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  1. I knew before I even entered this one, but still did. 😂
  2. Man we need some quality shooters badly.
  3. Cadillac is humble. Not in it for fame and fortune, but for the love of the kids and their future. His time will come to head a program, but he needs a little more experience and he knows that. I admire him for it.
  4. We gonna finish the game with enough players to field a team at this rate?
  5. We just trying to run the clock. Zero passing allowed lol
  6. I always hate the phrase “holds a lot of promise” pertaining to coaches.
  7. Caddy still built like he could take on the entire offensive line of every SEC school. lol War Eagle! Love how genuine he is in this interview.
  8. I don't expect anything magical, but I do hope this will stop the bleeding at least and rally the team and fans to finish the season on a more positive vibe. I too am curious to know Schmedding's ace up the sleeve to stay on. lol
  9. Still a great day because we got rid of the dumpster fire.
  10. Does this shakeup potentially allow us to try and reclaim some players hitting the portal or is that water under the bridge now?
  11. “This is so ugly that we’ll have to wait another week to fire Harsin.” - Auburn administration because it makes no sense
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