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  1. Guess they forgot #1 of their motto. You gotta first show up before you can give a s*** and repeat.
  2. Isn’t Penn State weaker against the run? What happened to the run game?
  3. Still Gus. Zero redzone play calling. Gets in redzone and then QB throws a pick 6. Lol
  4. I used to do a lot of online (COD, Battlefield, Destiny, and various sports) until kids came along. lol Maybe the new NCAA will be out in a couple years when I can return. I’m an offline player for now. PS4 - CptStarKrunch
  5. But...but...they HAVE to use those cages because of the mess the previous administration left things in. You have to believe that! It's 100% true and not one ounce of deflection! 😂
  6. According to the recording of Jesus he was actually killed by those that criticized him. Equating that suffering to that of a game is.....yikes. Not a good statement in the so-called Bible belt.
  7. China isn't ruled by emotions like Americans are. They are logic driven.
  8. Just like the famous Cuomo statement from 2018 merits a thumbs down I'm sure. https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-calls-president-trump-demand-judge-kavanaugh-take-polygraph-test "Only a political skeptic" 😂 Cuomo was throwing boomerangs without understanding physics.
  9. Hard to separate kids from parents when they are coming alone. https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/25/politics/unaccompanied-children-border/index.html Wonder why they are now coming alone under a different administration. Almost like they are avoiding the "ripped from parent's arms" narrative by sending them alone. Yeah it's ok though. It's better that children potentially be ravaged by wildlife to save negative press huh?
  10. Kermit owns Pearl....again. Just like every year.
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