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  1. Another “no surprise” Road game performance. It’s painful sure, but watching since the start of the season, the dark cloud was always approaching come SEC play.
  2. There was no way Auburn was going undefeated much longer. The knee jerk reaction is because it was Bama. The team is not lost, it’s just on display that they are severely lacking in areas.
  3. We all knew that the “slow starts” would eventually bite us badly. It just so happened to be against an trap team in Bama.
  4. Hope the Chef doesn't use the same motions or the fried rice will be everywhere.
  5. For me it's the above....he does this on the sidelines often....Is this a strategy to confuse the defense and draw them offsides or inadvertently tipping off the defenses that we are about to snap the ball(like we don't have enough indicators already)?
  6. This dude is really upset about that Okoro 3 lol
  7. Watching Brown get hugged by 2 LSU guys. No call. Me realizing they can't block Brown so they have to hold him.
  8. That footwork though! It's absolutely perfect for a good game of hot potato!
  9. Exactly! Granted Muschamp was different in expressing his wants for change. 😂
  10. Now THAT is actually a solid game plan! Take it away from Gus right as he gets rigid and shells up. Give him time to calm down and sweep in for the final kill to end the game. I like it!
  11. He probably celebrated his new position a couple days ago and has already been prepping.
  12. This is a positive no matter what! OC's input to Gus went from <1% attention to about 25% at minimum!
  13. Minnesota doesn't have the ace up the sleeve! Siposs has taught our players first hand knowledge on how to bowl in th e Outback.
  14. Me when asked "Will you at least give Gus credit if Chad comes to AU?"