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  1. Or find a better hobby. I totally forgot about basketball after Ellis. Back to enjoying it with Pearl. Pat Dye gave us a program to be proud in. These other coaches are taking it away
  2. According to Bryan Matthews, we are running out of official visits. Our new coach will only be able to go see players. Will we hire him before DEC?
  3. Shows where HARSIN put the program.
  4. He decimated our program. He made it worse than it was.
  5. And the worst recruiter. He has decimated our program.
  6. I hope the heavy hitters spend most of their time talking about coaching candidate replacements.
  7. Would McGlynn let him get away with a few things?
  8. I'm calling Lane followed by Freeze. They better be able to recruit.
  9. I just think the people who are hiring need to consider all scenarios. Of course, the hiring of Deion would be incredibly exciting.
  10. It does make sense. Players come to Auburn because of the coach. Players then transfer when that coach is gone because they only came to Auburn because of the coach. You are the one talking about getting players because of the magnetism of Deion Sanders?
  11. Deion doesn't have the experience or success level of Bruce Pearl. Therefore, I would not compare the two.
  12. The next coach with a half a heart beat will automatically be a better recruiter than what we have now. He could also restock but go 0-11 in his first year. That would cause a negative reaction no matter how low recruiting is. Then, you fire him and watch half the team transfer and you are back to where you are now. I say go for both great recruiter and coach. Either way, I don't see AU hiring Deion.
  13. We won the game. The other team has to make their field goal. Our running backs didn't fumble at the goal line. I enjoyed the end because I know who we are.
  14. We won't be losing any quality recruits. We aren't talking top 100 players.
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