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  1. Yes, what a great team to watch all year. Thanks to Bruce and all the guys for making AU Bball relevant!
  2. Bad news - we'll be down to a 2 seed after this game. Good news - we'll be rested.
  3. Specifically no, collectively yes. It all plays into the full online social media narrative. And I agree, it's not that important to me either. I have my AU engineering degree which has afforded me an early retirement. Something none of my bama grad relatives achieved!
  4. But of course he will never be given the opportunity to do this, because after 1 year on the job we've blown him up. Nice job. You talk a lot about the psychology of how to deal with people, but we don't do that as fans or PTBs, it goes both ways. Instead of trying to work with him, to understand and help him get better as a person. Instead of helping him recruit by building a positive public image. Instead of showing the world what a great positive place AU is... We accuse, berate, dismiss, and possibly build a list of false accusations in the public to try our best to undermine and get rid of him. Then say how embarrassed we are about it all..
  5. Unlike most comments here, beating around the bush, I'll come out and just say, I support him. To me, CBH is the closest thing to Pat Dye we've ever had since then. Pat would suffer the same fate if he were in the era of social media. It appears to me we had soft players and it takes a strong stomach to rectify that, CBH seems to have that strong stomach. It also appears to me that in the process, we have developed a soft fanbase. That also takes a strong stomach to rectify, I think CBH has that fortitude as well. It also appears to me that we have a soft PTB. That takes more than a strong stomach to rectify, it takes a bit of luck since they control whether or not you have a job. I will be surprised if CBH can withstand all that. It will probably take finally melting AU football down to the Vandy level for about 10 years to finally teach everyone the humility and fortitude it takes to turn it back around, if we can ever turn it around.
  6. YES, providing our toxic fan base and PTB doesn't blow everything up. - Our Oline is returning a bunch of starters. Not only starters, but people who were hurt. So if they stay healthy, they have one more year experience and more depth. We need some upgrades in talent, we didn't get that, but we did keep what we have and have more experience and some injured players returning. - Running backs, we have two excellent backs returning. More time in the system and more experience. - Starting QB may be a wash, but with a good freshman coming in we should have more depth. Plus more time in the system to learn. - WRs weren't that good last year, I don't think our WR core will be better but I expect it to be about as good. - Defense - We got some good DL transfers and we lost some and we have some key players coming back, like Pappoe. We also got some good secondary players in. Overall I think the D talent will be about the same, so the question is who comes in for coordinator. Plus, everyone who is left has bought in to the Harsin philosophy, which appears to be a hard nosed, work hard, play hard attitude. Of course the typical AU drama will probably subvert all that and we'll probably fire the coach. Then we'll have such a great reputation we'll likely get a high school coordinator for our next coach and spend the next 10+ years being the west's version of vandy, but I digress.
  7. I think all our fans and alum should read the AU Creed every day before they post anything! I think AU should be the best school in this regard, but I think we've stooped to the same level as other schools. For a while I also thought we had gotten even worse than other schools, but when Drew Bobo left AU and went to GA. I decided, for the first time ever, to go over to the GA boards and read what they had to say. To my amazement, I think I read through 3 or 4 pages without seeing one positive comment. They ripped him to shreds. It was worse than anything I've seen from this board. That still doesn't justify anything really. We should live by the creed and be better. But I also think our beat writers should do a better job of putting AU in a positive light too. How many recruits have we lost due to negativity by our beat writers? Looking at you Mr. Marshall. Shame on you, how many opposing coaches are going to hand that article to recruits? I was always a Gus supporter and am grateful for what he did for AU. He ran a clean program and put a competitive product on the field. I also am a big supporter of Harsin and think he has the ability to takes us up a notch. Keep up the good work and keep building a program we can all be proud of.
  8. How does that work for scholarships? Do we immediately get a scholarship to use elsewhere if the transferring player was on scholly?
  9. WRONG, a bigger stronger OLine and a top flight tall WR would HELP A LOT! A bigger stronger OLine - Would make our run game work, we have great talented backs, a few holes created by a big strong OLine and they would be awesome. A bigger stronger OLine - Would give our QB time in the pocket, combined with play action because the run game is working, and the QB settles down, doesn't have happy feet and makes better more accurate throws. A bigger stronger OLine - Which, from above, with the QB having time in the pocket, now the receivers also have time to get open and run good routes. Which makes for open receivers and a QB that is settled in the pocket without happy feet will find some of them. A top flight tall WR - With a big strong OLine, this is just icing on the cake. Giving the QB time in the pocket to throw good "jump balls" which this guy is going to come down with. Think red zone fade passes that actually score TD's!! HA, with a Big Strong OLine and a top flight tall WR we would be very close to playoff bound! I would say that's better than "help some."
