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  1. "'s all over the message boards. The camera is not centered on the court." lol
  2. Hey Red. You wanna sneak out with a ladder and bump that camera to the right just a tad. 😂
  3. All I see is Tiger Talk Radio Broadcast is at 6pm on the court. The Toomer's webcam may be up, but not sure how reliable if too many people try to watch it.
  4. Exactly! That idea may be a bit over the line though.
  5. Imagine if we simplified it by utilizing the middle of the field just a tad more. lol
  6. Oh absolutely! We've definitely had our share of "DOH!!" games. I'm just holding off judgement for if/when we start dropping more games and we have quiet the gauntlet ahead.
  7. Respectfully, I hope the team will not go into the Arky game with the same defeatist attitude. The Florida game hurt, but we're not UGA trying to explain a loss to South Carolina at home yet.
  8. One past experience at a night game in BR is why I no longer go. Glad this is a day game! Definitely balances the scales slightly.
  9. I absolutely love the excitement AU basketball carries now!
  10. Ask and you shall receive! Prayers sent!
  11. No insider. Strictly opinion. Auburn doesn't want to be involved in a coaching carousel. Plus, the coaching market isn't exactly saturated with high level options. So high risk/low reward if we did. As far as the rest, I'm just glad it's not an every week news item of "player arrested/busted" or rumors of anarchy in the locker room. Team morale rumors tend to leak quickly now days on Twitter. We would have heard if there was any, even in the slightest imo.
  12. Just another stroke of genius with Bruce. With the weather potentially cooling down now, it could be the perfect evening for it.
  13. Everything has always been "offensive" technically. It's just now days people can use the almighty social media to make it a big deal and turn it to publicity. Before that, you resolved it person to person if you didn't like it or you chose to walk away because the whole "sticks and stones" mantra.