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  1. He's like Kevin Steele. Good coordinator not so good head coach
  2. Gus's coaches and Gus's plays. What more should we expect? Fire them all.
  3. Im guessing the sweater vest and visor days are over
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if he just took his Boise OC with him
  5. Yeah you could make a good case for running steele out of auburn. Not a bad DC but I wouldn't be surprised if he colluded with the PTB
  6. We came abundantly close to having Kevin Steele as coach. Thank you Allen greene for having the cajones to tell the old guard hell no. We needed to try something different
  7. After what steele pulled, I seriously think he should go
  8. Who should CBH hire as his coordinators? Assuming he does have autonomy. I had a few in mind. D coordinator 1. Will Muschamp- He's an SEC insider who can help CBH adjust to the conference. 2. Andy Avalos- Didnt get mario but maybe we could poach his DC, worked with CBH at Boise. 3. Kevin Steele- He's a solid D coodinator but I think we need to clean house if we are changing the culture in the locker room 4. Travis Williams- I think Coach T will would be a good option but like I said, we should clean house from Gus's staff. O Coordinator 1. Jeff Lebby- OC at Ole miss under kiffin, formerly the OC at UCF when they ranked top 5 in the NCAA 2. Eric Kiesau- If he decides to pull what Malzahn did with Lashlee and bring his OC with him 3. Kendal Briles 4. Mike Bobo Thoughts? I think any coach in the SEC needs solid coordinators assuming he lets them do their jobs unlike Gus.
  9. Wikipedia says he runs a Multiple scheme. Hybrid of the HUNH and pro style plays. We need that right about now
  10. He actually is the polar opposite of Gus who was not known as a hard ass.
  11. Under Gus, I was really getting tired of the same ol plays. Running up the middle for no gain on 2nd down, a screen pass on 3rd and 11 that goes nowhere. I remember thinking the main thing we are missing is a true vertical downfield passing game. I think many of the plays ran under gus were designed passing plays, so they pre determined where the ball was going before the play even happened. This approach is necessary when you have a freshman QB but if you have a qb like Bo Nix coming into his third year at Auburn, he should be able to throw to whoever is open on almost every play. Gus didn't really do this much for whatever reason and we couldn't push the ball downfield. I'll be happy if Harsin can reverse this trend.
  12. Definitely he wasn't my first choice but I reviewed his record and he has had 10 win seasons at Boise state and he has a winning record. Since we made the hire I'm willing to give him a chance because he's earned that much but I don't have high expectations
  13. To all of you on here, I genuinely want to know. Why do.you think he's a good hire? He's coming from the mountain west. That does not equal SEC success. What makes you think he's any better than malzahn was?
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