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  1. Biggest surprise? My 6 month old being awake and not crying for the entirety of the game. Ahhh....she is a true tiger already. It warms my heart. On topic...seeing an athletic big man on kickoffs. What a sight to behold!
  2. Trump went with the whole "I'm not required by law to disclose my tax records" but I'm pretty sure it's a somewhat longstanding "tradition" for presidents to do so. As egotistical as Trump is, he'd be gloating to the world about this("Look how much I pay in taxes compared to the rest")....unless there was something to hide.
  3. But see, it's expected from him. Doesn't make it right, but it's no surprise. He is a child in an adult's body. For those that are observant, we knew a child's mind was elected in 2016. Sucked, but it's what happened and had to move on in hopes for a better day. My problem is that Biden is not a child's mind! He's a lifetime professional. There is no place for him to jab obese people (Iowa incident), call someone "dog faced" and whatever a pony soldier is(Hampton), and make an inappropriate comment to black citizens because of their voting choice. He should be better than that. Coul
  4. Better grow quick. There are no tune up games this year. Straight SEC.
  5. “You could hear in Trump’s voice that he was upset to learn that RBG passed away” You wouldn’t believe that BS would you? These are professional BSers we are talking about. So no I wouldn’t believe what I hear even if he had a Bible in his hand.(jab intended at POTUS)
  6. So I guess this is case in point “know the whole story”. Kinda like believing everything you read on the internet. Like choosing to believe someone said something when there are some that said it happened and some that said it didn’t. And I’m fully aware of military humor.
  7. I’m sorry but no. I can’t get on board with that attempt of justification. It was a stupid statement by someone that should know better. Let’s not justify an inappropriate statement just because we hate the other so much. This was inappropriate just like Trump’s “loser” comment.
  8. I wouldn’t even do that. You know there would still be those that try to say “Did you see <insert POTUS> violently try to punch that kid. Glad the kid’s fist got in the way.” 😂
  9. Here's an idea that will solve the issue for POTUS/candidates. Just don't touch children....ever. Boom. Never another video of this crap again.
  10. "Wuhan/C***a virus"(self edit😂) is a Trump grenade. It always fails at making the impact the thrower anticipates. It just makes a loud noise and annoys people to a dangerous level.
  11. I really want to shake that possibility off, but I fear you may be right.
  12. A Bob Uecker and an Office Space meme IN THE SAME DAY!! What a time to be alive. Thank you sir for making my day!
  13. I think you meant to quote savory for this? Nothing was said to me that merits an apology.
  14. No no no..."Smack Talk" would cease to be effective, informational, and humorous. 😂
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