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  1. Has COVID been politicized by both parties...perhaps. Does COVID care which side you are on? has the potential to harm you regardless. Should you wear a mask? I hate wearing a mask, but I do it out of respect for others in all public places. Some part of the problem is “Me first” attitude(it won’t hurt ME). Care for others as you would care for yourself! This thing could be beat or at least severely neutered with an ounce of compassion.
  2. Gus' jealousy? "No Auburn fans are jumping on a bus unless it's the Gus bus."
  3. I don't know....this may take the cake on "Bammer" stupidity.
  4. I read that title "Morris No.5" and thought someone had found me in an old football video from high school. Then read "most important" and was like "oh nvm." 😄
  5. Maybe it just “seems” to me that everywhere you turn in media outlets, it’s negativity to anger people against one another. Any positive story is drowned out by the masses of negativity. I totally admit that I’m a man with faults. So I may be incorrectly attaching negativity with division and pointing it all at media sources. Or I could just be horrible at putting my thoughts into written words. Lol
  6. (Pre-COVID) My family has met up with friends (a black family), my 2 year old ran up and hugged their daughter. No one cared, no one gasped, no one pulled me to the side and said "how dare you." Have played 1 on 1 basketball with my neighbor and his son in their driveway(black family). No one in the subdivision has said a word except hey and wave. NONE of this is to say there are not areas with idiots that still think "how dare you" or push a racial divide. I guess here in Auburn, thankfully, it hasn't equaled the media's level of division. I'm sure they are around, they just keep it to themselves.
  7. Every village has an idiot or collection of them. Regardless of "sides", mocking death of a human is devoid of all humanity, just as much as the officer who ignored a plea for life. Stupid display equivalent to the stupidity of the people performing it.
  8. For me personally, this Presidency has cemented the fact that social media and government officials work together like pickle juice and sweet tea. It is just as horrid as it sounds.
  9. Waiting for the rules committee to release the new penalty. QBs who lick their fingers pre snap. "Illegal Mouth Touching. 15 yard penalty, ejection, and quarantine"
  10. Well he doesn't have to say it and that's totally his call if it bothers him. I personally don't like the "GD" word he used in another tweet, but oh well. Life goes on. Some just seem to steer for attention through controversy. Social media makes that easier than ever.
  11. It's horrible either way. Risking 2,000 deaths or 2,000 families suffering from job loss. I'm not saying there's a right or wrong because both choices suck. I'm just ready for 2020 to let the door hit it's butt on the way out and let 2021 bring the bandaid and booze. Maybe we will get one of those..."Saban announces his retirement." or "Will Wade caught paying player. Out at LSU" to start 2021.
  12. Agreed. Once this passes, I'm sure there will be plenty of "Could of, would of, should of" going around from every side. I have to do what's best for my family in balancing exposure risk and supporting my family. Sometimes it may not be the "popular choice", but we've all made choices (good and bad) based on our judgement. Take precautions, stay in the realm of what's legal, and move on. It's all you can do because life and time have a different opinion of themselves.
  13. Some of the best come in around that 5'10 mark (Antonio B, Edelman, Cobb). Maybe that's the number of WR divinity!