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  1. To Coach Harsin, I blew more leads than an FBI hooker and it only made me richer. Regards, Gus
  2. This merits a: "This webpage is currently unavailable. Certain phrases have been detected that your organization has blocked."
  3. Gus "tolerated it" because he was being paid an absurdly high amount of hush money....umm….I mean salary. He was being compensated and he milked it until they let him go. The PTB don't want a leader. They want a follower. They will burn every bridge to get their man.
  4. Hopefully the days of parroting "We had a good week of practice" are over.
  5. It's probably a done deal it just has a stamp on it that says "Don't Open Until Christmas" 😂
  6. At least the odds are better than a coaching search. 😂
  7. AU boosters when the fans react to "Let's go with Steele"
  8. Excellent example of "half the story". So Brandon's plan is: Hire Steele. He wins the championship in the next year. Then we slip into mediocracy for years. Fan base gets angry. Fire Steele. Hope he had a good coordinator to promote. Rinse and repeat.
  9. This one is real though. After A&M game: “I’m excited about the future. I’m excited about next year,” Malzahn said on Sunday. “When we’ve had experienced teams, those are the years we’ve won championships. That’s what I’m excited about. Gus is always excited about next year, but it's like a nightmare loop. The "next year" never comes for Gus because when it arrived it is "this year" and we somehow don't have experience anymore. However, next year we will...oops it's now this year. Well next year and on and on and on. I'm suddenly hearing Twilight Zone music. 😶
  10. “Excellent job getting us in field goal position!”
  11. It’s all in the facial expression. Sad puppy expression with eyes saying “You’ll go to sleep at some point”. Sounds like an excellent suitor.
  12. Gus Post game: “Yeah the first half was a bit ugly, but we didn’t even have to use a timeout. So we’ll use that and build on it next week.”
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