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  1. Aren't there a lot of remembrance ceremonies taking place around 11AM on Sept 11th?
  2. I would not miss Tiger Walk - so your pregame "problem" will be hanging at Skybar and then walking across campus to the walk along Donahue - Tiger Walk starts at Samford and Doanhue and goes down by the baseball stadium to Jordan-Hare at Heisman. (look on a map) You will have to cover some ground and they usually start 2 hours before game time. It doesn't last long and it's fun to be there as the crowd builds up before it starts and some cheers take place - it won't be as raucous for GA St - but it will be a family day for sure. There was (not sure this year) a tailgate party open to all
  3. As a Bronco fan I am excited that he might just figure it out and the Broncos get a great sleeper in this draft. But it's a real crowded situation in the WR room in Denver - with some decent talent and all higher draft picks that he will have to overcome to get any playing time. And beating out DeSean Hamilton and Tim Patrick will be brutal - they both had good seasons and played up above their predicted talent. Starters Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy(who was pedestrian last year) are both really high picks and it will take a lot of Jeudy drops to get a shot to start. A dream scenario
  4. That.Was.Close. Actually had 2 good battles with left handed hitters that he won - the second one just barely.
  5. had two strikes and didn't get it done - needed to challenge him earlier in the count Bases are full
  6. Struggling to see how this bullpen gets 5 more outs
  7. That pitch was way up in the zone - lucky it stayed in the park
  8. Questionable is being generous - it was top of the lineup.
  9. Terrible managing here - could have had a bunch more runs and forced the hand for the Bama bullpen
  10. Not sure of the bunt - runner on second no DP chance - why give up an out and put yourself in one
  11. Man Bliss is fast - he was rounding third when the outfielder got to the ball
  12. It's Auburn's turn to score now - sadly I think we need around 10 runs to be safe
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