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  1. In listening to Tiger Talk, Gus said...and I quote. “Cord has a great opportunity now! He’s an older guy with a lot of maturity” I’m still trying to figure out what his definition of “opportunity” is.
  2. Gus is not going to sit a legacy QB. Gus is so afraid of offending or hurting feelings to begin with. He’s definitely not going to sit a QB who has a dad sitting in the stands. Lol
  3. At some point you have to show that the position can be lost if you don’t play well. It doesn’t matter who you offend or upset.
  4. Ok Arky scored, now Gus is going to get serious.....right.....guys.....guys?
  5. This drive is taxing this defense a bit. We need a sustained offensive drive ASAP
  6. Short yardage woes. Its amazing how 1 yard is so impossible. Its almost like they.....😳 know our playbook!
  7. Because he doesn’t want anyone read his lips “Saban I need you and I miss you”
  8. The thing about Marshall was he took matters into his own hands. If the play call didn’t work, he created his own play, whether it was with his feet or elsewhere.
  9. Or how legit is South Carolina 😂 Maybe Florida is just worn out
  10. Gus is a legitimate offensive mad scientist. When he gets a lead, he wants to experiment. Sometimes the experiment works beautifully. Other times it blows up in his face.
  11. gatewood is a great short yardage weapon but come on not twice in a row. Lol
  12. Our defense will give everyone issues imo. Just have to let them breath throughout the game
  13. I’m glad you guys saw the slant too. I was worried my eyes were failing me 😂