  10. When everyone thinks it can't get any worse. We didn't make this list! https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-footballs-most-disappointing-teams-during-2021-season-179217595/ So yea, it can get worse, ask any of the fans from those programs.
  11. How can you base it on anything other than where we started? Because that's, well, where we started.. Therefore you give them an A. Great!
  12. I nor anyone else said we were toe to toe with bama just yet. However, what everyone has said for weeks is that it would be a minor miracle for us to be as high as we are today. And then we give them low or average grades for the job they did getting us there. That's shameful in my eye. They have indeed performed minor miracles in getting us as high as they have. They deserve high marks for that accomplishment. So, A or A+ for the work they did today. Great job and keep moving forward.
  13. Wow, yesterday everyone was saying it would be incredible if we could break the top 20. Today, sitting at number 13, we're giving the staff 7-10, a C-lowB, and a B. Tough crowd! I say, today was an A or an A+. Nobody predicted us to be at number 13 after today! War Eagle.
  14. AND, CBH fired the one responsible for the "questionable calls" immediately! So he's being accountable for that and taking appropriate action. Everyone says the O-Line recruiting hasn't been up to par, but we haven't even made it to EARLY signing day!! Maybe we should wait until after Feb 2nd, 2022 to evaluate the O-Line recruiting!! Patients grasshopper!
  15. Frees up a scholly! Even though he would have a better chance, I'm not sure he would have gotten much PT at AU. Not a big loss, we need better OL but even if we can't get better we can certainly do as good. Good luck to him at UGA.
  16. In the past, most of the recruiting was on the coaching staff and team. And I see a lot of reference on here to getting coaches who are "good recruiters." That is certainly desired, but with this new era of NIL and Portal, recruiting has to now transform into more of a partnership between the coaches and the Alumni and fans. Coaches may be the best recruiters on the planet, but if a prospect thinks he's not going to get any money, he's not going to be that interested. The coaches, team, and university can't pay the athletes. But the alumni and fans can, or at least can arrange things. Coaches also aren't suppose to talk about NIL deals or potential money the players can get from going to their university. But after a few seasons, the handwriting will be on the wall. Go here, get paid. Go there, don't get paid. It's a very difficult landscape to navigate if you're a coach. Alums and fans meddling in your business of recruiting, but they are necessary to get it done. This may be the next big thing that separates "good coaches" from "bad coaches." Maybe it's no longer as much about the X's and O's or the ability to sell your program. Maybe it's as much, if not more about how good you are at working with Alums, fans, and businesses to generate NIL deals. It's a crazy world that's for sure.
  17. I used to be one of those persons, but I'm retired and out of those games. It's not hard, but it does take a lot of energy and effort. And yes, it seems other schools are doing it, or have started efforts to do it. We do need to get on the bandwagon and I'm guessing we probably are, it's just not out in the open yet. AU has enough alums and entrepreneurs that it's naïve to think there aren't people working on it.
  18. It's all about raising the money and building a pipeline to keep the money flowing. If the money is there, it's not difficult to figure out ways to distribute it under NIL. Clever entrepreneurs and marketing companies won't have any problem with that.
  19. It's a fine line. I think he, in the split second decision, thought he could get the first down, so he powered ahead. In the end it's nobody's fault. It just was a product of all season. Tank was trying to get the first down as hard as he could on 2nd down. On 3rd down, the coaches were trying to learn from the past. They had a hobbled QB and everyone had given them a hard time on short yardage situations for not going to Tank. If they had run a play action pass and failed, everyone would have killed them saying why do that with a hobbled QB, give it to your best player. That other team knew all that, so they stacked the line betting we would run Tank, and we did. Reality is, the 3rd down play should have been a play action pass to the flat. Might have misfired and gone incomplete, might have been successful and got a first down. With the way they were selling out on the run, might have scored a touchdown. But that play would have been lambasted if it failed, so I don't blame them for doing what the fans have asked them to do all season. Fans aren't always right, fact is they are rarely right. Coach Harsin seems to be a guy who reflects and tries to learn from the past. This one will now go in his memory bank and he'll get better. Unfortunately the fans won't.
