabo
  5. Certainly hard to argue with that logic! 👍 gabo
  6. Gary Taylor is out. Hopefully we can do something to get S&D back to where it should be. I've heard talk about trying to get David Marsh back or at least see if he would be willing to be part of the search. I don't know the man personally, so I don't know how that would work out. But he is an alum and certainly spent enough time at AU, so I would have to believe he would want to see AU move in the right direction. He's now an Advisor for Israel Swimming Association so maybe he's not involved in USA Olympic Swimming any more. Which makes me wonder if he's a hard per
  7. Yes, some really great play. Clutch putt on 18 by Kayleigh Telfer to win her match, when it looked like they were going to tie and go extra holes. Then a stellar approach shot, nearly a hole out, by Elena Hualde-Zuniga on 16, which essentially sealed the deal. We maybe would have won the final two matches if they played them out. What a great performance. gabo
  8. Agree with a lot of the posts. Swimming and Diving has been my biggest disappointment over the past 10+ years. We won 12 NCAA titles! We were the first school in history to win mens and womens titles in the same year and did it 4 times!! Even losing Coach Marsh, you would have thought we would have been strong enough to basically reload. But instead we dropped like a big rock and have never come back. That's totally disappointing. I had never been to a collegiate swimming meet until I went to TAMU to watch the AU women win the NCAA title back in the day. I have to say i
  9. Not sure this idea would totally fix the disparity, but it would fix the issue of "paying players" and I think would help parity as well. That is to allow players to go to the NFL at age 18, just like any other job. If they want to make money and think they can, let them go. That will mean that the best of the best players, that now go to AL, OSU, Clemson, etc. will all go to the pros and skip college. Good for them. The old adage was that players at that age aren't ready for the type of contact and physicality of the pros. But these days the physicality of College is
  10. I'm not obsessing over anything, it's sports, which is entertainment. I obsess over my retirement plan! haha. It's possible to get there. Clemson did it, it's not been many years ago that Clemson was no better than AU. I just want to see us progress and not embrace mediocrity. Yes, under Gus we had a number of top 10 classes. But we always seemed satisfied with that. Even if we are 8th in 2022, we should still feel like there is work to do. And if we duplicate a 2010 or 2013, that should be a beginning, not an end. It's not my job to obsess, I'm just an armchair QB watc
  11. Yes, the challenge is on and the hill to climb is steep. The sad thing about AU is that in the past, 2010 and 2013, we really didn't build on those successes. gabo
  12. First, I want to say that I truly think we're headed in a good direction. I think Harsin so far has shown promise as an upgrade. The staff he put together seems like a pretty big upgrade and the overall fan response seems very positive. All good things. I also want to give kudos to CBH and his staff for holding together a recruiting class and adding to it a bit. Now for the bad news. I also think we are still way way behind and it's a steep climb for CBH and his staff to get where we want to be. While we were doing a good job holding together a recruiting class that i
  13. The observations of Pittman being older, being out of shape, being whatever it is that people see from their couch through their computer screen, as being a reason he's a bad S&C coach, are all incredibly ill-informed opinion. We're better than that, give the man a chance. He has 100% of my support. War Eagle. gabo
  14. You don't really want an in shape looking buff pretty boy for S&C. This isn't bodybuilding, it's power lifting!! You ever seen an Olympic power lifter? Hardly the buff pretty boy type! Big, strong, angry young men. It's what you need in power lifting and it's what you need in football! gabo
  15. Just glad we didn't get Cristobal! Watching now, the fiesta bowl. This is his 3rd full season at OR, he's 4-2 in the pac-12 and getting beat by Iowa St about as badly as we lost to NW without a coach! No thanks, Coach Harsin has my full support. gabo
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