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  1. Yikes. Even Kessler popping 3s now. lol
  2. That was terrible. All those Offensive boards and all 3pt attempts. Come on now.
  3. I almost put “Pearl Locked Up”, But figured we’ve been under enough stress for so long. Can’t have anyone blame sudden heart issues on me. I’ll leave that to Bigbird.
  4. I’m sure it also included “Will begin on Basketball Practice Facility soon” 😂
  5. No matter what caliber team we have, Kermit can plan perfectly against Bruce every single year.
  6. So much mystery shrouding that. 😂 I know my answer to "Earth would be awesome without parasi......I mean humans." would not be enjoyed.
  7. At home and they have a great team. I'm honestly not surprised. This will probably be a game I have to step away from periodically to maintain heart health.
  8. Had we gotten 10 wins so soon, I would have immediately said "Awww crap....I've seen this before! All the good stuff happens within the first 10 minutes and the rest of the movie sucks."
  9. Jabari forget LSU players were right behind him haha
  10. We have a few days before new year's resolutions. Some people are getting in all those last little statements before making the "I'm gonna do better" promises start. lol
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