  20. Ah, so a coach can't txt players at other schools unless they have entered the portal. That part could probably be policed fairly well. Yes, thanks very much to Mikey. There is still a lot to learn about all this, but thanks to Mikey at least I do understand a few things now. WDE!! To recap a few things. - Players can enter the portal and transfer once without sitting out. - NIL isn't suppose to be mentioned or discussed prior to actually signing with a school. Although I've already seen reference to places (Miami comes to mind) where alums have stated that everyone that signs with them will get X $'s per month. I guess that not mentioning it to a specific signee is a loophole?? - Coaches, Alumni, etc. aren't allowed to contact players at another school unless they enter the Portal. So you can't contact someone's star QB and say "enter the portal, transfer here, and we'll pay you $$'s" - None of this is covid related, it's just the new landscape. - Policing of some of this is difficult. I guess we'll see over time if the NCAA is even trying to.
  21. Ok, so one transfer without sitting out, that's something I did not know. Maybe that changes how important a "top recruiting class" is if you can specialize in stealing players that are already proven. Ah, so at least you can't go to a player and say "transfer or sign and I'll pay you this much" or at least not legally. Is the NCAA policing any of this? Thanks for that info. I was hoping this thread would start a good conversation to educate us on the "new era rules." Maybe the "rich get richer," but maybe some of the rich in money, but not rich in FB places rise up while other rich in FB, but not rich in money places move down. I don't know. Also, can a coach remain in contact with players, even players at other schools? I could see it beneficial for a coach to send out lots of TXTs to players at other schools complimenting them on their play, potential, etc. Just in case they ever showed up in the portal. Seems a "new age social media" coach could have advantages.
  22. I haven't kept up very well with all this stuff, so now I have a lot of questions. Some of it was a "1 year" thing for covid and some of it just plain changed. So I'm not very clear on the details of how all this works now. Portal - Exactly how does this work? If a player enters the portal, is it basically like he's recruited again? Where any team can offer him, but he can also turn down or pick where he wants to go? Does he have to sit out a year, or he eligible the next year? Can he enter the portal, turn down all the offers, and stay at his current school? NIL - I know the basic premise is to allow players to "sell" their name, image, likeness. But what are the rules? Can a "rich guy" just say, "I'll pay you $1million for your picture if you go to my school?" And what about players at other schools? Can someone go to a QB at another school and say "enter the portal and transfer to our school and I'll pay you $1million for your picture?" NCAA - Does the NCAA still have rules and are they enforcing them? It used to be that you couldn't take a player out and pay for his lunch, but even if that still exists is there anyone watching or anyone who cares? I guess the big question, can/will the NCAA put anyone on probation for anything any more? If there are no rules or if there are rules but no enforcement, then does the NIL even matter? It seems to me the portal is sort of like every player is a "free agent" every year. They haven't signed any contracts and are free to go wherever they want. And the NIL means any other team can offer them anything to come play for them, again with no contracts. Just seems sort of out of control to me, even more out of control than pro football where there are contracts, salary caps, franchise players, etc. Surely I'm missing something.
  23. No, I consider yaking about it to the press, and the fans, and starting a bunch of crap to be drama. I don't take what he's done, or not done, as "accepting losing." Our coach DID fire a coordinator during the season, remember the wide receivers coach? But he didn't make a big drama case out of it. He didn't publicly humiliate the coach or the players. He didn't stir up a bunch of crap. He, without any fans knowledge of disappointment, decided when it was time for him to go and he was gone. Then he didn't dwell on it in the media, he just moved on. That's a culture change. That's not trying a person in the court of public opinion. It's methodical, precise, and professional. Something we've not had at AU in a long time. Will it continue, or work out great, or produce the correct results? Only time will tell, but I'm glad whatever is happening is happening in private in a controlled and professional manner. Kudos for that! Kill JABA!!
  24. I think it's being handled perfectly. I don't want to hear anything, see anything, or any "leaks" of anything, until the season is over! Period. In the past, AU has always been about drama. How do you think the term JABA came about? No more drama! Be professional, courteous, and keep the drama away. That's called a "culture change." I know it's a foreign thing for JABA's, but let's enjoy it and hope it continues.
  25. Says the guy who had Bo Jackson!!! YES, WE HAVE A TALENT PROBLEM.
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